Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tanaath of the Silver Legion Updates

Operations Cube Stomp and Sweater

by Tanaath on 05/28/12

Hello everyone,

As has percolated throughout the tubes of the Internet, on the evening of May 19th/morning of May 20th 2012, a Silver Legion-led operation took place. There were three aspects to this operation. The first was Operation Sweater (thus named because we pulled the string and destroyed the ‘sweater’). 

The second was a distraction staged in order to permit the third, which was Operation Cube Stomp.

Operation Sweater targeted one of the many ‘grids’ overlaying the Earth – this particular one was a natural production of the Earth and was tuned specifically to human consciousness. In its natural state, it was immensely beneficial, helping boost human consciousness through its trip around the galaxy. However, it had become co-opted and turned against us and was being used to keep us down and prevent our awakening. Of course, nothing can fully prevent our awakening, but this may have been slowing it down and keeping some people who might otherwise be awake, asleep.

The Silver Legion had teams up at every point of the grid, and when the signal was given, each of them destroyed the black magic ritual-produced suppressors and ‘pulled the string’. This was made a piece of cake by the vast effort put into it by millions of human beings around the world, all meditating for something to happen on May 20th. Thanks guys! This is really your victory. The Silver Legion was merely your instrument in this. You are having an effect. Please don’t stop.

Flipping the grid from ‘off’ to ‘on’ had a cascade effect onto the shielding surrounding the cube out in space. This segues into the next part of the report, Operation Cube Stomp and the distraction operation.

The cube was a permanent installation located 15 degrees off the ecliptic (northern hemisphere) in the direction of Alpha Centari, just right outside the Kuiper belt. It was approximately 50 km (31 miles) on a side, cubed. Stationed nearby was a fleet of 100 Draco dreadnoughts. The dreadnoughts are shaped like large, fat teardrops, with a pod on either side of the round part of the teardrop – two pods in total. The propulsion system used by the dreadnoughts is fission-based, and they use the pointed end of the teardrop to concentrate force and aid in the efficiency of the propulsion. Each dreadnought is crusted in armaments and sensors – these are not elegant or beautiful crafts but functional and designed for menacing effect.

The pods on either side of the dreadnoughts are dedicated fully to armaments – specifically missiles designed to phase in and out of 3D and 4D and to annihilate life on any vessel they struck while leaving the vessel itself intact. There are five missile tubes on each pod. In order to do damage to other ships, there are spine-mounted ‘cannons’ all along the belly and back of the dreadnoughts. The majority of space aboard each ship is dedicated to armaments and the fission engine/power plant. 

There is very little in the way of crew quarters and environmental. The fission plant is only minimally shielded and not designed with safety or the prevention of environmental damage in mind. These ships are good for about 2 Earth years in space before they MUST port for a refit, decontamination, and crew change. Crews undergo about 4-5 of these ‘tours of duty’ before they get too sick to do anymore. Reptilians are able to withstand significantly more radiation than humans and other Earth life.

Aboard both the cube and the dreadnoughts are airborne parasites that are created to infest anything living that comes by. These are invisible and quickly infest anything that breathes them in. Once they find a host, they are programmed to start integrating themselves into the host’s energy systems and start producing behaviour that benefits the Dracos. This includes keeping potential mutineers in line while on a mission, but it also includes forcing boarding parties to turn on themselves and attack themselves instead of the Dracos.

The dreadnoughts had a full compliment of crew – max 50 crew and 100 elite warriors on each ship. The cube had 100,000 elite warriors and numerous mechanical creatures. Reptilian ships use an immense amount of automation, which is what permits them to run such small crews for such large ships. Most reptilian warships run a minimum of defence in preference of emphasizing offensive capabilities – in other words, they strictly adhere to ‘the best defence is a good offence’ and attempt to defend themselves by blowing anything they meet out of the sky before it can takethem out. These dreadnoughts are no exception.

The one formidable defence was a sphere-shaped shield the size of Pluto around the cube and dreadnoughts. This shield prevented all outgoing and incoming transmissions except on those broadcast frequencies sanctioned by the reptilians, and prevented any gating, portaling, or teleportation technology or techniques from functioning within the confines of the sphere. 

Considering how the Silver Legion moves about, we had to take care of the sphere. Fortunately, as the shield was powered by the energies generated by the grid we destroyed in Operation Sweater, they were almost completely undefended. When we hit the grid, we destroyed the shield.

At that point, we staged our distraction. Space-capable Legionnaires were sent amidst the dreadnoughts, whose number had been reduced to 90 after a false ‘leak’ indicated that we considered the cube too tough a bite to chew and were going to hit their shipyards in another galaxy. They attacked the dreadnoughts, and made it seem like that was the whole of the attack.

While the distraction was going on, a team of approximately 250 Raven operatives, with support from 5th dimensional Galactic Federation allies, teleported on board the cube. Each operative carried several charges designed to first implode and then rapidly explode. These are not nuclear in nature and pose no threat to the environment or the fabric of existence like nuclear bombs do. They were developed by our 5th dimensional allies.

The Raven operatives quickly secured the over 5,000 human souls and soul fragments that were being held captive and tortured aboard the prisons of the cube. These people were evacuated rapidly to an Andromeda Council medical biosphere, where Azar and her team began treatment of the many traumas inflicted on them. These people are still in treatment, but we will begin the long process of identifying them and matching them up with their rightful bodies as soon as we can.

After the human prisoners were evacuated (please note, we are talking about people’s souls, not their physical bodies), the Raven operatives finished placing all the charges. A company from Trollface then invaded the dreadnought fleet flagship and rapidly took it over. At a signal from Trollface, Raven evacuated and all of the charges were set off. The cube was obliterated in an instant, unable to use its ‘self healing’ capabilities.

In the distraction, 70 dreadnoughts were destroyed and 1 was taken. The purpose of the distraction was just that – to distract, but ship kills are a nice side bonus. The remaining 19 fled.

Of the 250 operatives on the cube, all but 70 survived. The 70 who died have already been recovered and are resting in the Silver Legion infirmary, where they are complaining quite loudly of being bored. We’ve given them every comfort we can think of, but like most Silver Legionnaires, they are happiest when they are working and enforced idleness is frustrating for them. Ekutalish has had to do a great deal of lecturing.

For those who are wondering if I am describing things that happened in 3D, all of this happened in 4D. Although you as 3D people of Earth may experience the spiritual and the higher dimensional as insubstantial, we don’t. We experience our higher-dimensional, non-physical existence every bit as real as you do here on Earth. We experience ourselves as having forms – we aren’t amorphous until much higher dimensionality than we are operating at currently. Battles between us would be recognizable as such to a human onlooker, were they able to perceive it (and some do).