Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Kettler Via Email - 6-12-12

SITREP -- 06-12-12
Important new information continues to flow in on the still-in-the works MIB (Men In Black) post. Some of you have had some truly remarkable/scary experiences or know others in the same boat. Either way, your input is deeply appreciated.

The E-book giveaway contest is now finished. Thank you, one and all, for participating and helping us promote it. We've seen a substantial uptick in traffic to the site as a result. Further, we got over 500 opt ins and learned some lessons we'll implement on the next one (which, having done things the hard way, will not take nearly so long to produce this time out). I've got many more cutting-edge, mind-blowing pieces in the mill, so to speak.

Our talented designer created the very professional looking logo we're now using. I maintain there are high end law firms and the like who have nothing half as good. Do you like it?
Reports continue to come in that chemtrailing is generally way down and often anemic when seen.  All to the good! Ere long, though, some truly remarkable stuff will begin to occur in the skies overhead, stuff that will have people blinking in disbelief, rubbing their eyes to make sure they're working properly and leaving them jaws agape.

Small children will simply be enchanted, and Disney will be green with envy. Remember, you read it here first! What'll be seen? Now, that would be telling!
John Kettler