Friday, April 13, 2012

Galactic Federation of Light Message through Stargazer, April 12, 2012

2012 April 13 - Posted by Andrew Eardley -

Galactic Federation of Light Message

Channeled by StarGazer – Cheryl, April 12, 2012

My name is Cheryl, and I was approached by a member of the Galactic Federation of Light about 2 months ago in response to a request I made, offering my services to any positive higher dimensional entities who needed a vessel to relay their messages through.
All of the messages that I have received so far have been posted on ,a site of which I am an active member. And I was also asked whether my messages could be shared on the Galactic Free Press site, which is also now occurring.

We would like to answer some questions that have been brought to our attention recently, clarify our intentions and calm your minds.

Firstly, we need to remind you all that the task of assisting the planet and all of her inhabitants to a successful ascension is the reason that a majority of you were brought to Earth. The call went out, asking for assistance, and you volunteered.

As the time for the ascension process draws nearer and nearer,you should all by now know, at least partially, what is required of you at this time. The only thing holding you back from receiving this awareness, is your own personal doubt, closed mindedness, fear or reluctance to know – which may, we might add, be a totally subconscious reaction.

We understand that many of you are still newly awakened, and as yet are still trying to find your feet, still trying to define who you are; but for those of you who have awakened so late in the game,your awareness will grow very rapidly, as there is just not enough time to integrate all of the information you need to know slowly any more.

Because of this, many of you will be experiencing headaches and dizziness – basically feeling like your head is going to explode. These feelings, although uncomfortable, will only last a couple of days. It is just the initial intake of so much new information in a short space of time that is causing this. And as the end result will be a greater understanding of your purpose – of why you are here, a day or two of discomfort should – for many of you, be well worth the sacrifice.
Another question that appears to be continually asked, is that of ‘when’?
  •  When is disclosure going to happen?
  •  When will we be reunited with our Star families?
  •  When will ascension occur?
  •  Why do we keep hearing the word ‘soon’?
Well, my friends, let us answer these questions for you, as, as long as your minds are in a state of confusion, you will be finding it harder to focus on and complete the task or tasks that you agreed upon to undertake.

As we have mentioned in previous messages, disclosure for many of you will occur within the next 4 weeks. For those of you who are clear on their purpose, disclosure may have already happened. As with everything with this arduous mission you are on – things will not occur until you yourself are ready. We will not disclose ourselves to an individual if we deem that the primary reaction will be one of fear. Many of you are communicating with us audibly, but we sense that our visual presence will cause some of you alarm, so, we bide our time. This answer also applies to the meeting up of your individual Star families. It will only occur when we deem that you are ready.

You need to realize that we are not the orchestrators of everything that is occurring on the planet at this time – you are. Things will not happen for each of you until you yourself deem yourselves ready, so we ask you to go within.

There is no point listening to us at this time if you are only going to doubt our words, our intentions and our existence. So, we encourage you at this time to forget for a small while what your mission is, to clear your minds of any doubts, go within – and listen. It matters not to us where you receive your assistance and advice from. The important factor at this time is that you receive information from somewhere.

We are not supreme rulers, dictating our words to all of you, and punishing those of you who do not listen. Our intention is, and always has been,to offer our continued support and guidance to you all. But the continued doubt and fear that many of you display – is only detrimental to yourselves. Please try and understand this. You are only hurting yourselves by continuing to doubt and question – not only us, but any higher dimensional entities that you are in contact with.

Yes, there are many of us out there, and we communicate with many of you, but it matters not who you receive your communication from; what matters is the information that you receive, and what you choose to do with it. We are not martyrs, claiming to be the sole vessels of communication – we are but one aspect of many,many groups of entities out there, whos only collective desire is to see you all succeed, and to offer you advice and assistance where we can.

Which brings us to the next question.

When will ascension occur?

Sadly, we cannot give you a definite answer on this,and we realize by this answer alone that many of you will continue to doubt our word. Yes, we have an oversight of what is going on, and yes, if we were able, we could step right in now and finalize the whole ascension process quite rapidly, but for many reasons, we will not do this.

As stated earlier, this is your mission – we are merely the guidance – to assist you all in seeing this mission through to its completion. As the veils continue to lift, for many of you, the confusion, doubt and reluctance to participate in assisting with the planet’s ascension will fade. Once the real reasons for your involvement – the actual tasks that you agreed upon to perform come to your awareness, and your fears and doubts about your ability to perform your given tasks disappears, the ascension process will accelerate rapidly.

Please understand that the planet herself is already on her ascension course, and has been for some time. You are all primarily here to assist the inhabitants of the planet to be prepared for the impact that the ascension process will have upon them. To make aware as many people as possible and to assist and guide these people through their own fears and doubts, as you yourselves have already undergone.

Do you see now why it is so important for you to deal with your own doubts and uncertainties? How are you expected to assist others, if you yourselves are still going through the same process? It is time for many of you to release the focus on service-to-self and begin focusing on service-to-others. As you grow in your awareness, and evolve into the higher dimensional reality, this will be a natural occurrence anyway, but many of you are still resisting this natural ascension process, through your own fears. It is time to let them all go.

Do you wish to remain ensconced in the 3rd dimension? Do you see any benefit in doing so? Take that step into the unknown today. It only requires one leap of faith, and then many things will become clear, and you will wonder why it took you so long to do it in the first place.

‘Soon’. This seems to be a word that many of you are tired of hearing. Disclosure will happen ‘soon’. Ascension will happen ‘soon’. We have already explained to you the reasoning behind the disclosure process and what is required on your part to speed this along, so now we will explain to you why we have been unable to give you a definite time frame in regards to the Earths ascension.

Basically, it all comes down to you. As we have stated on many, many occasions, we are not here to do this mission for you. We are only here to guide and assist you. The ultimate task is up to you all as individuals to undertake, but with so much doubt and discontention still prevalent amongst so many of you, we are becoming increasingly aware that we may eventually have to step up our involvement, as the Earth is moving along and will wait for no one.

We dearly wish that we could be clearer in giving you a definite time frame of when ascension will begin in earnest, as it is already underway, but we cannot. At this time, all we can can do is sit back and wait, offering our advice, our support and our encouragement to you all.

Disclosure will assist greatly to many of you when it occurs. Assuring and removing doubts and increasing awareness and purpose. This is one small thing that we can offer you a this time – only because so many of you have requested it.

We can only step in when it is requested, as we are bound by the Law of Free Will to do otherwise. So, even for us at this time, it is a waiting game that we must endure, even though at the times of most difficulty for you all, we would love nothing more than to come down and assist you personally.
Are things becoming clearer for you now? Do you understand now why we cannot offer our increase involvement or why we cannot more accurately answer your questions of ‘when’ and ‘time’?

WE are the ones waiting upon you, so once again, we will stress that you need to look within, look without, and ask a many questions as is needed to assuage your own minds as to what is required of you at this time. And once this is done, and many of you are working together on the same goal and heading in the same direction, undertaking the same purpose – the ball will begin rolling in earnest. It just requires that great big push from you all to get it rolling in the first place.

We are your Galactic family from the Stars.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through StarGazer – Cheryl.