Saturday, August 11, 2012

David Icke Newsletter 8/11/12



But it’s still not close enough for billions to see.

The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

The scale of the programming and dumbing down of the human psyche is stunning and I doubt there is anyone reading this that would disagree from their own experience. I am constantly meeting people in despair that their friends, family and acquaintances can’t see the bloody obvious.

But, then, you don’t see anything if you refuse to look and, to be fair, people are bombarded with false perceptions by some of the most extreme purveyors of ignorance – the news media. People confuse news with propaganda as does most of the ‘journalistic’ profession, bless ‘em.

All this serves two of the fundamental goals of mass perception programming: to sell a fake version of events and, crucially, to limit to a maximum extent the public’s perception of the possible. I have been emphasising for many years how vital it is to target a sense of the possible because so much comes from that. In so many ways, it is the centre of the target, the bull’s eye from where the whole mind-game can be orchestrated. A fake version of events and suppressing a sense of the possible are the polarities of perception control. The first one programs the lie and the second blocks any alternative to the lie – let alone what really happened.

Put simply: if you don’t believe that mind control is possible how are you going to wonder if a guy going crazy with a gun could have been mind-controlled to do that or take the rap for it while someone else did the shooting? If you don’t know that a bloodline network is seeking to hijack the world why would you even consider that they may stage mass-killings to justify changes in society that they wish to impose?

‘They couldn’t do that and they wouldn’t do that.’

Ignorance may be bliss, but only until it knocks on your door and asks for your papers.