Monday, June 11, 2012

SaLuSa 10-June-2012.

The time has arrived for positive thinking and acceptance of events as they are expected to work out with no preconception as to how they should be. You know that Ascension will come regardless of how our plans for you work out, so just allow for their manifestation knowing that all is well. Matters are so near to coming out that you will be taken by surprise as to how quickly they will happen. We would rather that you focus upon the positive events, than spending time and energy concerning yourselves with what will happen to the dark Ones. Their fates are sealed and justice will be seen to be done.

However, our priority is to put the right people into places of authority and bring world peace about as soon as possible. From that point it will be easier to proceed with the plan for your wellbeing, and restore your freedom. Once you meet us we can then go forward together to Ascension, and commence to enjoy the many changes that will lift you up. In that period the energies will continue to raise your consciousness levels even higher, and unity of the people will take place because of the removal of barriers that were placed between you.

The Golden Age is about to be put in place and will delight you and thrill you with its beauty and harmony. It will be home to those who have lifted up their consciousness levels sufficiently to advance to the higher realms, and from there experience the freedom of having become Galactic Beings. At present because of your lower vibrations you are still restricted as to your movements within the Universe, as they will contaminate the higher ones. However, that is about to change as you rapidly continue bring down the incoming energies and take them into yourselves.

If you think back to a few years ago we feel sure you will notice the differences within yourself, and most likely calmness and clear thinking. As you progress so your social activities and choice of friends may also change, and you will be attracted to the more refined things in life. A peaceful existence will be sought and the extremes of emotional experiences less satisfying. You are now changing very quickly and consequently cutting your ties with much of the old accepted ways of life.

There is no reason why you should not start to live as you expect to when the New Age commences, as much of it comes from what goes on inside you. Your ideals and aims in life will be so much higher, and the seeking for self satisfaction ceases to be your main goal. Instead you will put others first and that will give you great satisfaction. Hitherto Man has been inclined to selfishness and seek self gratification regardless of the cost to others. However, you are quickly becoming at one with your Higher Self and able to relate to your Christ Consciousness. That Dear Ones, is the path you will be travelling on and it is one that you will gladly follow.

Your present life is a conglomeration of so many lives that have taken you far and wide, to many countries and through many religions, beliefs and cultures. Yet although no two paths are exactly the same you gradually find yourselves coming closer together. It is only natural that it should happen in this way as you are all seeking the "way home", and it forever urges you onwards. The upliftment you are going through now is just part of the journey, but a very important part that represents a quantum leap forward of great magnitude.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light have known for a long time that your journey was reaching a high point in your evolution. It was our joy and privilege to be chosen to accompany you and make sure it was completed as it was destined to be. All was decided upon millennia of time ago, and of late many more souls have joined you to help you be successful. Some have entered your families and stand out as having a most advanced level of consciousness. They have become known under various names such as Starseeds, Rainbow and Indigo children. Their presence is to uplift those around them and they will come into their own very soon. Listen to these wise ones for they have much to say that will ensure you successfully stay on your path of Light.

With the coming of Ascension some of you are understandably still concerned over the fate of young family members. Let it be clear that in the end times every soul will find itself exactly where it is intended to be, and will have been aware of their destiny before they incarnated. So please allow each persons life to follow its ordained course, and feel blessed that they chose you to be in their lives. There are of course many families that do not have such advanced souls amongst them, but nevertheless love passes between them all and that will remain a link that can bring them together again. Love is the most powerful energy of all and is the indestructible force that holds all together.

We will tell you again that you are very powerful Beings, even although your powers have been very restricted because of the low vibrations you exist in now. Yet as they rise up so your powers increase, and you will come to realize your powers of creation. Imagine reaching a point where you can create whatever you desire, but do not worry about misusing them as your consciousness levels will also increase. Be assured you would not be let loose with such creative powers until you knew how to use them correctly. You are beginning to understand how very much different your lives are going to be, and how little they now reflect your true potential. You are not however left on your own to fathom such things out, and at every stage in your lives there are always more evolved Beings on hand to help you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as you evolve you will find that life in the higher levels is a beautiful experience and wherever you go you will be met by souls of Light and Love. There is a great coming together and all work in unity and Oneness, and all recognize The Source of their existence. It matters not what name you use for it as long as you acknowledge it as the alpha and omega of All That Is. We of the Galactic Federation have an open link to The Source, and our relationship is similar to yours with your Higher Self. We send you our love to help you on your way.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.