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Cobra Exclusive World First Radio Interview

Cobra Exclusive World First Radio Interview: Surrender of the Cabal, Mass Arrests – and SO Much More!

Cobra’s Interview on The Light Agenda with Stephen Cook
Premieres TONIGHT Wednesday 13 June on InLight Radio – 6pm PDT/9PM EDT

As some of you have already heard, the very first episode of my new radio program, The Light Agenda – which premieres tonight on InLight Radio – is a special world first interview with Cobra of the Portal 2012 blogspot.

I can tell you now, that it is an enlightening, informative and revealing conversation. A solid interview with a guest who not only surprised me, but who did not try to shy away from any of the questions I had.

So what did we talk about? Heaps!

Using voice modulation technology to protect Cobra’s identity – as agreed (so please be aware of this when you tune in) – Cobra talks about the current state of negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal, the recent call for us to vote, the faltering world financial system and the mass arrests. It is up-to-date ‘insider’ intel and I was amazed to hear it.

We talk about what’s been going on, why things appear to have been delayed and how confusing it is for many of us when we hear a certain date or time frame mentioned  – but then things behind-the-scenes change, and to all of us, it seems that nothing has changed at all!

On that score, you’ll learn some of the whats and whys involved. I was especially fascinated when I heard just how few Resistance Movement operatives there are on the surface of our planet (300), who are actively engaged in what really is an on-going psychological and intelligence “battle of dark and light”, compared to the many, many more who are in place below the surface. Staggering, as you’ll hear.

Other subjects we cover include: “Rebooting The Grid”and the Archons’ presence; the Rothschilds’ and the Rockefellers’ links to nuclear weaponry; and the criticism that has come Cobra’s way in recent weeks.

On a lighter note, we discuss intimate revelations about Cobra’s Pleaidian history and ancestry and a personal teleportation to a starship – and what that was like!

Plus, I also got to delve a bit deeper and talk about Cobra’s dedication to mass meditations and intel and insights on Ascension, Disclosure, New Technologies and recent events, such as the May 20/21 Eclipse and the June 5/6 Transit of Venus.

Cobra also discusses personal Light Agendas and light work motivations.

So that’s what you’ll hear – and a whole lot more! Including an uplifting and inspiring song that means a great deal to Cobra and which may well become an anthem for us all in the days ahead. I know InLight Radio’s producer Graham Dewyea, like me, was very emotionally moved after hearing it! I now can’t get the first two prophetic lines out of my head.

For those site regulars who may have read the previous  2012S email-only interview I did with Cobra (see links below for reference), we do NOT cover the same ground at all. This is fresh, current and detailed.

I have to say, that doing a radio interview with someone who needs to protect their identity – even to the point of hiding their gender – is an interesting process.

Quite some time was spent deliberating on how to ensure total privacy, yet still leave some sense of personality AND ensure legibility for listeners, too. A friend, who has won an Academy Award for sound editing skills on a huge film, kindly assisted with the voice modulation process. Not sure we could have found anyone better if we tried.

The parameters Cobra and I agreed on also meant that a range of overtly-personal questions were simply not appropriate. I think we both have tried our best.

Yet the end result is not what I expected at all!

I, like many others, have sometimes found Cobra’s posts to have an edge of aggression – a little ‘militaristic’, if you like.

But in reality, that wasn’t the perception I got, in any way. There’s no ‘gather up the troops’-type talk here.

While the voice modulation you’ll hear does not totally convey this, the person I spoke with was way ‘softer’ than I expected: warm, responsive, articulate and seemingly, genuinely ‘open’. Definitely motivated to help liberate this planet.

I found that Cobra is someone who has thought long and deeply about what they are doing for the Light; and has dealt with their own demons – such as fear and anger, as you’ll hear.
As a conversation, I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to make up your own mind… I cannot personally vouch for the validity of everything Cobra told me; I just listen, like you – and take it in.
So, that’s it in a nutshell. Hopefully you’ll want to tune in – and tell your friends!

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Wednesday 13 June on InLight Radio – 6pm PDT/9PM EDT
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Cobra Background:

In case you missed it, this is the two-part 2012S interview I did by email with Cobra, 18/19 May. Together they provide some good background info on Cobra. You may wish to read them before you listen to the show.

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