Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keenan Lawsuit On Camelot Radio

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Keith Scott – Re Keenan Lawsuit – This Wednesday [5-2-12, 9 PM CST] On Camelot Radio

Some may be interested in this radio show on American Freedom Radio (AFR). Guaranteed Kerry will ask incisive and perhaps even “controversial” questions. Neil Keenan and Keith Scott are principals in the trillion dollar lawsuit described in several articles at David Wilcock’s website. [I believe the time is 9 PM Central on 5-2-12... AFR site says CST, but I think should be CDT]

Archives of the show should be available at AFR, here.
Keith Scott – Re Keenan Lawsuit – This Wednesday [5-2-12, 9 PM CST (CDT?)] On Camelot Radio

Keith Scott, one of the principals in the Keenan Lawsuit will be my guest this Wednesday [5-2-12] on American Freedom Radio…

Don’t miss this show!! Radio shows are posted on both the front page of the Portal and Whistleblower Radio page.

Be sure to listen to past shows in our Archive on Whistleblower Radio.