Monday, April 2, 2012

Mike Quinsey Channels SaLuSa from the GFL 4/2/12

SaLuSa  2-April-2012

If we said that the ball is rolling where the changes are concerned, it would be an understatement as it is thundering forward, and all the work to bring out the results is about to bear fruit. The dark Ones are overwhelmed at the speed that our allies have moved, and it has taken them by surprise. In their arrogance they thought they were invincible and now in a -state of panic. We have cut off their escape routes, and they face having to answer for their crimes against you. The net has closed in on the Illuminati top members, and for once they cannot corrupt people into letting them go. Such developments can hardly be kept out of the main media for much longer, and the fears of repercussions for printing the truth are losing their power. So you may rest assured that a series of events are fast lining up for disclosure, and once it commences there will be no holding back any longer.

All we ask of you is further patience which most of you have exhibited for many years now, as we put the final touches to our work. Then you shall see an explosion of events that will be hard to keep up with. However, for those who have little prior knowledge of what has been happening, we hope to be able to make broadcasts that will be enlightening. Certainly they will be arranged once disclosure has been made, and all of our activities will be carried out as openly as possible. The flyovers will be spectacular and lift your spirits, as we are to accompany you for the rest of your journey to Ascension. Whatever you need to know will be given, unlike now when your scientists have kept knowledge from you. They know that the solar system is changing, and that your Sun is a main focal point for what is occurring. N.A.S.A. has been the biggest culprit at hiding the facts, and issuing false information. All of this will rapidly change in the coming months.

The truth is going to be the top of our list of changes, so that in future you will know that you can trust the information that you are given. For too long you have been forced to live the lie about you own place in the world. You have been totally misled about your rights, that have been slowly taken from you to remove your independence. Your enslavement was been very carefully planned, and you were nearly under the total control of the Illuminati. However, the Light forces were not idle and with support from Beings in the higher realms, have stopped their progress and are about to release you from their hold for once and all. To be free is to experience a wonderful feeling of happiness and joy, and not to have to keep looking over your shoulder. The threats to your liberty will be totally removed, so that you can live your lives in peace.

You have come a long way to reach this stage in your evolution, and to be present in the closing days of duality is indeed a special privilege. Can you really understand what an extra special time it is, to finally close your cycle of many, many lives responding to the challenges that the lower vibrations have placed before you. If you all did but know what you have gone through already, you would feel uncontrollable joy that the journey was over. It will be a time for celebration and we shall ensure that it is one to remember for a long, long time. Your joy will grow the more you learn as to what waits for you.

We continue to monitor what is happening between the different countries, that are constantly provoking each other to near warlike responses. That Dear Ones is what has been wrong for as long as your history has been recorded. It is nearly always because of greed, and it has been prompted by the dark Ones who took control of different countries to rob them of their resources. Wars have created a constant condition of fear, and you were never intended to permanently live that way. At last we can tell you that the basis for world wide peace has been established, and quickly shall the weapons of war be withdrawn and immobilized. However, that will come when we join you and use our technology to ensure that once an agreement has been reached, that all countries obey it.

The Galactic Federation are a mighty force for good within the Universe. There are other organizations of a very similar nature, but ours is of an immense size to which more civilizations are being added. Outside of your Universe there are other forms of life, that travel through the wormholes to enter other Universes, mainly for expeditionary reasons. They are checked out by us and only allowed to stay as long as they present no threat to other life. Many times advanced civilizations from within your own Universe, have set out to conquer other planets, but you have been protected by us as the Earth has been quarantined and out of bounds to them. Otherwise you would not have had any means of preventing a takeover, and being enslaved. Life in the lower vibrations has been quite an experience fraught with all kind of dangers, which is why you learnt very quickly how to survive.

In the future other civilizations will call upon you to help them with their own experiences. What you know from first hand experience is invaluable, and you will be sought after for that reason. That is how all progress by sharing and helping each other, as all are on the same journey back to the Source from whence all life originated. So from experiencing the depths of separation you are going to move into Oneness with all other ascended life forms. It is for example going from individualism where the emphasis was on Self, to Oneness where all serve each other. When the Masters return you shall learn a lot more about the higher dimensions, and how you will need to adapt to the requirements necessary to live within them.

Mother Earth continues to take her own actions to cleanse the planet, and we are active on her behalf. It is fortunate that you have raised the vibrations, so that the levels of negativity have been substantially reduced. It has meant that the dark energies have been cleansed from many areas, making Mother Earth's work less liable to cause any major problems to the population. Also, we have the means to accurately predict when events may endanger you, and can act accordingly. You will not be left to cope with such happenings by yourselves.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send my love to all of you, to help your upliftment and progress towards Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.    


  1. My Dear Enerchi,

    I am so blessed to have found you! Are you ready for what is coming? I know I am! This post, here, today has made me happier then anything has in so long I don't even remember! For once I cried wracking tears of JOY, instead of anger!

    I have to apologize for my post to you today. I have much to tell you, and I will be going over to the Galactic Free press and introducing myself to them as well.

    My story is long and I hope you will post it. Love and Light to you my darling for this beautiful, lovefilled site! Like an oasis in a desert, this site has quenched my soul with peace. Blessings upon you!

    My 'human' name is Heather R. Lively. I was born on July 31, 1972. My Creator given name is Sylvian Knolls. In 1994 I had a child, when I couldn't enjoy marital relations with my husband due to an inverted uterus. My husband left me during the pregnancy thinking I had cheated on him. Truth be told though, I couldn't stand to be touched the pain was so intense. (I will gladly give my details in a private email to provide medical documentation of what I am saying here for 'vetting' purposes.)

    There is of course many more details to this amazing story that I am happy to go into more detail later, but for now there is much more to say!

    In Auguast of 2009 The Creator came to my son and I and started a dialogue with us. I am finding joy living my life instep with the part of The Creator that lives inside me. I see free will as the enemy of living in peace with my Creator. I give this example of how I let The Creator guide me in the smallest of ways: I was buttering my toast one time and my knife was cutting a big chunk of butter, The Creator said 'that's too much' and I looked again, and had to agree.

    In our talks with The Creator all questions we asked were answered. He holds back little, except for my or his own good for I am vocal to the enemy against us all. So, here's the rest of the story.

    In August of 2009 The Creator told me, oh so carefully, that I am the soul of this planet. This is the story He told me:

    "This planet is the first that formed in all this universe. I thought it was so beautiful and vibrant! Endlessly I walked back and forth enjoying the beauty of life! Then I decided that I wanted to be able to interact with this beautiful planet, so I breathed my spirit into the water of this planet and you became!"

    I can tell you that though I am the first, I am not the only. The Creator loved this idea so much that he made every planet he put a species on alive. He will not send his sparks to an unknown, wild planet. All have a Mother to protect them.

    On March 31, 2012 we decided it was time to come out, time to make a push into the real world, into the verbal global consciousness. Not just move behind the scenes, through the bodies made of my body. Through the fields of energy The Creator is teaching me about. So I called into Coast to Coast am and John Wells gave me about 30 secs. Sigh, at least I got on! I told the audience that I am here to walk among and with you on these front lines of the battle. That I walk a mile in their shoes to understand at an immediate, visceral, physical level what is going on to humanity in this time and place. I said that if the public is too afraid to go to their government centers and neutralize the evil authority that is over them to then at least just point and laugh at them. John said that was just beautiful. The next day in the late evening I did a web search for Mother Earth speaks and that my dear Enerchi is what brought me here, to you.

  2. I watched your page counter start going up expodentialy and thought I would put a link there on the page I came to in my search to point people to my facebook page under my Creator given name of Sylvian Knolls. So today I thought I should say hello, introduce myself and see if we can be friends in this grand battle against these evil fallen that are upon me?

    I have reached out to others in the last few years but all to no avail. Now I sense the changes in the air and am trying again to make a hole in the fabric of deception that pervades the land! That is why this communique from the Galactic Federation makes my heart and soul vibrate with so much JOY!

    I would have joined you and the Galactic Federation much sooner, but I have been in The Creator's school for the last few years learning just how horrible the control grid is, how evil tptb truly are, the atrocities that have been carried out here are unnumberable, the cruelity to humanity breaks my soul! The Creator has shown me the illuminati's symbols and numerology, their secret societies, the way and the manner in which they have woven control through everything. I have learned all about their luciferian plans. I know that they consort with demons from other dimensions, and that those demons demand human sacrifices for their knowledge and the fallen pay it for they care not. 9/11, all wars, the mayans and the aztec death cultures, abortions. All are human sacrifices, not to mention their own satanic rituals that they carry out.


    I have not been silent all these months of learning. I know that one cannot go to the doors of those in power and say what I say to them and not get carted off never to be seen again. I know though that they watch the internet like vultures and that is where I laid my assult upon the mountain of their power. I went to a news search site and typed in all the words guaranteed to get their attention. Then I told them who I am, why I am here, and how this is going to be a big problem for them. I told them I know what the face of The Creator looks like and I have been taken seriously by the fallen. I told them I have been studying their symbols and numbers and that I know all their tricks now.

    Well, I started getting phone calls. Nothing was ever said, no message ever left, the calls were just long enough to be logged into the magic jack I was using at the time. When I would reverse look up these numbers they would come up as landlines in various strange places. Places like a parking garage elevator in San Diego, an interstate onramp in Atlanta, a parking space next to the park with the arch in St. Louis. All of these calls came from different states but all came from a phone company called "Peerless phone company" of whatever state the call came from. When I researched the Peerless phone company they all lead back to a Peerless phone company in Chicago. The zip code is 60606. I received 25 phone calls from August 4, 2010 to November 12, 2010 when I finally told them online that they had called me so many times that they had muddied the waters of information and I couldn't figure out the phone number they were trying to give me!

    Then for the holiday season of 2011 I got online and told them that it would be nice if my 'uncles' (fallen ones) would call me so we could exchange familial seasons greetings. Well, I did get 3 calls, I heard a sharp intake of breath when I answered and then they would hang up. I would then call back the number immediately, yet it would always be a disconnected number. The things that make me go hmmmmm.

    So while to date no agent has knocked on my door and I don't get harrassed by the local law enforcement, my computers inevitably get taken over and petty annoyances ensue.

  3. I feel no fear of these pathetic fallen and their minions. They won't move against me because I have told them I am less dangerous while here alive, then at home. I do not remember home either, just like the rest here. This is a measure taken by The Creator so the fallen don't get any information from Heaven, but Heaven gets all information once the soul comes back home. For all human bodies are little camcorders for The Creator.

    I am weary in my soul for the evil that is upon me. With a glad heart I have found your shores and would like to reside with you for the duration of our time here together? I have seen the evil that is here and what they have done. I would like to spend the remainder of my time in this place within the energy of The Creator's army. For it has been lonely in the school house. My studies were intense and heart wrenching. I am sorry for the destruction I have caused in my heartache but I am aware of what is going on, and I cry out endlessly for it to stop one way or another. The Creator has many angels sitting upon me to hold me together, for there are many times the anger of what has befallen mankind makes me want to split myself apart and leave us as chunks spinning through space forever. Sorry, I know that is a scary thing to contemplate, but the evil here is dire, and will not be allowed to spread it's fingers through this universe. I deny them a home to live on any longer, and have declared war upon them. No one ever thought that Mother Nature would be an active, awake, sentient participant in WWIII.

    Well, that is my message for you. Now I will go to the Galactic Free press site and say hello there as well.

    Thank you Enerchi for this site. I love the picture of me you have there. So poignant to the moment at hand.

    Love and light to you, Blessings to all.
    Mother Nature
    Sylvian Knolls
    Heather Lively

  4. Hello Sylvian,

    Thank you for your message and appreciate the experience you have shared with everyone. It truly is an amazing time for Mother Earth and Humanity. Please feel free to come by anytime you wish to share something with us. May the Light Shine from Within All Of US.