Friday, May 18, 2012

Kauilapele: Important Notice from Tolec

Kauilapele: IMPORTANT NOTICE from Tolec, Regarding the “Cosmic Event”, 5-17-12 (including an unsolicited, third party affirmation of this)

Tolec has informed me that a notice was put up on this page (FAQs) of the Andromeda Council website. This concerns the message he received regarding the timing of the “Cosmic Event” referred to in an April radio show with Tim Bravo. The “third party affirmation” comes from this page of the Cosmic Paradigm website (Mark Kimmel’s website).

Why am I posting this? I feel that there is something significant about this “Cosmic Event” that aligns with the solar eclipse event of May 20th. And I felt very strongly that our collective intentions being held on the day, in that window, will be amplified and intensified by all of these things. I have seen a great Light entering or/and passing through the planet on that day (during that window).

“Athabantian” is one of many Andromedan biospheres. It is the location of 5th dimensional Andromedan people with whom Mark Kimmel has been in contact since the early 1990′s.

Although the precise movement of plates and things may not be exactly predictable (this is Gaia’s choice), Tolec has described this “Cosmic Event” as something which includes “popping” of an undersea volcano, a subsequent earthquake, and a mass movement of magma under the Earth’s crust. [As to my own "sense" of it all, I get that there will be little, if any, "major damage" areas after this occurs. Perhaps a tad of minor damage areas, here and there. That's what my "Input" says.]
I include the text from both articles in this post.

[Note: Tolec also has a new "glossary of terms" page, for those interested in explanations of terms he has mentioned in his radio shows and on his website.]
Notice: 05.17.12 re: “Cosmic event”.

As you all know, I have referenced here since I three (3) times reported {the last time with Tim Bravo of “Extraordinary Year” radio on April 5, 2012}, the clearing out of the last Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base the last weekend of March 2012 – that a “cosmic event”, the ‘popping’ of an undersea volcano & subsequent earthquake, would occur to completely destroy this last reptilian undersea base. This cosmic event will happen many, many miles out to sea in the Pacific Ocean off of the southern coast of Oregon. I also expect it may happen some time within the next few days. Why is this information relevant beside the fact that this cosmic event will trigger the final & complete destruction of this last reptilian undersea base;

it is relevant for the reasons of corroboration & credibility of reporting. For these reasons, I provided the above specifics to three (3) media professionals, who I trust implicitly – in early April 2012 – that at the future time of the cosmic event they would be able to, if willing, corroborate & confirm the above facts. And also, for them provide the same corroboration & confirmation for the exact location of the last reptilian undersea base. I will say for the record, right here, right now… it is not located off of the southern coast of Oregon.

Further, in order to provide an advanced, non-solicited, third party affirmation of this upcoming cosmic event – I ask that you all go to this web site & read the report, titled “Caution”, about this specific coming event: As an Earth human, it is always great for me to hear from third party, unsolicited sources – confirmation of information – that I’d already learned from the Andromeda Council. Especially so in the case of this specific cosmic event.
Again, the complete destruction of the final undersea reptilian base is likely to be marked by a very large energy ball, a lighted sphere, which many people call an “orb”. It should be visible from the coastline and from out in the ocean. It can be considered a “marker”, an “indicator”, or a “sign” that this final Reptilian undersea base is now completely destroyed. In closing, yes, soon as this event happens I will release the complete written report of the details destruction of the base, as well as a video documenting this event.
Message from Bren-Ton (on the Athabantian ship) (from, May 17, 2012
Greeting, my name is Bren-Ton. Those of us aboard Athabantian wish to convey the following.
We believe that a major geological event for your planet may occur within the next few days. It will be centered off the northwestern coast of the United States. It is an event similar to that which you, Mark [Mark Kimmel], described in your book “Decimal.” It will affect the coast and somewhat further inland. We can not predict the full affects of this undersea movement.

Conditions appear to be such that a major disruption could occur along the edge of the Juan de Fuga Plate where it intersects the Pacific Plate, many miles off the coast. There are stresses building there that may cause an earthquake of some magnitude and a resulting tsunami — if they are released in a violent manner. There is the possibility that they may be released more gradually and little will be disrupted. It is not clear to us how things will proceed from this point forward.

It is a natural phenomenon that is part of Earth’s adjustment of her physical form. It involves no nuclear reactor such as was the case off Japan, and because it is a natural, we are not allowed to interfere.

We know, Mark, that you are very reluctant to publish this communication. However we do not wish to delay this warning for those who might be affected.

Blessings for all from those of us aboard Athabantian.