Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Message from Drake via Email - June 5th 2012


by Drake

I have been waiting for news on everything. Please allow that I do get very busy...IF possible I ask that everyone do their own research. Might lighten my load just a bit...
I will be on on Wednesday at 7 PM EST. On Global Voice Radio .net Call in 805-399-1200, access code 153938 #
This is a little heads up on events that are in progress.
As you know, I have been working towards our FREEDOM. Few have any idea as to what all that involves, but I do deal with the news makers and reporters most are familiar with.
In a way, this post is being offered for all those who say that everything being done is BS that I made up. Contrary to 'popular beliefs', this IS real and I offer a report from one of those who is in the mix.
I have been trying to bring a lot of things out in the open. The link above is one of several... with many and much more to come.
I will be adding to this posts info on my show.
Know that we are winning, thanks to all the voices crying FREEDOM!