Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tolec: Andromedan Perspective II

Andromedan Perspective II

We discuss this period of great change we are in, the coming December
21, 2012 date, the ongoing transformation of this planet to that of a higher
dimensional world, the people of the Andromeda Council & the Galactic
Federation based in Tau Ceti, including the much higher dimensional,
very peaceful people of "Arcturus",

the "celestials" & extraterrestrials, the role of "Caretakers" after the time of transformation, who WE really are, becoming who we were born to be... great beings of incredible light & love, benevolent outside influences already helping our planet at this time, pending visits by the "Andromedans"... and those from the Andromeda Council... as we all prepare for the evolutionary, transformative physical changes this planet is experiencing, and will continue to experience, as it becomes a higher dimensional world.

Wodakote, peace. Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relations. We are all related. We are all one.

Andromeda Council

Mark Kimmel
The Andromedans