Monday, June 18, 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/17/12 ‘Our Name, Our Messages & Motivation’

Do not attempt in any way to steer our discussions away from their true purpose and intent, which is to serve our Creator who is your Creator, and who has decreed our mission here to bring to this world advancements that will see to the benefit of each and every being who calls this planet their home. The intention of these communications is to allow all those who wish to learn greater understandings of what is transpiring here at this time to be able to locate a reservoir of new information, teachings and updates to our mission that flow like a fountain from our collective within the higher dimensions of this universe unto you, our brothers and sisters of the planet you call Earth.  

We are here with you; there are no two ways about this. Denying our presence is denying divinity in itself, for this is who we are. We are divinity in all its living, breathing, shining, emoting self. We are not separate from divinity and we are not separate from spiritual teachings. We are not separate from you, we are not separate from anyone or anything just as you are not separate from everything and anything in this universe which includes us, beings who exist within the higher realms and beings that, in order to better serve our Creator, your Creator, and the beings who call this universe home, are members of alliances such as the alliance we are a part of which you know as the Galactic Federation of Light.  

We have regularly taken notice of those who voice their opinions, rather strongly at times, that we do not exist or that we may exist but are some kind of frauds, liars or con artists and are here for selfish reasons and intent. This is hardly the case. As citizens of the higher realms, we have been blessed with all that we could ever need and could ever desire. We have been given the choice to do whatever it is we wish to do with our lives. We do not have to do what it is we do, which is to travel the universe to share the gifts that our Creator has bestowed upon us. We have chosen our mission in service to others, for it is for us the most rewarding experience and expenditure of our time, energy and effort.  

If you, dear ones, with everything you could ever need or want and an eternity to enjoy these gifts without the ominous threat of aging and or death, what would it be that you would chose to do with them? Would you hoard these gifts by finding a solitary planet somewhere tucked away in the far reaches of an isolated galaxy and hide them from all your neighbors who could benefit so greatly from them and who clearly suffer through lack and scarcity, limited sciences, technologies and understandings? Would you whittle away your time playing with these toys and rolling in your treasures and your wealth, or would you seek others who felt as you do, believing that it was better to spend your time helping others improve their way of life for themselves, their families and their planetary brothers and sisters?  

Would you first team up with members of your own nation and your own planet, then use your Creator given space travel technologies to travel to other worlds of plenty and enlist the services of beings there who also have made a decision that what it is they wish to do with their time is help others? Would you then form some kind of alliance with them and perhaps give it a name, a name that proclaimed who it is that comprise your alliance such as ‘galactic’, and a name that proclaimed that you were formed together in a brother and sisterhood such as the word ‘federation’ would signify? Would you also not wish for those whose worlds you visit to understand that you come in love and that you come in light? Would the name that we have chosen for ourselves, the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’, not serve this purpose to announce to worlds that we visit in the name of our Creator and in the name of love and service?  

This is why we have chosen this name for our alliance and we are proud of our name and what it stands for, and we feel we are blessed to be able to do what it is that makes us feel more alive than anything else that we can possibly do and that is to assist others on their journey as others have assisted us along our way. This is why we are here in your world at this time. We do not come to force our ways of life upon you, for we have no desire for anything such as this. We come bearing gifts of advanced technologies, advanced sciences, advanced ways in your fields of healthcare and for food supply, delivery and preparation. We come with gifts of clean air, clean water and clean soil for the planets that we visit that have suffered under the hands of limited and outdated technologies, sciences, understandings and care. We feel these gifts are very important for worlds that have suffered for so many years through chemical and other means of pollution, and from existing through so many years under systems that are long outdated or should never have been devised in the first place, such as many of the systems that we have studied here on your planet.  

It should come as no surprise to many of your people that your planet is suffering greatly through pollutants discharged into your air, seas and soil by many different systems that are leading to irrevocable damages to the health and welfare of your mother planet. This understanding is one of the more widespread and clearly understood subjects that we have taken note of in your world. We are very pleased to see that so many of you understand that this damage must cease and your planet must experience a restoration of her ecosystems, her air and her waters. The damage that your planet has suffered goes beyond this as well to your magnetosphere, which has been severely damaged and gives cause for immediate and intensive repair and restoration.  

We have the abilities, the advanced technologies, the understandings and the manpower to assist you in all these areas. What we do not have is the right to force these projects on you. This is one of the reasons for our many communications with you. They are presented to you for many reasons, but one of the reasons is to introduce ourselves to you and make offers clear to you of what we feel your society needs to sustain itself and what your planet needs to sustain herself. As we have made very clear, we will not make all these repairs for you. We will assist you make these repairs yourself by furnishing you the tools that you will need, the training that you will need, the leadership that you may need and the supervision that you may need, but it is you, the people of Earth, who will come together in service to their Creator, who is our Creator, to your planet and to yourselves and restore your homeland to its original and gorgeous, pristine and fully functioning condition. This is what we can do for you and this is what we can do with you. It is all up to you whether you choose to accept our assistance or not.  

Another purpose of the messages that we share with you through our channels is to give you the opportunity to choose whether you wish to accept our assistance or not. We monitor the publicly accessible areas of your online social networks to gauge the resistance or the acceptance of our offers of help. This is a very important area of our research, and this is why we welcome all commentary either positive or negative about us and our reasons for being here throughout your online social networks. We find it necessary to accurately gauge your responses to our offers and this can only be done by allowing all access to our messages and also the freedom to leave comments underneath. We thank all of you at this time for allowing those who share our messages to post them wherever there are those who may benefit from them and where they may help us and our efforts to gauge your responses to our offers, and we also thank those of you who allow each and every individual no matter their stance or opinions about us to also be free to leave comments underneath our messages, as all input helps us come to some conclusions as to whether you wish to accept our help and if you are now prepared for a working relationship with us.  

We hope that today's communication with you clarifies somewhat who we are, why we are here and why we ask our team members in the field to post our messages throughout your online social networks, and why we ask all of you to allow all others to express their points of view whatever it is they should be. Thank you for your time today, we enjoyed our conversation with you and we look forward to speaking with you again very shortly.  

We are your brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light. Peace be with you always.


As channeled through Greg Giles English