Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Huge Worldwide Cyber Bank Raid in Progress Targeting US, UK, Euro-zone Banks

UPDATE: 60 servers around world, €60m from just 1 server, they estimate €200 billion could of been taken from the other remaining servers. Attacks are ongoing…..

Breaking on Sky just now…..
Momma coop further down has link. Also check sky news twitter feed..
Cyber Raid..
McAfee Virus researchers have uncovered a series of attacks on financial services industry on high balance accounts, some transfers of over 100,000 Euros have been reported…….
Over 60 million euros stolen so far from Dutch, Italian and Germany banks……
Some guy talking about it before saying its China, possibly geeks in a warehouse he said, also said that the west, UK and US on the offensive…
Is this Cyber Robbery or Cyber War…
Guy on sky news again….
They have attacked UK and US , over 60 servers around world attacking banks, attacks are ONGOING still, €60m confirmed from 1 server, they estimate over €2 billion from other servers.
This is Huge and explains what happed to RBS..[googlevid]
There is a blip about it here. you have to scroll down a bit
also here: http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/26/3118002/mcafee-guardian-analytics-cyber-attacks-banking-systems-europe
“The majority of attacks appear to have taken place across European banking systems, but McAfee warns that it has found evidence of attacks at Latin American and North American financial institutions too. The company is warning that 60 servers have been processing thousands of attempted thefts from high-value accounts over a period of months, resulting in attempts to steal at least €60 million (US$78 million). McAfee says that if all the attempted fraud attacks were successful then the total attempted fraud could be as high as €2 billion ($2.49 billion).”http://investmentwatchblog.com/breaking-alert-huge-worldwide-cyber-bank-raid-ongoing-confirmed-e60m-taken-by-1-server-estimated-e2-billion-taken-by-another-59-servers/#.T-pflfUpfSN