Thursday, May 17, 2012

World Economy Analysis

World Economy Analysis

Hey ya'll

I know I haven't posted anything on this thread in a bit but really NOTHING has changed in world economy, no point in posting same ol' same ol' information. I only like to post it one time then wait for it to change, so far NOTHING has changed. While scooting around the world yesterday I came across a writing that totally "sum up" what is going on in the world in since October 2008...maybe more will understand this is NOT about Iraq dinar.  Continue reading below..........

How the Chinese have used the faulty statecraft of the U.S. and European governments to undermine the U.S. “Petro” dollar. A number of nations are now using other forms of currency to purchase oil. There are ever more revealing stories in even the “Lame Stream” media that suggest that the Western Banking Families have lost control and are being starved to death—and their “death” is what seems to be the objective of the financial and power centers of the Asian East. The Central Bank of Europe is broke, the IMF is broke, J.P. Morgan is broke, Bank of America is broke, Wells Fargo is broke, Citicorp is on the verge of bankruptcy, the Bank of Scotland is being held a hostage to a money-laundering scheme. Iran is now saying that “Zionism” can be defeated without war. Bibi Netanyahu is now saying that Israel doesn’t think that Iran has a “nuclear” capability just yet. The people of Greece want to leave the European Union. Holland has rebelled against the European Union, Ireland doesn’t want to pay debt the bankers can’t prove is legitimate, Iceland has left the western banking system and is now functioning independently of it. Congress is holding hearings on the FED.

There are a number of other lawsuits that have been reported in the International Business news other than the famous Keenan law suit. Lord Blackheath has exposed a money-laundering scheme that implicates the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. The global price of crude oil is no longer computed on the Texas Crude Oil Index and it is COLLAPSING!

Ron Paul had “breakfast” at the FED with Ben Bernanke and came out of that dialog speaking contemptuously of Bernanke’s position on monetary policy then went on to chair committee hearings on the two new bills in Congress (in both the House and the Senate) to introduce an alternative system. Idaho was the first of several States to pass alternative currency laws and that sentiment is spreading. Corporate America has recently sent “scouting” teams throughout America to case out possible manufacturing locations (existing infrastructure, factories, warehouses, etc.) because the cost of overseas labor is skyrocketing due to the rapid decline of the dollar. Their aim is to move the manufacturing facilities (and the jobs) back home.

The global value of the dollar (what you can actually buy with it) is worth Eighty-three ($.83) cents! But no one wants to discuss the decline of the “former” world currency—the Petro Dollar, the “Greenback,” the world’s “reserve currency”—do they? No, I guess they don’t; it’s just too scary. Saudi Arabia is groveling—offering to do business with resource hungry China and India! Prime Minister of Russia announced last week that Russia will reserve the right to a first strike on the “Missile Defense Shield?” How provocative! How daring! Almost crazy, isn’t it? Russia knows something that the people of the West do not. The West is rapidly moving toward a collapse that will absolutely prevent it from waging war.

We have to vote for the right candidate—George W. Bush will save us, Barack Obama will save us and give us a “new hope,” Mitt Romney is going to save the economy and give the people back their freedom! We have to have a war in Bosnia to save the Bosnians! We have to have a war in Iraq to save the Iraqi people! We have to have a war in Afghanistan to guarantee the National Security of the United States! We have to have a war in Libya to bring “Democracy” to the Libyan people! We have to have a war in Syria to bring “Democracy” to the Syrian people! We have to have a war with Iran to guarantee the safety of the WORLD! At the same time, we have to undermine Democracy in Greece to “save” the people who INVENTED Democracy! We have to undermine Democracy in Ireland to “save” the people who showed the world how to fight for Independence! 


You see what I mean, though, don’t you? The world is one screwed up mess! I remember back in June 2008, the IMF point blank said "We need to put everybody back on a even playing field", at the time it was a yahoo moment that the IMF would have the guts to stand up and make the system right. Well, it has take longer then any of us ever expected, now it is Mid-May 2012!

Two years ago, May 10, 2010 the EU crisis came to agreement at 2am that Monday morning, EU crisis was FIXED! But, we now see it was only a band-aid. Since August of 2007....yes 2007 is when the "housing crisis" was put in the media, has anything changed for the better? NO IT HAS NOT! In most cases it has hit home very hard for many people around the world. How many Trillions of fiat debt has been thrown at every bailout of fiat debt around the world, did this "help the people", no it only helped the bankers at the top. Throwing more money at this is a waste of time and many countries are starting to see it. The ONLY country that "got it" in the beginning was ICELAND! They told the corrupt bankers, we are NOT PAYING UP until you prove it, now Iceland has a great economy going. Why can't all countries do that, tell the bankers to prove it or stick it!

The point I have been trying to show in this thread is that...there is MORE to this then a what "corrupt media" will tell us. Maybe they don't want to "worry our brains" or "scare us", Well sorry, it is about time the media steps up and reports the truth! Show the corrupt money laundering, show a paper trail of all of it! Slowly it is coming out in the news but it is at a baby steps movement...agggggg I wish it was only about the dinar rv, because we would have been off this ride a long time. The moment the IMF said "level the playing field" the financial global war was on, Corrupt vs Honest banking/economy. Who is winning? HONEST, just one look at all the banking/finance people that has jumped ship this year can tell you that.

The big question is...When is Victory Announced? For me, when the new basel 3 global software system is ready and the US Treasury goes to a gold type standard. No more Federal Reserve Notes in your wallet. OUR currency will be United States Treasury currency just like President Kennedy did in 1963, for USA ONLY not the world FED US Dollar. Kennedy did it, it can happen again.
Think about it, no more tax money taken from us to fund other countries programs or bribe them to not cause problems. No more IRS money taken out of our paychecks to fund UN crap or illegal activities of the FEDS or bailout bankers so they get their yearly bonus! The United States has been a super power of the world since 1910 agreement was signed, 100 years has gone by of corrupt money, wars, etc etc.

The media talks about the 1%, top elite that control the money of the world, that causes market bubbles, illegal naked short selling of stock, funds political campaign for elections in any country of the world, they control it all for over 100+ years. I do believe after all the research done, the global reset will stop these people. No longer will there be back doors or loopholes but a transparent system. Honestly, I would rather have the dinar rv AFTER this system is turned on! I'm sure this is one reason the IMF stuck Iraq on the back burner as they stated in 2010, to wait for the new system and keep corruption out of it.

As we wait day in and day out, robbing peter to by paul most months or wondering if we will be able to pay the light bill or house payment, many good people are working long hours from switzerland to france to china to canada trying to give us a new system that will give everybody on the planet a better easier life. The days of oil prices going up over market corruptness...gone! The days of food prices going up due to market corruptness...gone!

Many in dinarland read and pin all their "hope" on some talking "guru" that has been WRONG every time. Sorry people but following these "hour by hour watch guru's" is a total waste of energy. How many times do you want to click refresh for days waiting for that "top secet intel post" from a guru that says "they can't say anything until they get the OK from the PTB"....REALLY! dinarland believes this BS! I think the one that has to make #1 is that "one guru" in dinarland can't saying anything because it will STOP/DELAY the RV, one "lone" person on this planet of billions of people will be the cause of the dinar to not RV if they say something...SERIOUSLY! How stupid! Trust me the excuse of "bankers" being pissed because the guru leaked top secret intel to early...BS! THOSE BANKERS have more to worry about right now then some guru with a ego problem.

PEOPLE WAKE UP! There is way more going on then just dinar rv! IF you have read this far and still don't get never will until it is in your face all over the TV! Then you will wake up to a global change that has never been done in history! I have been trying since 2008 to explain who is doing what in world economy. We have been close a "few" times, not every week, not every month but it got screwed up. Every time it gets screwed up, new paperwork has to be redone, signed off by many on this planet, then take to the World Court in the Hague. Is it all controlled by someone at the! Is it controlled by someone at the US! All the lower levels of US Treasury has picked up that something is coming because two reason 1) USA banking software system had to be changed and 2) they just got delivered the new US Treasury currency. It is only the VERY Top of the UST that is working on this.

Now the other thing that many do not know but hey, I'm on roll. For years Bank of America was lets say "clearing house or holding house" for a boat load of money in accounts. Either money that was in trusts, money that was to help the economy, etc. Anything the SEC did was put in Bank of America, like the CMKX Trust of 3.6 Trillion, along with about 300+ companies that have a trust from the illegal naked short selling of their stock. OK so some idiot back in the day thought Bank of America was HONEST! Well, they found out real fast they were NOT! Since that little "oops" last fall, all the accounts in trusted at Bank of America was moved and reason why Buffet had to give them $$ to stay what bank did those accounts go to? WELLS FARGO! Look at the history of how Wells Fargo got you a better idea why all that money got moved to Wells Fargo and now they are the Honest clearing house of money! Nobody dares jack with Wells Fargo. So the corruption of the accounts is no longer there and the trustees, etc are in waiting also to finally get their money after a lot longer then dinar has been around. Wells Fargo, Canada and the US Treasury are working to get it ready for North America. This is not just a few billions but TRILLIONS of dollars moving through Wells Fargo for North America. All the banks right now get a "heads up" memo and they use to get maybe 2 or 3 memo's a YEAR on currency changes, now they almost get them weekly if not more, so far each memo has been WRONG! but hey it was only a "heads up" memo.

Two weeks ago, they were to throw the switch, when they did...25 bankers stuck THEIR hand in the cookie jar, system turned off to go after them. Guess they do not understand the meaning of TRANSPARENT! They can't steal money in the new system! Sorry! But that caused a new round of Documents to be wrote, signed, delivered to the Hague...again! Now it is "lets try this again"...when? I do not know the time frame of these documents. But those of us that understand this..we just "hope" nobody sticks their hand in the cookie jar! Because personally...I WANT OFF THIS RIDE!

There is so many other details to all this that I didn't cover because it all would be pages and pages of what has been happening. Those that read Iraq news, day in and day out Maliki can't get it together...why is that? Because he is only there to delay it, once they throw the switch, Maliki will step down and leave, his job is done! All the laws will be passed ASAP, any agreement with Kurds won't mean anything, because the Kurds, I do believe, will leave Iraq and become their own country, hence why they talk about printing a new currency with Kurds lingo on it, it not for Iraq but when Kurds become their own country away from Iraq.

By understanding it all, countries leaving the euro and returning to their currency. All currencies values will change to a level playing field. New global banking system that will not be corrupted by a 1% on this planet. No more illegal fiat debt of the world, it will all be "zero" out! No more printing money out of thin air. The new US Treasury currency will be for us...not the world! In all this...the dinar will finally RV! and we all can go "Say good night Gracie"