Saturday, April 28, 2012

Benjamin Fulford: Response about Drake , Leo Zagami, and Cynical Viewer

RE: who is Drake ?

is he a person to trust ?
he was introduced to us by david wilcock
and right after that david was gone , no more communication


My own primary sources tell me Drake is US military and that he is limited in what he is allowed to talk about. As with all this sort of feel good news, believe it only when you see it. However, there is plenty to see out there now to show that the bad guys are in full retreat.

> I am constantly amazed at the crap you put out and feel sympathy for
> the suckers who subscribe to your site. So did the Pope resign April
> 15th? Did all the bankers get arrested? Has Bush, Kissinger, Gates,
> Rockefeller etc. all been arrested ?

> These  guys are taking the world down a 100 m.p.h. and you keep
> spouting your false hope BS and crap about the 100 million martial
> artists ready to take down the Illuminati along with the invisible
> ''White Dragon Society''.

> You're   a wanker and a evil wanker to boot, to give people false hope
> like you do. You are as big of a dope as David Wilcox and his mate
> ''Drake'', who is a bigger liar than you in fact. You are gonna get
> some serious Karma [even more than you are getting now boofhead].
> ''Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom''Thomas Jefferson
>    Based on that quote you are as thick as a brick.
> Kindest Regards,