Saturday, June 9, 2012

Italy First Bank – Accounts Blocked

Remember the financial crisis is worse in Europe. See the link below.
 ~ Drake

The first to fall: BNI blocks bancomat, online, and any way of getting to one's account.

On the banks homepage there's written ( "An efficent bank, always at your side".

Thus, from this morning all clients are alone, with no possibility to get to their accounts.

Network Bank Investments, with a short notice decided to block all accounts and so any mean of getting to money, in any form, is it online or cash. The notice was sent out 7 days ago, thus not many were able to read it. (

The institute has so decided in a extraordinary meeting last november getting the green light from the Banca d'Italia to suspend any money transfer for a whole month.

Massimo, policeman in Milan speaks for all: when I went to pay the mechanic office for my car the bancomat did not work, nor was I able to make a transfer. Actually, they took all my money away. Now I have 20€ in my walle, a wife and two daughters, how am I going to do? My account is also where my salary goes to, so what now?

source (italian)