Monday, June 4, 2012

If Channeled Messages are AI, Why Are Most Seemingly Love & Light?

A very interesting Q&A about channelings and the Galactic Federation of Light.  This was found in the comments section of Kettler's site.  The question posed by Stephen Owens is a common question for those who have been reading GFL messages for awhile now and have not been introduced to other ET groups. As you know the GFL have the best Public Relation department out of all ET groups. They seem to put out messages on a daily biases to keep humanity informed of their agenda.

As for me it has always been a battle for humanities awareness/souls whether it be from good or bad E.T.s.  At least this should give you a hint as to how special and important humanity really is to this Universe.



Stephen Owens says:

You say that most of the channeled messages are AI or MI sent, why then are most messages are of love and light? Experienced channelers should be able to tell the difference. The reason i’m asking is I have been a long time follower of the GFOL and only recently have discovered The Silver Legion , Toltec and the Andromeda Council

  • Sunfire says:


    The whole “love and light” thing put out by the AI/MI Mind Control Programs is just that, for the purpose of Mind Control and Manipulation. They are absolutely completely evil and this is why they are being hunted down among many other things GFL/SALUSA etc were/are all avatars of a now destroyed Rregressive/Evil AI Ship, (this is covered in the FAQ here on the site) the Reptoids are Masters of Mind Control and Manipulation. Those Messages contain mind control programming. And most people are just to unaware and vulnerable to ‘catch on.’ and actually realize it. Think about it. If you were a Sheep Farmer and you were going to take your entire herd of Sheep to the Slaughter House. Would you go out there and tell them all they’re going to die or would you tell them all that they’re good sheep and that you love them? Or, another analogy. Someone has a car that is held together with chewing gum and duct tape, they need to sell it and they’re not such a nice person. How are they going to present that car? They want to sell it so they present the car as “runs great, all new parts.” etc. And, the unsuspecting car buyer doesn’t know anything about cars. So they buy it, and end up dying in a car accident on the way home.

    Some of the biggest most dangerous parts of those AI/MI Mind Control “love and light” messages are the disempowering parts, the parts where they say they will become the new masters/leaders/lords. The parts where they say “sit back, do nothing, we’ll take care of it all.” That IS Bad. Its’ part of the Mind Control Programming those Reptoids use. Now, those that are continuing to put the messages out are just rehashing old messages, continuing to plagiarize everyone else, and taking some extensive adventures in creative writing, or even more dangerous inviting other unknown entities to be channeled and playing them off as the originals.

    I am glad you’ve come to discover this site, The Silver Legion and Tolec / The Andromeda Council. I also recommend researching Alex Collier and his Andromeda Contact. These are great non-channeled sources and are reliable for real information.

    And, in the future I highly recommend taking any channeled messages as nothing more than Inspirational FICTION if not discarding them completely, because a good 96% of them still do come from either Reptoid AI or CIA/NSA MI/AI Mind Control Programming and are extremely dangerous on many levels.

  • Tanaath says:
    Stephen, there’s always been parts of the GFL that triggered my warning flags, even before I knew about what they actually were. Sure, their messages are full of love and light and a whole bunch of really neat, hopeful-sounding things. But at the same time, they were always promising to ‘take care of us’, that they were our ‘masters’ (and ascended or not, I don’t like anyone calling themselves my master), that we were ‘theirs’, putting ‘our true leaders over us’ – leaders chosen in secret in a process through we had no input. They maintain the illusion that they represent the great spiritual sages from Earth, but we have no guarantee that this is the case.

    The GFL has also shifted its message according to whatever is currently popular in the ‘new age’ community. Take a look at how the messages surrounding vegetarianism and veganism gradually began to appear in channeled messages – only after the idea of vegetarianism and veganism as ‘proper’ Lightworker lifestyles started to catch on in the public mind. If the GFL is giving us a priori truths, why didn’t they say that from the start? The GFL follows the introduction of ‘fad’ spirituality and incorporates it into its messages, thus cementing the fad as fact for some.

    Additionally, there is a terribly insidious message that resisting evil in any way is wrong – passive resistance is wrong, and active resistance is considered as evil as being negative directly. They have provided us one avenue of ‘resistance’, and that is to ‘love our attackers’. That doesn’t work with all attackers. Some attackers are sociopathic, and incapable of being fixed with love. All you end up doing is making yourself a target and an easy one at that. And worse, they’ve helped cement the ideal in the Lightworker community that higher levels are devoid of interactions between the Light and the Dark. True, those who want peace will certainly have that available to them in abundance in higher planes, but there is always action at the fringes where dark and light meet, and that’s where warriors are needed to prevent the dark from encroaching on those who wish only to live in peace. Salusa and ilk would paint your protectors as evil beings for simply being willing to stand between you and the sword, and for having the temerity to drive back interlopers against peace.

    Some people may not like the idea that there is still struggle, strife, and competition in higher dimensions. They seem to think we should all ‘rise above that’. They don’t realize that they’ll get every chance to do just that – and those of us who want the exhilaration of being active will have it as long as we crave it. There’s 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional negatives as well as positives – duality doesn’t end until the higher levels. And, the point is not to get to the top as fast as you can. This is not a race. Those who would skip duality are doing themselves a disservice and failing to learn a crucial lesson preparing them for the end of duality in the first place.

    I tried to reach Salusa myself one night and succeeded, and got a very artificial ‘canned’ response, like the telepathic equivalent of a form letter. Then, for the next three days I came under some kind of attack in which every time I slipped into sleep, I would be hit with a surge of adrenaline and come fully awake again. It was miserable. I rely on my sleep. I finally connected it to the contact with Salusa and lashed out, demanding to be left along and declaring that they could not interfere with me. The attacks dropped off. That also told me a lot.

    These are hostile, whether they are genuine beings or automatic, programmed messages. They are not your friends and they do not have your best interests in mind. They’ve learned to parrot light-based sentiments in order to try to convince to you accept the very very dangerous parts that are not light-based. This may be disappointing to people, but I know personally I’d rather be disappointed and free, than happy and a slave.

    • Viedoklis says:
      Agree – before I knew this I also commented all the time at that these messages are representing parent – child relationship & it’s absolutely improper way to behave. And we should thank for those who remove reptilians & grays that we are not capable of doing that – but further they should respect our freedom and accept our rules regarding trade or leave.

    • Viedoklis says:
      Those who are falling for GFL channeled messages switches off their firewall they are allowing to receive every virus that reptilians want – like sit, smile & don’t follow what is happening around you because it’s not important – SOON you will be in heaven where WE will take care of everything – (just wait you little sheep).

  • geeksquad100 says:
    Think about it for a second, the channeled messages e.g. Sheldon Nidle have been coming out since the early 90s and have been speaking the same thing the dark cabal will fall, we will show ourselves soon, prosperity packages will be distributed soon etc. Its been 20 years and everything they promised still havent come! So if someone owed you lets say $10,000 and for 20 years has been saying he will pay you back soon how much will you believe him? Sheldon Nidle Greg Giles etc are full of shit!!!! Now if you look at the messages coming in after may 20th or so THEY HAVE TOTALLY CHANGED wording and for a good 5 days there was no messages while they were trying to come up with their own messages because their “holy Ascended Masters” lol werent giving them anything anymore! Tolec, John Kettler etc have contacts THAT SHOW RESULTS! please name one thing that the GFL has done other then lie to you for the past 20 years with “messages”? One thing that has any significants to helping us liberate our planet? None exactly my point! Sheldon Nidle even spells it out for you the “GFL” is allies with the Anchara Alliance (DRAKOS) reptiods now why in Gods name would the GFL ally with reptiods that are controlling our planet but at the same time GFL is “trying to liberate” us from what? their allies? lol

    • Sunfire says:
      Well said Geeksquad, you and Tanaath both make great points. Also, something else I noticed is that with the “post AI Ship destruction” that while in the past the Salusa avatar never drew open “association” with the GFL avatar. The last 2-3 messages included the same “we of the GFL”.