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drake update 6/24/2012

Summary of what Drake said today - June 24, 2012
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This is what Drake said today, June 24th:
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This is what Drake said today, June 24th:
Drake Radio Interview. He Said:
* This coming week a vote will be held by the G20 to globalize all of our countries
[NWO]. The military must act NOW to prevent this.
* We will know by Tuesday morning if the military is backing the people.
* A lot of the Cabal people to be arrested left and are in foreign countries now.
* Consider the possibility that force will be used on the people.
Have your gun ready to take action.
* By Tuesday AM the last legality the military is waiting for will be in place.
* U.S. uniforms will have the American flag as the highest badge on the right shoulder
of the uniform.
* It appears that the Cabal will try to bring the war to the U.S.
* The troops are just as nervous as we are.
* Restrain yourself from taking action. Do not engage unless you
see people being pulled from their houses.
* He says the military has the authority to arrest the Cabal as of Monday.
* Our reaction must be thought out and planned.
* He believes the military will step up for the people.
* The 150 country Eastern Alliance has the purpose to set up new banking
and monetary systems.
* is a website to help with foreclosures.
* Most areas of the U.S. have troop movements ongoing at this time.
Don't forget that the summer is the training time for the National Guard.
* Drake will have news of Neil Keenan's progress posted on Drake's Website mid-week.
* He hopes this will hit the Main street media in a couple of days.
Radio Recording:
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