Sunday, April 22, 2012

Drake's Commentary: Discussions with American Militias

Drake's Commentary:  Discussions with American Militias

The link below will take you to Drake's Discussion Thread at the "Well Regulated American Militias" website.  He is active with posting his thoughts and replying to questions that militia members and Americans ask.


Reply by Drake on April 8, 2012 at 4:39am

I do hope ya all be ready to deal with the reality of all this.
And no. No one will get the details until it is time for them to be outed.

Wilcock has been reporting on exactly what is taking place. Note the number of those getting out in Europe is in the thousands...

If you chose to do your homework, you might check to see IF there is an alliance of over 130 unaligned nations outside the G-20/G-5...

I am only a voice crying in the wilderness here...don't know nuthin, an all that...
Funny that as the financials go, so goes the power base.

All of you might consider that it was higher ups at the pentagon who contacted us to help them.
Think about the fact that when the paperwork left our shores and at exactly the same time 'they' couldn't stop it, the resignations, retirements, and arrests started in Europe.

Look into what recently happened, arrests in each of the places where the money goes...Vatican is cut off, Bunds Bank takes out a restraining order against Merkle...

>Then there is the refusal to allow the Global Settlements Accounts to be released.

This is why our kids are hungry and there are no jobs...Obama, Bush, Romney, are standing in the way...

Read The White Hats Report. Not the greatest but right on in this one.

HOW do I know?

Simply, I am and have been involved. That's how.

Lots of people talk, including me, BUT, show me...a little more action and a lot less talk...hmmm?
So are those who say all of what has been presented is BS, are these simply your questioning of the validity? Or something more?

With all the trouble of getting any real news out, just exactly how does any of you expect real news to get out? Show me, as I've been trying for years...

Does it really matter what venue or web site gets it out?

How many who were asleep before that interview are now waking up?

The idea here is to get the word out AND educate as many as possible...not to play with objectors and detractors.


Just exactly what are you doing to make freedom the reality it should be?

Yeah, I know...

Too much and too awesome.

Just like ALL the rest...that can't happen in The United States!

Really? And just exactly why not?

I painted a very large target on my ass here and no one sees that?

I am walking point in the last chance anyone has for FREEDOM in our country.
Are you behind FREEDOM or not?

IF so, then before stating that this is all conspiracy theory, you might think by making sure brain is engaged before putting mouth into gear.

I positively, absolutely will not stop until I am dead or we GIT-R-DONE!
Either you are part of the solution


You are part of the problem.