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Suzy Ward and Mike Quinsey on “Seismic Upheavals”

Suzy Ward and Mike Quinsey on “Seismic Upheavals”

2012 March 30
Posted by Steve Beckow
Suzy Ward
Translator Luisa Vasconcellos asked Suzy Ward and Mike Quinsey to comment on the two messages from Greg Giles predicting seismic upheavals and removal of people to safe zones. Here are Suzy and Mike’s answers.

Dear Luisa,

The message below [from Greg] conflicts with everything I’ve received from all my sources. Two decades ago, or maybe longer, that kind of destruction to Earth was a potential possibility in the continuum, but the massive amount of light beamed from other civilizations combined with the light generated by people here eliminated that possibility.

As I was thinking that the message doesn’t sound like anything Ashtar has told me, he popped in and said that message didn’t come from him. He’d never transmit information that isn’t true.


2012/3/29 Michael Quinsey <>
Mike Quinsey

Hi Luisa,
I intuitively feel that any physical changes, such as seismic activity will not be as disastrous as the major catastrophe that occurred when Atlantis went down. I feel it would be expected that after disclosure we would have more direct contact with our Space Friends, and that they would warn people in areas of danger and lift them off to a safe place.

So as I see it there is nothing to fear, and that changes will not be massive or widespread, and confined to areas already known for such activity. They have told us there is nothing to fear, and I believe that is how it should be read.

I am however puzzled by their opening description indicating they would replay the destruction of Atlantis when millions of lives were lost. That does not feel right to me, and I have to think it has been grossly overstated.

That is my take on the matter.
In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.