Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Moon's Nano Soil - More Evidence that the Moon is a Construct and Not 'Natural', As David Icke Contends?

'While science is revealing tid-bits of new evidence, more and more we’re learning to be led by our hearts, our true consciousness, for lack of knowledge and information and empirical data that we’re deliberately deprived of. David Icke is a wonderful example of this. While some of his ideas may seem outlandish to some, it’s amazing how many profoundly impactful understandings he’s had that have proven to be true.

So why not take a look at other new ideas through other doors of perception? You might be happily surprised at what resonates.Balance the world of knowledge, known and unknown, with a greater sense of totality and connectivity. We don’t need to force any conclusions, they’ll just manifest. The beauty is we’re free from the confines of the mind and the rigidity of false paradigms.'