Tuesday, June 26, 2012


President George Washington said to America, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."
     William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, "Men must be governed by God, or they will be ruled by tyrants."    
 June 1, 2012
     Feel free to copy this and transmit this throught the internet or by printed copies through the mail, etc. Free copies by email can be sent to you. Contact fastboomamericaneconomy@gmail.com  . Ask for copy of "Omni Law" and give your email address, etc.  We will want to run ads in big national newspapers, etc., but this will take money!  For  financial support for this make checks, etc. out to NIFI and send to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . This national drive will reform the federal government back to honesty, restoration of the U.S. Bill of Rights to enforced legal authority again, restoration of the legal intent of the U.S. Constitution back to legal authority over Wash., D.C. again, firing of federal judges who mock their legal judicial oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights in their courts, etc. We understand that Obama secretly had the means to pay off the national debt of America which could reduce permanent federal income taxes for all Americans and businesses by even 40% and let China get this pending money instead of America. We in the past had every kind of tactic pulled to try and silence us including apparenly having $20,000 in commercial printing equipment smashed in our office in or about 2006, breaking into our office and throwing away or hiding business correspondence we had. We found some orders 6 months later hidden behind storage shelves of ours. We had business calls cut off from the phone and other ugly tactics you don't want to hear about by you know who. We had over 20,000 satisfied customers before Wash., D.C. pulled all its "dirty tricks" to try and ruin our two decade old business. They didn't like for us to tell the American people the truth about corruption and treason in Wash., D.C., etc. Too much truth steps on powerful toes!
     If this Omni Law is passed fast enough in America in 2012, we may be able to save enough of the secret money you do not know about to yet pay off the national debt and give a permanent tax break as a wage bonus on all jobs in America and additional profits for all businesses in America. Stall until 2013 and forget the matter then. Will you, your children, and grandchildren get this permanent tax break on all jobs in America or will you blow it by not quick forcing Congress to submit this as a passed proposed constitutional amendment to submit to the states for ratification? By the way, if the states pass this proposed constitutional amendment before Congress votes and submits it to the states, this puts Wash., D.C. in a colossal legal jam where if they don't like lightning vote this through Congress and submit it to the states for ratification, then a constitutional convention is called which can fire the federal government from authority and set up instead an honest, and new national government for America. With pressure like this, Congress will pass the Omni Law like lightning if the legal threat of a constitutional convention is facing them if they don't pass it fast! We save this secret money from the con artists running the federal government now including White  House, we may also have the money to pay off much or all the state debts of all 50 states of America. State governments pass this Omni Law as a proposed constitutional amendment before Congress acts and you put fire under them to act and very fast! People, show this document to your elected officials federal and state and ask them bluntly if they will back passing this Omni Law and now or else evade backing it. Put the heat on them!
     President Richard Nixon in 1973 promised the federal government in Wash., D.C. would start working on solving the energy crisis of America over oil. Engineering sources know why Wash., D.C. hasn't even started seriously working to solve the energy crisis of America over oil. By the way, high gas mileage on cars basically eliminates pollution of the atmosphere, but Wash., D.C. never told you that. And an honest former President of America sponsored the research project which solved the oil crisis of America for several hundred years hence at cheaper prices for gasoline than you will pay now, but later White House administrations quietly ignored this and suppressed the results of this federal research project from you. They are very crooked in Wash., D.C. and too many work for secret interests rather than the American people who elected them to office! One influential Washington attorney used to talk about how you could pay off members of Congress to pass a certain bill without leaving a paper trail showing they had been paid off to be crooked in Congress. Proposed Omni Law now follows. Folks, the ball is now in your hands whether this becomes law or not!


     James Madison Father of the U.S. Constitution, stated that the U.S. Constitution and all other law in America must obey the supreme authority of the national compact (American Declaration of Independence) founding America in 1776 or else not be valid law or even government in America. Therefore, the American people always retain final legal authority over all government in America whether to leave it intact, amend it, or abolish it altogether replacing it with approved new government created by authority of the American people.
     We therefore authorize the creation of ten civil tribunes for America with the same basic tested legal powers as possessed by the wisely created ancient civil tribunes of Rome. They will protect the people from tyranny in law whether legislative, judicial, or executive. They will be elected for four years instead of the one year under Roman law. They will hold referendums to create national law by states instead of by the original tribes of Rome. The first 10 civil tribunes will be appointed for four years by the National Institute For Inventors to keep any corrupt leaders from undermining and sabotaging the beginning of this new branch of government. These civil tribunes will propose a national plan for referendum on how to swiftly make fuel cheap again in America, restore our common law rights and 1776 declared "God-given rights" to contract and to property which were the foundation to the founding of the powerful American version of free enterprise, and break the power of corrupt interests to control politicians by making deals with them or else cannot probably be elected to public offices without their finances. And address other national issues needed for the future of America. And by national referendum will propose the plan to be approved for honest future tribune elections so the people elect and control these elections, not corrupt interests. Money cannot be allowed to dominate our elections instead of the will of the American people. And the tribunes are to establish a tribune controlled national newspaper to print the truth to break the corrupt hold of many corrupt news sources censoring the truth and lying about the truth in important issues to the American people. The civil tribunes will be assigned to keep the federal government honest, fair in law in courts, and agencies, and serving the American people rather than any corrupt interests." - End of proposed Omni Law. One President once signed into law a 37 word law. As the Bill of Rights show, you don't have to write massive laws to deliver powerful legal messages.

   The civil tribune angle kept the Roman Republic basically honest for several hundred years. This office had to be subverted and overthrown to return the Roman Republic to corrupt government such as Wash., D.C. dearly loves today! This Omni Law is written in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson who during the American Revolution of 1776 declared, "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God!
     President Abraham Lincoln, also an inventor (Patent #6,469!), gave wise advice to America that members of Congress and officials of federal agencies should remember today, "You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character by taking away man's initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves."
     - Omni Law written by a voice crying in the wilderness for sanity, freedom, and prosperity in America - Erasmus of America (pen name for one who believes in peaceful reform rather than violent revolution to solve the problems of a nation) By the way, large bills are written in Congress to hide the hundreds of pages of con in them. This is simple, short, deadly, and to the point. The American people are given back control of their national government which they have now lost control of to corrupt and radical elements which have the money and pressure to control Wash., D.C. instead of the American people. The moment of truth for America has now  come! The American people will now decide the future of America. Action wins victory. "The answer to a problem is to solve it!"
June 2, 2012 Comment: Erasmus of America (a pen name) will go totally public once the timing is right, but to reveal his identity before revealing his identity. In 1990, he prayed for a "L.B." of the Seneca Police Dept., South Carolina who had just been mass smashed in a car accident. The local hospital said to the local newspaper that due to his massive injuries, he would not live through the day. If somehow he lived, he would then be paralyzed for life. After Erasmus prayed in the Name of Jesus for him, he was instantly healed and walked out of the hospital the same day delivered there by ambulance. Other Miracles of God have occurred at times around Erasmus and it would be dangerous for fools in Wash., D.C. to think that God is not backing this proposed Omni Law and watching which way the American people and elected officials stand on this issue. In April, 2012, another powerful Miracle of God occurred which indicates that God strongly backs the passing of the Omni Law in America, and Now. Erasmus calls for a return to the "Natural Law" which is Bible Law which gave America freedom and its dynamic free enterprise system starting in 1776. The booklet Law Of Nature And Liberty by Bob Hallstrom printed around 1990 quotes the founding fathers of America of 1776 that America was founded upon the Bible and our national laws are only valid when based upon the laws, teachings and authority of the Bible. This has been censored from American education once Communist educators captured control and set up "politically correct' education for our schools teaching a Marxist version of American history instead of the Christian based true history how and why America was founded as a nation. The American Revolution of 1776 as declared by the Continental Congress leading the Revolution was a Christian revolution, Christian government, and Christian laws. Under Obama unless stopped, the American economy will be smashed with Marxist socialism taking over all of America and apparently Obama wants to establish Islam to rule over America and outlaw all Christianity in the process in America. The Omni Law stands for the founding principles of America in 1776. Americans, do you stand for true freedom and true prosperity under God or else true slavery and a truly destroyed economy under Obama Communism and Islam over America? Support the Omni Law and we wisely return to our roots of 1776!
      June 4, 2012 Comments:

   Obama apparently turned over key defense secrets of America to Putin recently and Putin exchanged no military secrets of Russia in return. I Ermasus of America who spent eleven calendar years in military academies and have a heavy background in military intelligence, also ultimate weapon systems technology, contacted the Obama administration that I had information on an ex-Soviet military site hidden from spy satellites and it was apparently reactivated. It was designed to break through all American air defenses and annihilate America. The only answer I got back from the Obama administration was a federal murder attempt on my life. I guess the report is true that was filed by an operative for the Defense Intelligence Agency who was in Moscow back in 1992 and was told by a Communist there that an unknown Communist operative by the name of Obama in America who was Black was being secretly trained by the Communists to be the later President of America and would turn America into a Communist nation after capturing control of Wash., D.C. through heavy secret Communist backing. I have never been convinced that Putin of Russia ceased being a Communist spy master even though the Communists lost control of Russia. If the American people want a little taste how horrid it would be to be under nuclear attack in America, look at the end of the movie The Miracle Mile showing America under pending nuclear attack and then hit with nuclear weapons. Folks, better pass the Omni Law. I think we are under the control of a "Manchurian Candidate" in the White House. I was once briefed by a defector from the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies on all the nuclear annihilation plans of Moscow. I received the same training in Russian nuclear warfare as Putin of Russia. America is going to likely get its nation blown off the face of the map maybe soon by Russia if my voice of military sanity is not soon heard through passage in 2012 of the Omni Law. I know the counter-defenses to Moscow nuclear attack strategy and Obama apparently wants me shut up at all costs. I smell a traitor to America in Wash., D.C. and he is in the White House. Much of Wash., D.C. is so corrupt, they don't even want to know what my military warnings are to save America from pending nuclear annihilation. We need smart military answers in power in  Wash., D.C. to put any traitors in Wash., D.C. in checkmate! More details now.
     I was sad to learn that Dr. Grant Jeffrey died on May 11, 2012. His recent book Global Warming Deception Book ($14.99) which can be bought from bookstores, etc. documents the Global Warming movement is a colossal con job as there is no global warming due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is a front for the still existing international Communist movement and designed to bankrupt the capitalist nations through "carbon taxes," international treaties in the name of the fraudulent "Global Warming" which does not exist except for the repeat cycles of solar flares, heating, etc. Grant Jeffrey brought together all the scientific facts and this is all a Communist front hoax in the name of psuedo-science in this case. When Gorbachev came to America, he sent a secret letter to American Communists that they should back "Global Warming" and the rest of the U.S. environmental movement as it was all controlled in America by the Communists and would turn America into a Communist nation and then the entire world. By pushing the Communist hoax of Global Warming and Carbon Tax so strongly, Obama must be a secret Trojan Horse Communist in the White House. I have a long background in  what we will call  independent military intelligence and all the real evidence points to Obama as a trained Communist operative to collapse the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Economy by power through the White House. Don't pretend I am dumb. My mother was once rated by I.Q. test to be the most brilliant child in American history up to then and went to a state university without prior formal education. She was a child actress and had no time for formal schooling. My own I.Q. had once been tested in Wash., D.C. to be they claimed "beyond scientific measurement." I studied under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe. And once was written up by an international organization representing some of the Who's Who of America and Europe as "The Einstein of American Economics." I know how to set up "Jesus Money" which skyrocketed economies 4 times in history! And overthrown by bankers who hated super prosperity for you!  I am on the side of the American people which too many in Wash., D.C. are not. Wash., D.C. has tried many times to silence me by whatever criminal means available! Back the Omni Law to all the public and politicians until we pass it. It is the only smart answer how to break the  bad government now going on.
     The great movie Tucker  - The Man And His Dream produced by Paramount Pictures tells how Preston Tucker played by Jeff Bridges was brilliant in auto engineering and smashed by Wash., D.C. for daring to manufacture and bring out his Tucker Torpedo Car in 1948 in Chicago. The summary speech of Preston Tucker at the end of the federal trial tells of the federal policy since the end of World War II to smash almost all the brilliant and serious inventive geniuses in America since the time of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. America would be likely several hundred percent richer as a nation in national industries and good jobs for all if Wash., D.C. was not so fanatical an enemy of real freedom and the U.S. Bill of Rights as it has evolved into over the years. The Omni Law restores serious freedom and a new industrial boom to America once we get out of power the would-be tyrants as 1776 leaders would call them in Wash., D.C. today. Wash., D.C. no longer belives in the freedom America was founded upon in 1776. That is why the Omni Law needs to be passed in America in 2012. This restores the concepts of the American Revolution of 1776 back into national power by the new laws that will be passed through the Omni Law.
     Okay, folks. You have asked me to give you a simple battleplan how we storm America in 2012 for the Omni Law. Make email copies of this Omni Law Report and mass blast it all over America. If each reader sends this to 20 or more readers, this can within days if swiftly done or within a few weeks if slowly done by those sending it out just about cover the whole nation. Post it on every blog nationally you can. If stuck, send my NIFI $3 per 3 copies of this report printed up so you can mass reprint it and distribute it in your area or send out by mail. Or just copy an email copy of this and send it everywhere. Wash., D.C. stole much of my money before so I don't yet have the funds to hire a staff to mass handle emails from you. but as best I can, I will send you out email copies of this Omni Law Report out for free or per $3 send you out 3 printed copies of this. Once we get some real financial assistance from backers in the public, we can push this Omni Law Report very aggressively including  running  national ads in the newspapers, etc. across America. We can storm this nation. And if we have the support of 10% or more of the voters in America, we may well hold the balance of power as to who gets elected in November, 2012 and who does not! Omni Law gets passed!
     Contact politicians federal and state and force them to an answer whether they support or oppose passage of the Omni Law. Send me an email as to their stand and we will compile a national list of who to later vote for or against in the November, 2012 election. If any official federal or state tries to intimidate you or block you in any way from promoting this Omni Law, send me an email. We will keep files. When the 10 American Civil Tribunes are created by the passage of the Omni Law, I am sure they will investigate this list and likely charge those on this list with a conspiracy of high treason against constitutional government in America. And sentence them to the maximum if found guilty by law. That is the way the Roman Tribunes acted and scared the living hell out of the Roman politicians so they kept honest for centuries in the Roman Republic. I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and have with a militarily trained mind told you how we can storm America in this year of 2012. As Napoleon Bonaparate once commented, "Impossible is a word found only in the dictionary of fools." As Jesus Christ commented, with enough faith, you can even move mountains which I think was an old Aramaic saying 2,000 years ago meaning you can win even against so-called "impossible odds" if you have faith enough. You told me that you want a leader to lead you to victory, Okay, call me your National Director and I will lead you to a gigantic victory. I know how to win. I will draw in other brilliant people who will reinforce our strategies and we will overwhelm the enemies of the American people in Wash., D.C. regardless of party or no party at all. Erasmus of America. P.S. I can't prove it but get the strong impression that God smiles on me because I have the guts as a Christian leader to seriously stand up for what should be done in America today. And I bet all of you will be heroes in God's eyes who stand up with me! Okay, heroes, let's storm the enemies of God and America and make America once more "One Nation Under God" truly in meaning and not just in empty words! Once the Omni Law is passed, I can give a colossal industry potentially as big as the oil cartel to America to skyrocket the American economy. Wash., D.C. under Obama did not want me to give America this colossal national wealth and potentially millions of new, high paying jobs!
     "If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people, it will only take three days for most people in the US to receive the message. Maybe it is time. THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS!!!!!" Page 8, December 2011, The Sovereign (National Newspaper, New York)http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2012/06/omni-law-omnibus-civil-rights-act-for.html