Friday, March 23, 2012

Video: Uncovering the Cosmic Connection, George Kavassilas

This is a great video to challenge your current belief systems of what reality is all about. Great for those individuals that are trying to understand the 3D and 4D frequencies of control and see the Big Picture. ~e

Uncovering the Cosmic Connection, George Kavassilas

A talk by George Kavassilas "Uncovering the Cosmic Deception"

Held by UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts. Saturday 11 February 2012 .

From a young age George had experiences of interactions with other beings on different levels of reality , he believes Earth is about to go through THE GREAT CHANGE .

George will explain connections between religions and the new age movement and how it ties with the planets ,star systems and levels of reality in our cosmos.