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John Kettler: Imminent Arrests are False Hopes

Contactee John Kettler: Imminent Arrests are False Hopes

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Contactee John Kettled outed Drake and Benjamin Fulford in a recent interview on April 5, 2012.
While appearing on Robert Stanley’s Unicus broadcast on BlogTalkRadio, Ketter made some stunning announcements.

In regard to Drake’s announcement of imminent mass arrests of the elite, “I’ve got phenomenal contacts and I’m not hearing it.  I’m just not hearing it.  Now, if people are in a position to cut my contacts out of the loop, (then) I’m really impressed, but I’m just not hearing it.  I have a very real concern that this is more of this ‘feelgoodism’ if you would.”

In regard to Benjamin Fulford: “He seems to be all over the place in regard to the quality and accuracy of the information he’s putting out.” This was not only the opinion of Kettler, but of his ET/ED (Extraterrestrials / Extradimensionals) and highly placed contacts. Kettler added, “One of them said the other day, and I quote, ‘Fulford is full of it.’”

Kettler also added that Drake may be right in his information.  “He might be right.  It would be nice to think he’s right but I can’t afford to just go, ‘Okay, this is great.  This is fabulous.’ People want to believe certain things.  They’ve been trained to believe certain things, but being propagandized to believe certain things where they’ve been under the yoke, they’re screaming for relief and release, they’re screaming for freedom and for proof that the ET’s and ED’s are doing some things.

Occasionally, I’m able to provide some (proof).  Is it possible that Drake is right?  Yes, it’s possible Drake is right.  Do I consider it likely that Drake is right?  No, I do not.  My contacts are extensive enough and well placed enough that if something like that were in the wind, that I think I would hear about it.”

The bottom line for ANY information is discernment.  Ask yourself, “Who has the most to gain by disseminating this information?”

Drake isn’t selling anything except hope.  Kettler has several e-books that he’s selling on his website.  While selling information does not imply an ulterior motivation, neither does not having anything to sell which could also be a psyops.  Fulford has a blog subscription, but offers his material for free for those who are financially unable to afford it. 

What do I think? 

It would be nice to believe Drake’s story and time will tell if he’s correct or not.  I also like Kettler’s view, although both views oppose one another.  The only way for them both to be right is if Kettler was held out of the information loop by his contacts. Fulford’s view is very appealing but we are all waiting for the Ninjas to take out the elite, which has never happened. 

Who would I ultimately believe if I had to choose?

Probably Drake because his claims are the least outrageous and the most feasible.
For me, the bottom line doesn’t change no matter what anyone says.  I’m here on a specific mission to bring together as many like-minded people and soul groups as possible.  Ultimately, everything will play out exactly the way it’s supposed to be and those who have been misleading others will be outed.

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