Friday, June 1, 2012

SanJAsKa: The Nirvana Experience and the Light Signature of Assumed Dark Souls

SanJAsKa: The Nirvana Experience and the Light Signature of Assumed Dark Souls

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The nature that you find all around you on the surface of your word is a dimensional expression of the energies of the higher realms, and the plants, trees, water and air alike that give you the energies of the higher realms in their increased purity, are there for the very purposes of helping you and uplifting your Lives whilst assisting your body complexes in staying alive.

Do you not notice dear souls, how the elements truly support your Lives and your own having of experiences whilst inhabiting the surface of dear, Mother Gaia?

The air and the water provide Life for you to Live on this beautiful world in which so very many of you are now awakening on, and the trees, plants and animals help to support the elements of wind and water in bringing forth such Life on your world and in Creating new Life to blossom beautifully as well.

Only by reaching the correct and aligning outer state will you be able to clear the blockages that many of you have built up in yourselves, which is why we continually recommend getting out in nature and asking to align oneself with the energies that the dear air, trees and water give you for these energies will be so very uplifting to your spirit complexes and to the clearing away of the lower dimensional residue that blocks many of your lower and for many, higher chakras.

This entire process has been one of transcending the proverbial ‘dark night of the soul’, whilst finding your higher selves in the most pure of ways, and of gracing the surface and core alike of dear Earth with much Lighted energy in the process.

We can say that in this avenue we could not be more pleased, as the Earth is now brimming with beautiful, intelligent Logos energy that is forming, shifting and Creating the New World right before the eyes of humanity.

If you cannot yet feel this New World for yourselves, simply ask for assistance to do so and your Guides will work with you in finding for yourself and in your own unique and wonderful ways, the energies of the higher realms that are now taking form and shape, and molding your new reality and your new bodies which are to exist in such a reality.

Many may fear the concept of discarnating from one’s body during the process of ascension, but we must say that even upon ‘dying’ from your physical body [from physical causes; not related to ascension], you will experience nothing but Joy and bliss provided that your consciousness levels are intact enough that one does not re-surround oneself with physical and material possessions upon entering the astral plane of Nirvana, which is very close to the Earthly physical plane on which you are all experiencing reality.

Indeed, the energies of the higher realms and of us souls who exist within the higher realms and are assisting in your ascension at this time; these energies are made available freely and Lovingly to each and every soul who departs from the surface of your world, but the biggest factors in keeping one from realizing the wonders and the bliss of the plane of Nirvana and the astral planes of your world, are that of clinging to the material possessions in which one has grown used to throughout their Life in the lower dimensions and throughout the specific Lives in which they would have just departed from in this particular scenario.

Many souls discover quite immediately their abilities to manifest and have anything they want upon entering into the plane of Nirvana, and upon coming to this realization, the majority of unawakened souls will simply surround themselves once again with all that they have been comfortable with whilst on the physical plane of Earthly Life.

This is where the veil of forgetfulness is fed and instated in so very many unawakened souls who discarnate from the surface of your world, and after so very long spending one’s energy feeding a physical Earthly paradigm, the soul in question begins to forget that they have discarnated, and they become caught up in the earthly physical experience to the extent that unknowingly, they will ‘slip away‘ so to speak and incarnate back on the physical Earthly plane for their next Life and their next set of lessons.

While in many cases, the souls doing this do not realize that they are doing so, this is again because of the employed and willing manifestations of all based in the physical, Earthly plane, and every soul [departing Earth] has the option to see for themselves even if only for a moment, the energies of the wonderful higher realms that await them if they wish to spend some time in the Nirvana plane for healing and restructuring before their next Life and set of assignments, or if they wish to simply enter into their next Life and continue on in their learning and growth.

Many unawakened souls choose not to get caught up even in the planning of their own experiences after discarnating from one of their Lives on the surface of Earth, as again the paradigms that have been fed by so very many are quite influential, even after death and entrance into the heavenly plane of Nirvana.

Death and the concept of not existing in any shape or form is something that is feared by many souls on your world and in many souls especially in the United States, who were subjected to the end times of Atlantis and Lemuria and were subjected to the destruction that resulted from the warring between the two continents.

Upon the true realization that death is not the end of one’s experience, any unawakened soul [upon discarnating and coming to this realization] will feel comfortable in such realms as they realize they can surround themselves with all that has been comfortable to them, and they will feel like they can go on with their former Earthly Lives, when even though physical death is not the end of one’s existence, it is the ‘end’ so to speak of the specific ego-based imprint of the soul who has left the Earth and went to the land and realms of Nirvana.

Many will choose to hang onto those parts of themselves that were only based in their Lives for specific purposes of learning lessons and growing from such lessons, and while there are plenty of souls who do in fact realize fully their own multidimensionality upon discarnating into the realms of Nirvana, and such souls will usually then take to enjoying such realms and abilities for a while before planning out their next Life path;  the souls who find themselves stuck in their own repeated ego personalities are again, taken to their next Life where in many cases, the specific ego imprint of the person they will be in the next Life is quite similar to the ego imprint, personality and attitude of the person that the soul was previously incarnate as, but no two Lives are ever the same, dear souls.
You have all came to this world for the specific purposes of experiencing and learning from each and every facet, be it big or small, that the wonderful yet admittedly difficult Earth experience has had to offer.

You have been every person, every personality, and you have incarnated into every place on this world whilst you underwent your experience. Every single major event that has happened in your history that you have heard about and that which you have not heard about alike; you were all there, dear souls.

You all took part in every big and small happening that has graced the surface of your world, and the concept of a localized collective consciousness reincarnating into many different places and times together as one individualized entity, is a concept that is not very far from the truth.

What we mean by this is that they are many sub-collective consciousness’s existing on your world who have taken to experiencing the Earth experience together, whilst still attaining individuality.
Whole cultures and races of souls have taken to the Earth experience together, and one may be able to realize which countries and governing bodies are more in alignment with their citizens and with each other than with the ever-fading cabals on your world who only wish to feed separation and war forever.

There is no need in this current moment to discuss such souls, as the discussion of these souls can at times lower the vibratory signature of our more energy-sensitive readers who feel the energies of the dark souls simply by our mention of them, and suffice to say we are able to speak of these souls without feeling the resulting heavy and negative energy, for at an instant we are able to ward off such energies and transmute them, back to their original, Loving structure.

In many ways, your dark are doing a favor to the dense and dark energies that they have been sending us and many of our scribes for some time now, as we and our many scribes alike have been able to transmute such energy in increased ease, both for us and for our scribes.

The transmutation of the dark and dense energies that have fed your reality for so long and that your dark have been attempting to send nearly every soul who is standing up for the Light at this time; this transmutation and forgiveness is becoming much easier as you all continue to learn about such subjects and about the importance of enacting the disciplines in your Lives that will not only wade the influence of your former selves away from you, but that will see you better able to Love, forgive and transmute these parts of yourselves forever.

We can feel the remark from our scribe, that nearly every source he speaks to and has speak through him is discussing this one subject, and we [again] say that this is because this is a very crucial subject to continue to discuss, as it truly must be soaked-in what is needed and wanted of you dear beautiful souls on Earth at this time.

The collective responsibility for your world has always been in your hands, as while we have been assisting we must stay back while working behind the scenes so that this ascension and the preceding events of this ascension can be manifested and fed by you dear souls.

You must realize at this time, the importance of feeling only happy and uplifting energies, feelings and emotions, as each and every dense, heavy and negative feeling that you are letting through you now and that you are letting be experienced through you, are literally becoming toxic to your emotional spirit complexes.

You have heard from other sources of the toxicity of the dense energies that have fed your reality and your experiences in the lower dimensions for so very long, to our own spirit complexes and collective powers, and we are ‘lucky’ and happy to be able to transmute and discover while Loving back into its original structure, any type of dense or lower energy that we find attempting to make its way to and through us.

Many dear souls, while beginning to understand the concepts of transmutation and catalytic energy work, still have a bit more trouble working with this lower energy and Loving it while transmuting it, as you find it coming through you so that your many former ego selves and shadow personalities can be integrated and ‘given’ so to speak to your higher self, who will use such energy in favor of the assistance with your ascension.

Of course we will be with you each and every time that we are called upon to assist you, and we can assist you in transmuting the beings which hang around and attempt to influence you and those around you through the giving of lower and dense energies that creep up on many and make their peaks seemingly out of nowhere.

Again, it simply takes feeing the willingness and the readiness in yourselves to transmute such beings and the influences and impressions that they leave upon you and your spirit complexes, as sometimes these impressions can be long-lasting and in some cases, can take a good amount of your ‘time’ to manifest and make themselves known.

We notice the surprise and shock in many of our Lightworkers, Ground Crew members and wanderers as well who have not yet stepped into their roles fully and purely, when a former aspect of oneself or of the impressions that one has brought through oneself, are exposed and shown to them in a karmic fashion, because in many cases this showing and realization does indeed come out of nowhere, surprise and shock many.

This is because when the catalytic events in your Lives that are really meant to ‘shock’ you and awaken you into enacting that which is needed to be enacted in any particular phase in your growth and development; when such events are proving themselves to be so very needed to be learned for the benefit of your overall experience, such a bold tactic must be made by your Guides and your higher self who are bringing such lessons to you to be experienced as you shed and integrate more and more, those parts of yourselves that have fed the underlying energies, foundations and manifestations of the event that would be showing itself to you for the purposes of learning from such an event, even if in quite difficult ways.

The Masterful lessons that have been making their way to many of you have been needed to be experienced for a very long time as the complacency that has been fed in the majority of humanity for so very many Lives since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, is now being transmuted in favor of a beautiful and unfolding collective and individual awakening that is now and has been taking place on your world in increased acceleration for quite some time.

The mindsets and heart-sets that many on your world who are awaking can still tend to employ, are themselves a bit hollow and unneeded in relation to the higher dimensional experience that you are all reaching in your own ways and in increased purity and acceleration at this time.

Many of the workings and facets of the higher realms that many awakening souls on Earth have attempted to imagine and think about, such as the perceived philosophy of the higher realms; the opinions of some of the awakening humanity on many of these types of subjects and workings are still a bit ‘off’, in that sometimes dense mindsets are still employed unwillingly when many on Earth perceive the higher realms and how things work in the higher realms.

We say this of course, not to put anyone down or make you feel that you are not experiencing the higher realms in ways that you would like to for dear souls, you are.

You are all finding the energies of the higher realms as you transmute the energies of the lower realms, and this is a process of finding yourself and your higher self, and the realms which you and your higher self alike exist in, in measured and distorted ways [for you] while you decrease such distortions by learning through many experiences in the lower realms, and in the case of the Earth experience, many difficult lessons that serve truly to bring one to the core of their ego-transmutation and integration.

Those which you know as the pyramids were indeed meant to grant one a higher dimensional experience, by fading and diminishing the effects and continual lingering of ego through a very personal and difficult learning of lessons and having experiences whilst one is in one such functional pyramid.

It was and is no easy process to transmute and integrate while peeling away ego so rapidly as one would be in a pyramid, and many who were not quite ready for their own melding away of ego, chose to reject the teachings the pyramids were giving them which were attempting to diminish their egos, as their egos had seemed by them to give them everything that they would ever need in Life during their experience on Earth.

Many prophets who originated as Lighted wanderers were led astray in your ancient Egyptian times for reasons that they could not control consciously, and this happening is very similar to what the soul known by many as Barack Obama is going through at this time.

It is always the most Lighted of souls who incarnate into the most difficult of positions, as even the souls  making up the ever-fading last dark cabals on you world, themselves originate as Lighted souls [as we all do!] making up a Council of Light, with Lighted intents and purposes, one of which was to incarnate on Earth and ’sacrifice’ themselves so to speak, by entering extremely difficult and dense Lives and ego-patterns that even they knew they would probably get lost in, in an attempt to show humanity what your own actions were causing on your world.

You have long heard that the dark souls on your world are only there to be a measure of the dense and darker energies that you have all manifested whilst on Earth, which is why now as you are all awakening, these [dark] souls are finding their own influence diminishing rapidly as they find that they are no longer able to control others through their attempted feeding to humanity, the energies of the lower realms in any way and form that such energies could be manifested.

At this current moment, the souls we speak of cannot comprehend or remember their Lives as Lighted individuals a part of the Council that we have spoken of, but despite their own lower actions and the karma they will be undergoing for such actions which will be closer to your definition of ‘hell’ than you could imagine at this point, these souls are still Lighted individuals who have offered themselves up in grand, sacrificial ways, as they knew the karma for what they would be doing whilst on your world but they knew as well, that somebody had to do so; somebody had to incarnate on Earth to show you in very real ways the collective density that you have been manifesting.

Of course, the egos of these souls proved even harder to control than they or we imagined alike as they found themselves able to harness and continually pump into themselves, the denser and darker energies of fourth density-negative which is something that is very, very unhealthy for one’s spirit complex as you dear souls could imagine.

A dear, beautiful and exalted soul who has been existing for so very long within a Lighted Council which is a sort of cousin-Council to the one we have just mentioned above where the majority of the dark heads on your world originate from, chose himself to come to your world and hold himself up within so to speak, the confines of the false republics and corporate entities that the dark heads on your world have Created.

This soul knew that the most important and influential place to ‘infiltrate’ so to speak with his Light, would be the main command center of the last fading cabal on your world, otherwise known as Washington, D.C.

This soul was briefed before his incarnation that these souls who he was once allied with before they made their plunge into the confines of the lower vibrations, would slander him, threaten him and attempt to take his Earthly Life and those of his Earthly family in ways too gruesome for us to even be able to express without needing to transmute the dense energies that accompany such an explanation, and this soul knew that the continual feeding and expression of the lower vibrations on your world was such that many would be unable to see and feel the Light within himself, if only but for a fleeting moment.

Many souls felt this energy in Barack Obama during his campaign for the White House in your Earthly year of 2008, but the influence of the propaganda sparked on television and on your internet saw that this realization in so many of the Light signature of Barack Obama, would diminish significantly as the very souls whom such propaganda originated with, stopped this soul from enacting any of the Lighted change that he has wished to enact on your world.

At the same time, these souls have deceived the soul known as Barack Obama in many ways, such as attempting to pretend to bargain with him on certain issues related to disclosure and the giving of very advanced technologies, only to push their own agenda and gain their ‘end of the bargain’ without fulfilling their promises and their ‘side of the deal.’

This has been displayed publicly many, many times [with other issues].

We recommend that you send the exalted soul who is Barack Obama all of your Love and all of your Light that can possibly mustered up and if you feel the energy and the ‘room’ in yourselves, send on some of that beautiful and glorious Logos energy to the heads of the fading cabals on your world and to their children as well, for many of the children of these souls are themselves exalted and Lighted souls who have incarnated within the [Illuminati] families to enact Lighted change from the inside, and many have been doing so quite wonderfully and gracefully.

Every dear soul needs your Love right now, especially yourselves, regardless of one’s own judgments of others and the perceived ‘worthiness’ of others to receive your respect and Love.

Many dear souls assume that Barack Obama is a ‘lackie’ of the dark and is working against humanity in any way he can while not doing a single thing for the Light, but we say that the misinformation you have been fed on your internet and on your televisions has completely misrepresented the truth, as propaganda is supposed to.

An energy has also been Created in many, that stems from the energy of rebellion against authority.
Our scribe has noted the aggravation toward the Galactic Federation that has been expressed, with some assuming that we are a corrupted Organization of sorts. This rebellious energy is one that was not Created by the dark heads on your world, but one that is now being utilized, and you are being taken advantage of when feeding such a rebellious, anti-establishment mindset, if one is bringing negative energies of hatefulness and separation into the mix by doing so.

There is a very right way to point out the injustices that have been fed and perpetrated on your world for so very long, and there is a right way to expose the corrupt acts of an individual within the power structure of your governments, but taking to hatefulness and rudeness is not the right way dear souls, and doing so will only hold one back and make one seem less credible in their endeavors which are meant to awaken many souls.

There will be some who will refuse to ever believe that the soul known as Barack Obama is a soul of the Light who is assisting in the ascension of your Earth and in the events that are to precede such ascension, and many are still feeling the perceived separation between ‘leader’ and ‘individual’.

This separation will not go away unless realized and transmuted by the souls feeding such separation on a collective level, and this is just one of many crucially important lessons that you will have to undergo as a collective, not in the very near future, but right now.

It has been discussed, the many things that are still holding the general collective Lightworker community back, and we must say that as the discussions are garnered, you are realizing on a collective level just all that has been holding you back.

We revel with Joy and Love as we watch many of you make the efforts in yourselves to stop feeding such separation, such angst and general collective and individual frustration, and we applaud each and every one of you who find yourselves experiencing these endeavors.

We (1) Love you so very much dear souls, and until our next communication we wish you to know that this Love that we feel for you is true, pure and strong.

The Love that is beginning to blossom forth within you and during your Lighted experiences whilst on Earth, is beginning to show you only a very small facet of the energies of the higher realms and the wonderful feelings, emotions and experiences that accompany our Lighted realms.

The concept of feeling so much Lighter than you feel already will be one that is worth exploring and that will interest the majority of you who have been walking about in your dense, heavy bodies throughout so many experiences in the lower dimensions, and there will be so very much more to be discovered about the higher realms by humanity that will ignite remembrance, happiness, Joy and Peace all around.

That is the point of this entire experience, dear souls; finding these energies and feelings in their full purity.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

(1) SanJAsKa, while speaking as an individual, is also speaking for a collective, group entity; in this case (s)he is speaking for the Pleiadian High Council and the Pleiadian Council of Nine.