Sunday, June 10, 2012


This has been an eventful week to say the very least. From a disastrous conference call to a three ring circus of misunderstandings, outrage of all sorts, opinions public and private to quiet investigations and intrigue, events have unfolded at break neck speed. 
Several weeks ago a private document containing the names and personal contact information of certain individuals was leaked and published on the Internet without the consent of those on the list. Because that action could have and now has caused harm, an investigation was launched to track its source and reveal the person who had to have been one of the limited number of people rightfully in possession of the document. When all roads led to one individual a conference call among those involved in the investigation was held. Various aspects of the search were shared and discussed as well as a plan of action in regard to the guilty party. However there were still a couple of pieces of evidence it was felt needed to be obtained before the identity of the culprit could be shared with all those affected by the incident. 
Drake and I were on that conference call and we also discussed his plan to announce on the Sunday Evening Block party show on Freedom Reigns his intention of moving his voice to another network. I too expressed my intention of leaving Freedom Reigns although in a more graceful and less impacting way. I also stated that I had never wished to have a regular roll in Internet Radio in the first place but had taken on the Tuesday show as a favor. Therefore I would not be moving to another network. In the middle of our conversation we received a skype message that most of us on the call were requested to attend another conference call in regard to Freedom Reigns at 8 pm est. It was stated that the call would be for the purpose of clearing up some rumors and addressing some concerns which affected the Freedom Reigns team. 

Those of us requested to attend did so and I recorded it through my own conference line. As it turned out the stated purpose of the call was not indeed the reality. In fact there was neither discussion allowed nor any opportunity for it afforded. Instead the individual who had requested the call chose not to speak and had another speak. That individual made wild statements about some fantasy threats which by the way had NEVER been made, informed everyone on the call that he was in charge, there would be no disclosure in regard to the LARGE amount of monies having been donated to the network to anyone. He further stated that none of us, all working exclusively on a volunteer basis, had a right to any answers in that arena regardless of whether or not we were accused of having profited. He then said if any of us didn’t like it we could leave and “don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.” This he said twice and then announced they had scheduled a show and he had to hang up. Click. 
Needless to say most of us on the call accommodated his wishes and resigned on the spot, removed ourselves from the skype chat rooms and where appropriate from other Freedom Reigns public discussions. There were two who stayed and we respect their reasons and decision to do so.
After the call all who had resigned rejoined my conference line and discussed the situation. The general consensus was that the truth of the various issues which led to the outburst to begin with were better left outside the public arena and none of us wished to display the dirty laundry in the public square as it were. In short we chose to let the situation resolve itself. Unfortunately the Block Party show went on anyway and not one word of truth was shared. To be fair I don’t think the unwitting person who caused the exodus is even aware that he was used. Many false claims have since been made in the Freedom Reigns forum, FB page and chats but as is always the case with truth, it will out sooner or later and for the moment, that is all I wish to say on the matter unless the lies being told should cause more harm to the innocent. 
That should provide clarity on the subject of Drake and me leaving Freedom Reigns and if it doesn’t Drake will have to chime in on his own behalf. The investigation I mentioned will be completed and the results shared with those it impacts. Any resulting actions will be their decision.
On Wednesday night while I was conducting my regularly scheduled conference call on Debt Elimination and Collection Fraud my skype messages began to go berserk and emails were coming in from all over the place with questions and statements like; “what is your stand on this?”, “this is nuts what in the hell is going on?”, “has Drake lost his mind?”, “what do you think of the vote?”, “that’s it I am having no more to do with this”, “who thought up this crap?”, and the worst one from far too many which is downright scary, “so how should I vote?”. I had no flying idea what they were talking about because of course I couldn’t be running my call and listening to Drake at the same time. By the time my conference was over it was well after midnight and I took myself off to dreamland having decided to deal with whatever the great drama was on the morning.
By the time I turned on my computer on Thursday morning the issue had become a three ring circus of controversy. I was bombarded with telephone calls, skypes and  emails the entire day with not one minute in between. I listened to the recording of Drake’s show from the night before while I fielded questions, dealt with outraged people, confused people and those who thought the “Rapture” had come. It was absolute lunacy the whole day. I knew I would either have to draft an email to my entire list stating my opinion or the calls and other messages were not going to stop. So I did. That email was subsequently posted here on NESARA with a title not written by me added to it. Of course that too went viral as is the nature of the beast we call the Internet. 
I stated MY OPINION on the whole idea of the POLL voting, any notion of negotiation with the Cabal etc. I have not changed my stance on that. While Drake and I are friends and work together on many things we do not always see eye to eye and that is how it should be. I do understand that there was a “between the lines” message in Drake’s statements which there always is but most never get. Even so I do not support the strategy or agree with its purpose as it was explained to me. 
Even if a POLL is simply to indicate a sampling of public opinion and reaction to a set of demands or negotiations or possible actions, the idea of sharing the results with the enemy is to my mind LUNATIC. We have been subjected to all manner of death and destruction for thousands of years by the same sick and twisted bloodlines that seized control from the time of Babylon. Never once have they told the truth, kept an agreement or acted in any way even remotely resembling honor or in the interest of humanity and this planet. Through incest and intermarriage over the centuries that gene pool is now so shallow and dangerous it would be suicide for a flea to dive into it. That is a simple biological fact and has nothing to do with hate or fear or even understanding.
The “Cabal”, encompassing many disguises is evil personified and mankind will never be safe from its tentacles until it is eradicated from our midst. However that might be done is yet to be seen and I’m sure there are no limits to the suggestions which would come forth if the public were polled on that issue. It isn’t rocket science to figure out why a rabid dog can never be loosed and must be destroyed. That action is not just to protect every other living being within its scope but to put it out of its misery as well.
There is only one solution to my mind that will finally bring an end to centuries of suffering of the masses at the hands of the few and that is UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER with no quarter given save that of Due Process of Justice. The thing stolen from us must be for the sake of decency and right, be granted to them. We cannot shout Constitutional Justice from the rooftops while we ignore the Constitutional parameters for our actions and not be in fact no better than them. We are better than that. 
Negotiating with the “Devil” (Cabal) can never work because the Devil never plays fair. In any agreement he makes you can be a thousand percent sure he already has a plan in place whereby he will not be made to hold up his end of the bargain and you will lose not only what you thought to gain but at least ten fold to boot. A person who will accept an ounce of evil in exchange for a pound of good will soon find himself totally devoid of ANY good and deserves what he got. This is not a matter of hate or intolerance but pure common sense. The rabid dog has only one ability in regard to you, to bite and infect and he cannot help it as that has become his nature.
We have seen the same scenario repeated hundreds even thousands of times throughout history and have yet to learn from it. 
The Creator put all species on this planet in pairs to work together for the perpetual continuation of this world in harmony with the greater plan of which we are not privy. Humans thus far are the only species which not only has defied that plan but as yet does not get it. This is why a smattering of male members of humanity so many thousands of years ago were able to grab and keep the power to control the rest. For harmony to exist there can be no wars, no killing, no power in the hands of the few and no brute force to settle differences. Those things are the stuff of military mind set and if this great global disaster we face today is handled and solved by that same mind set it will not last and it will indeed continue for as long as it takes for humanity to learn its true purpose in nature. 
I don’t have the answers but I can say that I see no balance emerging or even strived for. I see no common sense being implemented but instead just more of the same type of decision making which got us into this mess. So long as force and deals trump intellect and wisdom we will never be truly free and from my perspective here on this porch damned few are ready to be.
Teri Hinkle