Monday, May 14, 2012

Drake Is Angry at His Military Contacts - May 14th

Drake To Give The Military A Mouth Full on Wednesday Radio Update

Drake Kent

COOL! And the fun beginzzzzzz...

WAKE UP IN HERE... >I have been working closely with those who are making the decisions... There was a fight a few weeks ago, during which it was stated that the arrests would specifically target individuals... That does NOT mean there will not be mass arrests as well.

However, the info I was given to share was from the military. The military said so... This is why I am now questioning their lack of performance...they ain't done what was agreed to. >

So, that leaves one option. How many people like having their heart felt patriotism used like that?

ALL that does for me is make me very angry. I put my whatevers on the line and they think it's funny to just leave me out there twistin in the wind? Wearing the target 'they' asked me to wear?

How sweet...! >So, who has the loudest voice in here? Who has available posting to sound like the squeaky wheel? -Anyone? IF so, I believe it's time to start screaming about this...You? By radio time, I will have some more info... I hope the military likes this... I do believe it be my

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Drake To Military: "I do not take being put in harms way lightly"

Drake Kent


Lots of BS goin around.

Time to flush it...

>Deatra owns Freedom Reigns. It was going on long before I came on Her shows. It is NOT mine, and was NOT started for the efforts I'm putting forth. I hope that is clear enough.

>On the recent show, Terri explained that there are SEPARATE 'projects'. -One is the 'States Project', which has been completed. -Second 'project' is Localization...this still needs a lot of work too... >The people who contacted me are NOT the same ones who contacted Terri. Izzat CLEAR?

>ALL the info I have been releasing was Given to me. It is not mine, not my imagination, and I have no wishes for stardom, fame, etc. IF that happens, it happens, and is NOT intentional.

>>>HEADS UP ON THIS OFFICIAL RELEASE FROM "Drake"...<<< There have been developments that might 'alter' the execution of the general plan. This all depends on what those in position to make the decisions decide... -IT AIN"T UP TO ME-

At this point I am NOT a 'controller' at any level, Remember That. The info indicates one of two things, or a combination. I heard a few weeks ago that the 'take down' would be on a one by one basis. Specific arrests, etc. A few days after that I'm told that these would be key individuals behind the scenes...? Where does that leave all of us? I got no answer to that question... IF the mass arrests are still in the plan is questionable at this point. Reason being that arrests and law suits are underway that might take care of that idea altogether. The 'case' against the federal reserve needs another set of legalities before those things happen...I understand that this is in progress. >

In order to avoid confusion, AND offer real time honest facts, I will offer no more specifics as far as general time periods or dates, etc. "Soon" is all there is... >>>I was hoping that our military would abide by the original agreement.<<< -Terri and others were told that when the majority of states completed the paperwork, the military would take the actions I have talked about on the radio. Civilian authority was given through that paperwork. -To date, and for whatever reason, our military have NOT performed as agreed.

I do not take being put in harms way lightly. I offer that many believe that We The People could count on our military...? I strongly suggest that 'The Military' keep its promises, the sooner the better. >>>I am NOT and never have been involved at any level with RAP/RUSA. Rumor has it that I am to be their new president...? -Here is the ONLY way I will accept the people involved in that group. Resign as a member, or get ready to be picked up by enforcement. The manner of action and its intent and purpose are apposed to FREEDOM, no matter what you have been told. IF you wish to maintain a 'representative' organization I have no problem with that.

What I do have a problem with, is the 'illegal usurpation of public offices' that no one has ELECTED you to. Same with the FBI. On a localization basis, getting the word out to people, that is fine. BUT ALL of you will have to conform to the constitution and its provisions IF you wish to associate with our efforts. >>The idea behind this post is to clear the air...somebody has been passing gas all over the internet...yes, that stinky. >

I am an admin in order that I can post as I am here. I do not have the time to do anything more than this type of posting...please ask another admin to register you. Thank you.

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