Friday, June 8, 2012

SaLuSa 8-June-2012

You are in the big month of activity when what we are engaged in can no longer be kept quiet, and as it leaks out it will prepare people for what is to follow. That is preferable to sudden extensive revelations, by allowing people to adjust to the idea of the coming massive changes. It would otherwise seem to them that their world was being turned upside down, and be unsettling. For those in the know it is an opportunity to tell them that it is all for the good of mankind, and is the result of a divine decree that this cycle of duality should end. The detail can follow when we are openly talking with you as we intend to make sure you are all well informed. For the time being it suits our purposes to keep a low profile until we are ready make our appearance.

Our allies are extremely busy pushing forward a number of projects at the same time, and it means there will suddenly be a burst of activity. Our presence is having the desired affect upon the dark Ones who never thought that their crimes would catch up with them. They now know they are to be tried for their crimes against you and that there is no way out to escape justice. We ask you not to dwell upon such issues inasmuch that there are more important ones that directly concern you. One is releasing you from the draconian laws that have taken away people's rights, and putting all forms of injustice right and giving back freedom to those wrongly imprisoned. Secondly are the governmental changes so that the right people represent you so that there is no chance of the wrong people representing you and delaying the necessary changes. They have already been selected and prepared to take up their positions, and that will help create the ideal circumstances that enable us to speed ahead.

Clearly there must be co-operation at the highest level and then we will see disclosure as possible. We need to be able to put our aims on record so that everyone is aware of why we come to you. There will always be a few doubters and outright disbelievers but given time we believe that even they will warm towards us. We come as your family because we are your elder sisters and brothers of long standing and we wish to make a reconnection with you. We shall eventually join forces to go forward in the name of God and spread peace and love. It is not in the manner of a missionary as we are not intent of imposing our views or beliefs upon anyone. We respect free choice and wish to make all souls aware of their heritage and the Oneness of all life.

On Earth you awakened ones are our advance party of Lightworkers and so much good work has been done by you. You were selected for such work because of your knowledge and proven ability to bring out the Light in the most darkened situations. There is always a risk involved and some souls find it difficult to lift themselves up. However, with the ever increasing amount of Light being sent to Earth it is able to awaken most souls, and already there is a surge in the numbers seeking a greater understanding. Small beginnings are all that is necessary to start an avalanche of progress, and as time passes it will become easier to find guidance. One source will be our own communication channels with you that shall be directly from us. Indeed, it will  be a feature of our contact with you as we intend to keep you fully informed of what is taking place.

We note that your weather patterns are being affected by the changes of energy upon Earth. That too will eventually settle down and ultimately it will be more stable, pleasant and comfortable. We would also add that physical changes will be much less damaging than was once considered to be likely. You can take some credit for this situation as you have lifted the vibrations upon Earth and it has brought about a more balanced ecosystem. It will continue to improve until you have the ideal balance that suits everyone and also other forms of life. In fact in the future there will be little if any variation, and changes will be controlled automatically.

Although your computer knowledge has advanced very quickly in some ways it is still in its infancy, but will progress in leaps and bounds once you can work with us. By now many will know that our systems involve organic computers with truly a mind of their own, that surpass any individual ability and are capable of running our ships in every respect. As you are finding out our technology is thousands of years ahead of yours, but we will be pleased to share it with you. That is a feature of the members of the Galactic Federation inasmuch that sharing of knowledge is commonplace, and it is not held back to gain an advantage over another one. On Earth you are used to holding onto information and even stealing it from each other to gain power.

As you get to know us you will find out a lot with regards to our attitudes and approach to life that is far different to yours. The main reason is that we have no necessity to compete with each other, and all share in the wonders and benefits that are all around us. You for example are presently denied of many advances that would dramatically lift up your quality of life. That is because the dark Ones deliberately wish to keep you down and in need, whilst they secretly enjoy all of the benefits themselves. Free energy is the most important discovery that has been held back, and forced you to remain reliant upon the Petrochemical Industries for energy and many other products. This is one area that will be given high priority attention, and it will solve so many problems that currently result in poverty and lack of essentials, and give a normal life that ensures a reasonable standard of living .

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bring you love from the Galactic Federation, and ask you Dear Ones not to lose your focus upon the future at this most important time, as matters are about to explode into your lives. All that you have hoped for and promised is ready on the assembly line. The thought of finally helping you to overcome the problems caused you by the Illuminati, is exciting for us as we already feel the gratitude and thanks you are sending out. Be assured we shall do all we can to make the changes with the least inconvenience to you, but of course some are unavoidable. You shall be forewarned where possible and communications is an area that we are very proficient at because of our new technology. Bless you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.