Friday, June 1, 2012

John MacHaffie: Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 6-01-12

 Update #2 : Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 6-01-12 Removed

The Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 6-01-12 was removed at the request of the source. Information was not to be made public. Obviously the actual time of the announcement has gone by ----

My apologies but this is a continued problem with a REAL TIME NEWS service.

Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole 6-01-12

These Intel bits just came in a few minutes ago --------

Scheduled to go live this evening at 6:00 PM EST from Wash. DC
Suppose to be live on all mass media networks.

Topics of discussion will be:
   Basil III Banking Switch over
   Currencies RV
   The end of the Federal Reserve
   Introduction of Treasury Banks
   Timothy Geithner Dismissal And Replacement
   Bernanke Dismissal And Replacement


Timmie boy has been singing and singing like a canary to save his own bacon. He has been given diplomatic immunity and presently in China to retrieve his family.
Guess he be living in safe houses from now on. The Dark Cabal is a step ahead of the Mafia per payback!


This is speculation on my part ---- But per the "Plan" as quoted by Drake, the massive arrests and lock down is about to happen. DRAKE is right on!  
America Thanks You Sir  

GOD Bless You All 
GOD Bless America Again

John MacHaffie - HIS humble servant