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Montague Keen - April 15, 2012

Montague Keen - April 15, 2012

Montague Keen - April 15, 2012

Yes, my dear, you are all ascended Beings of Light. You chose to be on Earth in these days of change so as to ignite the Divine Light to rescue your fellow man from the clutches of the Cabal. The energy they use to keep you down is fading. They are losing their grip on control. Of course, this is when they are at their most dangerous; after all, as they see it, what have they got to lose that they have not already lost?

We, along with your friends from other planets, are preventing the wars from escalating further. The Cabal is at a loss as to how they can overcome this problem. I always said that they will go down fighting. Now you are seeing this happen. They had managed to convince the world that they, alone, were in control, and that you were subject to their commands. They actually believed their own propaganda. They foolishly believed that riches, alone, would win the day. Now they have to face the fact that you enter the world with nothing and leave it with nothing. They systematically destroyed all that was pure and good. They created the disaster in which you now exist, where GREED is the order of the day.

When mankind steps into the Light, everything will become clear. Money and wealth will become but a distant memory of the bad old days. Everyone - and I mean everyone - will be given a machine that will provide all the food they could possibly want; you will just type into it whatever you would like, and in seconds, it will appear. This will ensure that everyone is supplied with all their needs. No more shopping or cooking - that will please many of you ! Life on Earth will become the pleasant experience that it was meant to be.

People are, at last, seeing through the veil of darkness. They are now able to see the Dark Ones as they are, not as they pretend to be. They are being exposed. They have nowhere to hide. Effectively, they are at your mercy. Their plans to go underground or off-planet have been thwarted and they will have to face the consequences of their actions. Their carefully planned take-over of your planet has failed at the 11th hour; they were totally unprepared for this. Now we see them desperately moving money around, to enable an escape; but this, too, will fail miserably. They cannot exist in the Light. This is why they have done so much to prevent it and to destroy all those who are of the Light, those who speak of the Light, and those who try to guide you to the Light.

Though many bankers are fleeing before they are pushed, I ask you, please, do not waste your energy on them. They are of no importance. Do not indulge in the feelings of revenge. This would drag you down to their level. Allow us to deal with them. They know, only too well, what they are guilty of. Concentrate on the new reality that is just around the corner. Leave the past in the past, as it is time to go forward in peace, love and harmony.

Know that your friends from other planets are all around you, waiting for the moment when they will join you and welcome you back into the Universal Family. I know that you love to connect with them at night. Our dear friend was so delighted when they sent a huge beam of light into her bedroom as she stood at the window and connected with them. They are your friends. They have come to help you return to the fold. As David Icke said in his new book, it is time to "REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE" and to connect with it.

We ask each and every one of you to help those around you to connect with the Light, to remove FEAR from your lives, and to help others to step forward into the Light. We are grateful to all those who give their time and energy to this activity; they are truly fulfilling their purpose. It would be so difficult without their assistance. This is a most important year, when all people must open their minds to truth, to welcome the many changes that must happen.

We will never abandon you. What must happen will happen, just be open to it. You are living in a false reality that was imposed on you, but soon you will be free to live your lives as you would wish to.

We have told you, in the past, of the many Earth changes that will happen; earthquakes, etc. You are seeing the reports of these, every day. Your Earth is preparing for the changes. Do not fear them, they are meant to happen. The Earth plates will move a little as well. This rearranging of your planet is necessary. Many from the distant past have returned to Earth to be present at this momentous time. Remember, my dear, shortly after my passing I told you, "You are now doing the work you came on Earth to do."

I had to leave you, as I had to work on this side of life, to assist you on the Earth side. We have worked together, you and I, since the beginning of time. We have lived through many changes in the past, but this one, my dear, is the most important. I cannot emphasise this enough. The right people are coming around you to help achieve all that we have planned. We will not fail !

You have a busy and exciting week ahead of you. Try to take it steady. Do not push yourself. We will all be there to celebrate your birthday with you, just as in the past, when we were together in life. I love to see the happy faces and to hear the laughter fill our home once more, bringing back happy memories for both of us, my dear.

I am ever present in your life, surrounding you with my love. Your adoring, Monty.

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