Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dinar Guru: JonnyWG Talks About Global Settlements and Prosperity Programs

JonnyWG at Intel4U Wed. Night

[.jonnywg] EVENING ALL

[.jonnywg] HI ALL ,,,,,, I WAS IN A MODERATED MEETING YESTERDAY WITH 2 EXPERTS,,,,......... ONE ON THE global settlements and prosperity packages for many years and the other person is a stock market expert and analyst.......... these were the notes and concensus opinions were as follows................. i have permission from them to repost.............'''''''''''''''''.....................


1. O is out officially as a decision maker

2. Per A TOP SOURCE, mandated by Thursday – money will be flowing through banks only Wednesday, and Thursday.

3. International wires can’t’ go out in the next 48 hours. Their reasoning is they don’t want them in the system…interesting. Wells Fargo is saying it’s a software update, so that’s confirmation. Confirmed Tuesday 2pm

4. Charts – A TOP SOURCE agreed with an additional top Market source (gold, silver, oil lining up—this reverts back to May 08, 2011 adjustments--crazy)

5. Major tele-conference meeting this morning with IMF, US, China, Iraq, BIS, and UST to finalize all these changes. (Framework and instructions for RV)

6. The UST has been given the go ahead with the instructions/blueprint for the RV

7. Announcement from France picked up by the BBC announcing major banking changes worldwide. Was supposed to be yesterday per A TOP SOURCE, but basically it’s coming from outside the US and that forces the US to comply. FRANCE NOW CONFIRMS CHANGES

8. B of A just announced principle reduction in mortgage. This should make all banks follow. But there is a reason why.

9. The Chinese say so! And they have the financial power

10. I say so – looking at my fortune cookie! .


[.jonnywg] do not give up on this week

vivrelereve] .jonnywg .jonnywg .jonnywg so the 48 hours began yesterday and we are in the final 24, correct?
[.jonnywg] vivrelereve yes and tx for the info .............. great price range

[booyah] .jonnywg .jonnywg bottom line for us brain dead stressed out types? still expecting it tonight
[.jonnywg] booyah yup

[bama] It's always bothered me to see the WGS/PP delusions get thrown in with my dinar delusions
[.jonnywg] bama they are different but somehow connected

jonnywg] hi just advised that some international wires were not shut down this afternoon ............... i will make moer calls but thank 3sintel for the information............... our sources were shut down but it appears others were open

[wheezer2] .jonnywg ............why were your sources shutdown?
[.jonnywg] wheezer2 we will find out tomorrow