Thursday, April 26, 2012

White Hats Correspondent : "action is now under way which DC can't cover up"

Apparently John is in the "know" and is reporting what is taking place across the pond in the UK.  His testimony is in sync with what Drake has been discussing in regards to the European arrests.  ~e

The case against Herzog is going to get very serious soon. German police raids on Herzogs accomplices have just found vastly incriminating evidence which no doubt the White Hats will disclose in their own time as usual. It will bring Herzog and many of them to trial and Herzog has threatened to expose all on Sr and Romney as Plea Bargaining if he goes down. That now brings America to a real Rubicon line. A crook versus a crooked incompetent in November. Where is Justice? An abysmal choice. An interesting statement was made over the week end. America has gone from Barbarism to Decadence without ever having experienced culture in its now rapid decline.

For that, thank the Cabal thugs, bribed hangers on and corrupt media. The US still has so much talent, sadly just not in Politics.

Place all your associates on standby. Herzog and parties were all raided. Major German Police and Agency action is now under way which DC can't cover up. Vast tentacles will now reach right back into Texas and DC with deeply incriminating records all now seized. Major articles will no doubt appear soon via the White Hats and every good Patriot will be needed to expose them so you can bring them down. Round up the Grannies as Congress is neutered! Romney has to be faced down with Herzog now and Sr has a world of explaining to do. If Texas hangs Horse Thieves, what do you do with the Bushes?

Abbey, Geno

Watch for the next few days. CNN started releasing info on Herzogs arrest last night. A major Global crime file is coming together on all of them and their past disgusting history. The master contracts seized in a Police raid will now lead to jail sentences for Herzog and his criminal associates.

The Edward Falcone sting was set up by the Lt Governor of Texas working for Bush Sr. The bribes to Biden ,Clinton, Romney and the whole stinking bunch will all come out. Herzog is already plea bargaining to hand over evidence on Bush and his many, many crimes and scams, for a lesser sentence. The White Hats soon will help a lot.

John works for a British Government agency and he helped Lord James of BlackHeath with the evidence presented from the White Hats...The White Hats are former military and intelligence here in the states who came together to try and save the economy from theft and corruption. Ed Falcone had 700 million borrowed and not repaid by Bush.

There are hundreds of people and companies whose money was stolen by using back doors in banking computer systems designed by some household names. Think of a superhighway and if you control the stoplights you can exit money anywhere and hide it. During the flash crash and other designed crashes, and phantom trading and derivatives our corrupt leaders attampted to impoverish the world for their sinister plans of domination and depopulation. Along the way Patriots and people who had their money stolen saw a movement and climbed on board to try and help. This is an investigation and most of the evidence is going to court not the internet for display. I am a media producer who helped with media.