Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wes Annac: The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Discussion of our Organization

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Discussion of our Organization

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We happily come before you again at this time to dive into a further explanation of who we are and what we are doing for you and your world at this time. We are an organization, a collective of souls who have established a dimensional evolution and perception that is greater than the majority of dear souls making up the Pleiadian Councils, and we have more of a knowledge and perception of many earthly and otherwise matters, than many souls within the General and High Council of the Pleiades possess.

The establishment of various organizations within the Council of any given race in the Galactic Federation is established in a hierarchical manner, but this is not a hierarchy that is based on judgment or a perceived worthiness on the parts of the souls who are more established in these hierarchies.

This system that guides the various Councils within the Galactic Federation is one based on the dimensional level and growth of each and every soul inhabiting each and every Council and decision-making group. We have many Councils that are comprised of the structures of this hierarchy that we have informed you of, and within our ranks are numerous advanced and ascended souls, some of which their evolutionary levels far surpass what even many of us in this Council have attained.

The Galactic Federation as a whole is working under the levels of various Ascended Masters, who in turn are acting under the levels of various further -ascended Masters and celestial Creators, the majority of which you have not yet heard about or been familiar with.

Within the Galactic Federation and each and every race that make up the Galactic Federation, are again the established levels that each and every soul is on and affiliated with the Council that fits such levels, and this organization that is speaking to you at this time has climbed and ascended the perceptual ladders and challenges that one is given after ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension that such tests will see one surpass.

We are given certain challenges and stages to show and verify that we have reached the level of consciousness that would see an initiation into higher levels of the hierarchy established within the ranks of the Galactic Federation with each and every race and civilization affiliated with this organization.

Our evolution is guided based on such challenges, and when we have perfected the various higher dimensional lessons we are given that initiate us into ever-higher and purer stages of consciousness and perception, we are tested in such ways to ensure that we have soaked up the lessons needed to advance along our own personal evolutionary cycles.

Much of this learning and testing is done as a collective for many civilizations comprising the Galactic Federation and the various Councils of this organization, and we are a collective group of souls who have passed the obstacles and learned the lessons needed to see us advanced into positions of influence wherein we have much say-so in what happens not only in our Star Systems, but with events on Earth as well as we of the Pleiadian lineage are very close to you dear beautiful souls on Earth.

We too have taken on the human form in the majority of our lower dimensional experiences, and many of us upon ascending to the fifth dimension have chosen to maintain such [human] forms while many others have chosen to discarnate and Live-out their higher dimensional experience as the pure Source energy that all truly are deep down.

We speak of the souls of the General and High Council of the Pleiades when discussing the aspect of inhabiting a human body, as we of the Pleiadian Council of Nine have, on our world, ascended collectively past the realms of the fifth dimension and as such, give much guidance to the souls of the General and High council the Pleiades again, on more situations than just what happens in our Star System.

We are delighted to be speaking directly to humanity at this time, as we have not routinely done so and while we have had numerous souls speak for us numerous times, we have not directly addressed humanity and we are working on ways that we can assist you in such direct ways through the exposure on the part of humanity to our messages and the energies that lay within such messages.
This has been the key component to our wish and to the wish of the rest of the Galactic Federation and other ascended sources to speak to humanity through channeled messages before our direct contacts with humanity, as you are feeling the encodements of energy that we are giving you and while this is not in as pure of a way as it will be when you are directly perceiving of us and communicating with us, we are still happy to be able to share such energies with you in whichever form that you on Earth can handle them.

The beauty of these communications and the energies behind them, is that we are able to give you genuine advice along your spiritual paths and genuine news about your world that you will not [yet] be told in your mainstream media, and at the same time you are being exposed to our energies and feeling us in quite direct ways.

We have wished for humanity to gain a remembrance of and spark back up a relationship with us, and while we are confident that this will happen upon our arrival on your world, until that time we wish to begin reigniting the relationships with many of you that have been forgotten about during your lower dimensional experience. We are so very close with humanity, and the majority of souls who will be led to this communication will be led to us because you have as well been close with us over many experiences in this grand Creation of ours, even before your ventures within the low vibrations of Earth.

While we are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and our name does indeed represent our core group and collective consciousness, we routinely invite further ascend souls and indeed even souls in the General and High Council of the Pleiades, to be a part of our missions in relation to many things and events in many different star systems.

Our core soul group and the collective consciousness of us Pleiadian souls who have gained a remembrance of states of consciousness higher than those of the ‘lower’ Councils of the Pleiades; we are not limited to nine members at any time and have in fact routinely visited many of you awakening souls while your bodies lay sleeping, and we have had many souls [who are currently] incarnate on Earth be a part of our meetings that have to do with the helping of Earth and the pulling-out of each and every one of you from your lower vibratory slumber.

We are in each and every moment, convening amongst ourselves and amongst many others about what can be done on Earth at any given moment, as each and every moment on Earth manifesting through the perceptions of each and every one of you dear souls incarnate on Earth, is extremely important and crucial and as such, we must keep our ‘eyes’ and perceptions on Earth the majority of the time.

We are convening amongst ourselves, amongst many of the dear Ascended Masters assisting your world, amongst the General and High Council of the Pleiades and with as well, the Galactic Federation as a whole as each and every member and race of the Galactic Federation are routinely holding meetings about what can be done on Earth, as well as about many other things as indeed, this Galaxy is big!

We suggest that you all continue in your endeavors to find the Love that you are in as less-dense of a form as you possibly can and of course, enacting the proper disciplines and Lighted changes in one’s own Life will see to it that you find the clues and secrets to the many questions you have had about your lower vibratory experience as you begin to ascend and remember that things on Earth are truly not as they seem.

Beneath the everyday continuation of the old and regular paradigms, we can feel that the majority of you are feeling something different, something new, something you can’t quite put your finger or heart on, but something that you know will be supreme and wonderful.

You are feeling the Lighted changes being enacted now, and we and so many other Councils and organizations within the Galactic Federation are assisting endlessly to ensure that you find the truths and revelations that you are meant to be led to, in accordance with the collective and individual growth of humanity.

We are happy and delighted to have been able to share our energies with you in this form yet again, and we depart this message and the energetic mental planes of our scribe with so very much Love for humanity, for each and every one of you dear souls who will be reading this message and feeling our energies behind it.

The energies that we grace you with now are soon to not only increase in your perception and awareness, but are to wrap themselves around you as you absorb them upon ascending, and as you begin to radiate these energies toward lower dimensional civilizations in various Star Systems and Galaxies, you will then be helping such civilizations to themselves grow away from the lower vibratory experience.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine.