Monday, May 7, 2012

Greg Giles:Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/7/12

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/7/12

The Justice Journey #7 is a particular journey a soul will incarnate through once it is decided that it is this lesson the soul wishes and needs to learn to continue advancing as a being of light through this journey we call existence. There are many different themed journeys that a soul can partake in, and the Justice Journey is but one of them.  

Each one of you at this time is on a particular themed journey. Each one of you has chosen your journey and all of the lessons that will be presented to you while you are incarnated within the physical. Many of the friends that you meet and many of the antagonists that you meet have been carefully selected by you, in order to help facilitate the learning of the particular lessons tied to the journey of knowledge, wisdom and experience that you are currently on.  

When it is time to wrap up the journey you are on and all the lessons you have learned it is then time to come home. Once you are home again you can carefully reflect upon all the lessons that you have learned and perhaps lessons that you have also missed. You have plenty of time to look back over your life and examine just where problems may have arisen due to your yet unsuccessful opportunities to learn particular lessons designed to bring about the entire picture to you and allow you to gain wisdom in a particular area of your choosing.  

All along the particular journey that you are on you have friends, coaches and guides that remain back within the higher realms who watch over you and guide you, all along doing what they can to bring about the lessons that will gift you with the reward of wisdom that you seek. They do their best to remain in the background, and do not present for you obstacles and obstructions that are not intended to bring about your greater good. These friends and guides love you very deeply and care for you as a parent loves and cares for a child, as they have been with you and watching over you since the moment of your birth and your first breaths as a newly incarnated being of light within the physical realms.  

Today many of you are beginning to more openly communicate with your guides, your families and your friends back home within the nest of the higher realms where we eagerly await our reunion with you. Many of you will be returning here very shortly in the days ahead, as many of the lessons that you have incarnated to learn have been experienced by you, and the time has now come for you to journey back home to where it is you come from and to where it is that you call home, right here with us.  

There are several different ways for a being to leave the physical realms to once again exist within the higher realms of creation within this universe. Not everyone chooses to exit the physical realms through the experience known to humans as ‘death’. There are, of course, other methods that can be utilized for a being within the physical to once again appear within the higher realms.  

We are here at this time to allow as many of you who choose to exit the physical realms and reemerge within the higher dimensions without any necessity to leave your physical bodies behind you. This procedure may be new and un-experienced before by many of you. This does not mean that this method is not possible for you; it only means that you have never before chosen this means to exit the physical realms and reappear within the higher realms. Many of you at this time are consciously choosing to leave your current journeys through the physical and begin your journey anew back home where it is you come from within the higher realms of existence. 

We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here in great numbers in support of your wishes and your desires as we have always been. We, as your guides, your friends, your coaches and your mentors, do not make any decisions on your behalf without your full consent and cooperation. It is only then that we make decisions on your behalf based only on what we feel is for your greater good and your continued advancement as a spiritual being of light. 

Allow us at this time to assist you bring to you what it is you have chosen for yourselves. What we are here to do is only assist to make a reality what it is you have chosen and what it is you have instructed us to help you accomplish. We are not here for any other purposes. We are not here for our own reasons, and we have no hidden agendas whatsoever. We are your friends and we are your guides who have been with you every step of the way, every breath of the way, of your current journey and so many previous journeys as well.   

Many of you have experienced reversals of these roles on many occasions. Many of you have stood right where we stand today, as guides who have assisted many others who are currently incarnated within the physical realms right alongside you, and many of you have even acted as guides for many of us who, throughout your current incarnation, act as your guides. This is how it works throughout this universe, where each of us act as guides for each other in love and service for each other.  

As we have said all along many times, we are not strangers to you. We are not uninvited guests, we are your family, we are your friends, and we are your guides. We are also you, as many of you have stood right where we stand today, watching over, nurturing and guiding others souls while they are on their physical journey. We are no different from you, and you are no different from us. We are one. We have always been one, and we will always be one. There is no separating us. We will always work together in one way or another throughout our never ending journey of existence.  

Do you now have a clearer picture of who it is that we are and who it is that you are? We are all one big family. We are not beings that are coming here to meet you for the first time. We know you even more deeply than you know yourselves, as we are fully conscious of who it is you truly are and of all of your incarnations into the physical as we see them clearly from our vantage point. We love each and every one of you very deeply, and only wish to bring about what is best for you and what it is you have expressed you wished to learn and to experience throughout your incarnations.  

It will not be long before we can meet with you again and embrace you as our friend and our family. The journeys that many of you are on at this time are coming to a close, but always keep in mind, as one journey closes out there will always be another one opening for you as your journey is one that is never ending. We will also begin a new journey, but this time we will be together with you as we set out to reach new goals, meet new challenges and enjoy new experience and adventures throughout this magnificent universe we call home.  

We are the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles English