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Who Summoned the Galactics and Why are They Here? Part 2/2

Who Summoned the Galactics and Why are They Here? Part 2/2 | The 2012 Scenario

Written by Steve Beckow
(Continued from Part 1)

And who are “heaven’s hierarchies?” Matthew Ward tells us that “the highest universal council planned the Golden Age.” (1) He expanded:

“Members of the highest council that designed the master plan of Earth’s Golden Age have been observing the pace of flux in the collective consciousness, and they have agreed that the day is nearing when the presence of your celestial brotherhood must become widely known. …

“Because [the masses being deceived and remaining asleep] is not in keeping with Earth’s desire for her beloved souls, the master planning council in conjunction with spiritually evolved beings among you decided to reverse the order of two major parts of the plan.” (2)

When I questioned Suzy on the nature of these councils, she replied:
“The ‘highest council’ and ‘master planning council’ are the same body, and the members were chosen by their respective civilizations to represent them.

“Matthew says ‘sort of like an intergalactic UN as far as the participants representing many different cultures, but the council was convened for planning purposes only and isn’t a standing body.’” (3)

SaLuSa offered this explanation of the chain of command:

“The Galactic Federation works with the Higher Beings, and all along have been authorized to accompany you through this cycle, as others have done before. We are your link to God, and carry out our mission with great love and dedication.” (4)

“The line of authority goes all the way back to God, and passes through various groups and councils of high evolution and consciousness. It finally reaches you through us and the Masters, who wait in readiness to return to Earth. “(5)

The ascended masters are the ones the galactics directly liaise with, but there are levels and levels of higher beings above them that direct operations. Let’s look first at what has been said of the higher levels.

SaLuSa calls the higher beings “the Elders.” He may be referring to the elohim; I don’t know for sure.

“Behind all that happens are the mighty ones such as the Elders who direct all creation and observe the edicts of the Creator. They operate on an unimaginable scale, holding immense power that reaches through the different Universes.” (6)

On other occasions, he refers to them as “the various councils that oversee your evolution” (7) and ”great Beings of Light that dwell in the realms of pure Light.” (8)

They are so inspiring that even the galactics stand in awe of them, he says.

“Mighty forces are at work, and there comes a time when the magnitude of them is even eye-opening to us. Great Beings carry out the plan of the Creator, and such concepts are perhaps a little too difficult to contemplate whilst you are still in the early days of enlightenment.” (9)
On another occasion SaLuSa explains that these higher beings keep the operation synchronized with the Divine Plan.

“All is … in the hands of exceptionally powerful Beings who will ensure that all action is completed in accordance with the Divine Plan. They oversee our activities and we have complete and utter faith in them. We obey their instructions to the letter, and know we are taking the best course of action for all concerned.” (10)

One of the matters these councils supervise is the extent of light beamed to Earth.
“As you might expect, there are Councils in the higher dimensions that control the degree to which the various rays of Light are beamed to Earth. It is a process of upliftment that gradually increases the level of vibration in your dimension. It is calculated to bring about an increase in the levels of mass consciousness, in a way that is acceptable to you and able to be drawn upon.

To increase the levels too quickly would cause discomfort to those who were ill prepared for it. The object is to return as many of you as possible to the Light, and able to be uplifted through Ascension. So you will understand that there is a grand plan being worked out, supported by great Beings of Light.” (11)

The higher councils cooperate with each other, Diane of Sirius tells us: “We can tell you that the highest Orders and Councils are one in a Brotherhood of Light and service to others is considered to be the highest act of love.” (12)

According to SaLuSa, the galactics consult with these higher beings before taking any significant action.

“Although we are fully conscious Beings we consult [greater Beings of wisdom and understanding] if we are uncertain as to the best course of action. Bear in mind we are dealing with the future of planets and their civilizations, just as we are with you. It is a great responsibility and care must be taken when decisions are made.” (13)

He tells us that “only the higher sources will be able to clearly define the details of the plan” that the galactics follow. (14)

On a day-to-day basis, the galactics defer to the ascended masters who have Earth’s evolutionary destiny in their hands. Here is SaLuSa on that topic:

“We also work with ascended Spiritual Beings whose names are often well known to you. They have acted as your Brothers from the Light, and are sometimes recognized as far back as Atlantean times, showing Man that your spiritual needs are always well looked after.” (15)

“We are just part of an active organization that comes under the direction of the White Brotherhood, committed to bringing Light to Earth.” (16)

On Sirius, the ascended masters form the Blue Lodge. On Earth it is the Great White Brotherhood. Of the way they work, Matthew says:

“The powerful energy of souls you call ascended masters and the White Brotherhood and other light forces you don’t know about has been intensifying on the planet and is available to each and every one of you. It isn’t necessary that those souls embody or that you know their names. Simply ask for divine help and these emissaries of God will provide it. It may not come in the form you think you want, but it will be what you need in accordance with your soul contract.” (17)

“Lighted souls in body or in spirit throughout the universe are with you every step of your journey into Earth’s Golden Age. Some are right there among you assisting in ways that eventually will become known by all, and countless others are beaming light to uplift all of Earth or using their technology to help your ascent into fourth density.” (18)

It’s probably we on Earth who think in terms of reporting lines and galactics and terrestrials. I suspect that the various councils and brotherhoods that exist at the higher dimensions have a natural hierarchy based on virtue and inherent nobility and do not recognize differences based on where one was born in any one lifetime.

What is the Galactics’ Mission?
Why are the galactics here? They came, as we saw above, to rescue Gaia from near collapse from the depredations of the dark. SaLuSa tells us that the Galactic Federation are the peacekeepers of the universe.

“We are here to ensure that the Light is supported in all possible ways, without interfering with the freewill choice of Humanity. The Galactic Federation are the peace keepers of the Universe, and where you find us you will find the Light at work.” (19)

The Galactic Federation see that the universal laws are observed, saLuSa says: “The Laws of the Universe are sacred and apply all through it, and we are those who will make certain that they are carried out.” (20)

He informs us that they have been our protectors for millennia.

“We protect you and Mother Earth and have done so for millennia of time, and shall continue to do so. It will be more obvious when we can finally meet with you openly, and when we can it should be a most enjoyable change of direction for you. To know that you are finally safe from the attentions of the last cabal will bring a rush of joy and excitement, and a great time acting out the final plan for your Ascension.” (21)

As the Galactic Federation through Greg Giles reminds us, the galactics are not strangers to us but long-lost family.

“We come to you now in reunion; we are not meeting you for the first time. Please do what you can to allow others to see this, as this will make it much easier for them to overcome their fear of us and accept us. We are your families, we are not strangers. We are your friends, not your enemies. We are here to help you and not to conquer. All will see this, and all will learn that their fears were unfounded. This is the way it will be, as it must for your benefit.” (22)

As SaLuSa notes, they are also here to assist terrestrials in the end-of-cycle Ascension expected on or before the end of the year. SaLuSa tells us: “Our operations are being carried out to propel you as fast as possible towards Ascension.” (23) For this task they tell us they are well fitted, according to Mira:

“As I have previously shared with you, we are experts in the ascension process. It is what we do. We go to various planets and assist them with this process. The Earth is well on her way to higher consciousness. We are not the only other planetary system that is a part of the Earth Council. We join with others to bring forth a new way of living; a dimensional jump.” (24)

SaLuSa agrees with Mira but reveals that our Ascension is a bigger challenge than those th Galactic Federation has faced elsewhere.

“The Galactic Federation has had much experience in helping civilizations to pass through Ascension, although yours is a bigger challenge. Never before have both the people and the Earth ascended together, but there is absolute confidence that it will successfully take place.” (25)
The Galactic Federation has a significant cleansing task to perform. One is the restoration of the Earth, as SaLuSa informs us.

“From where we are above you and looking down upon your beautiful Earth, we are saddened to see the extent of the damage that has taken place. Mother Earth was once the Garden of Eden and one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe. With your help, we can undo all of the damage and make good everything so that it is restored to how it was in the very beginning.

“From there we will go further and add whatever resonates with you to make it into a wondrous planet that will be the jewel in the crown of God. Believe us Dear Ones, you will have no limitations placed upon you, and how happy and joyous we will all be.” (26)

In addition to terraforming, they will cleanse the Earth of negative vibrations that have been present for millennia.

“The Galactic Federation has not been more active than it is at present, as the chaos and collapse of the old ways involves considerable cleansing of energies that have been dormant for ages. They will have no place in the higher vibrations that accompany Ascension, and indeed for that reason they cannot impose themselves upon it.” (27)

The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles reveal that they will see that we make it through all the challenges that face us at this time.

“We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here in great numbers to assist you make it through these challenging times, and the human race will shine in their moment together and live on to share their culture, their history, and their story to all throughout this universe.” (28)

Our task, the GF tells us, is to overcome the fears that would stand in the way of their finishing their task.

“It is very important for those of your world to accept us. … We know what needs to be done, and we have the tools and experience to complete these tasks. Allow us to share what we have with you. Overcoming your fears of us and allowing us to assist you will benefit all of your world greatly, and we are eager and happy to be of service in this way.” (29)

Thus the galactics are here to rescue Gaia from her depleted condition at the hands of warring factions and dark cabals, to terraform and restore her, and to assist us with the end-of-cycle Ascension. They serve the Divine Plan as interpreted by the highest councils in charge of our evolution and in concert with the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Once they can land, their mission will begin in earnest. Our contribution to its success is to understand their mission, stay out of fear, and welcome them.


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