Tuesday, May 29, 2012

John Ketller Via Email - 5-29-12

New help has arrived, in the form of the mostly not of this dimension Silver Legion, which has publicly proclaimed its existence. Sounding like something straight out a comic book, the Silver Legion consists of thousands of beings, most of whom have never had Earth incarnation.
They are allies of the Liberation Forces and operate in two primary roles: healing and destruction of enemy technology which interferes with/harms those working for the upliftment of humanity. Apparently, many such are surrounded by invisible Tesla type towers emitting frequencies causing devitalization, demoralization and inability to think clearly. Those whose towers have been zapped report considerable improvement. The Silver Legion is also quite lethal in the astral and other planes to any hostiles it encounters.
Speaking of comic books, the writer was told by a Silver Legion Earth incarnate that everything in our reality has a counterpart somewhere out there, to include comic book heroes and villains!
Platonic archetypes run wild!
If you can astral project or have an OOBE, you can experience the Silver Legion for yourself.
John Kettler