Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Original 13th Amendment - Proof with Witness Signature

Hey Everyone,

I did some research and got a hold of a copy of our original constitution that includes the real 13th amendment which discusses the titles of nobility. The book has been verified and signed for by the archives processor of the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center located in Liberty, Texas. The book was published in 1819 and is titled "The Revised Code of the Laws of Virginia. See page 50 of the book or page 17 of the PDF document to read the original 13th amendment of the united states. I also suggest that you read Article 1, Section 10-1, which can be found on page 21 of the book or page 7 of the PDF.

Hope this will help those on a quest to find the truth as well as act on it.

~enerchi of ascensionwithearth.com 

Link to PDF Document: http://www.scribd.com/doc/104194634/Original-Constitution-of-the-United-States-with-the-Real-13th-Amendment

Original Constitution of the United States with the Real 13th Amendment


  1. Now, you want to know what to do with this?

    First look up Jack and Margy Flynn for the only example I know of, that shows how to WIN in court despite all corruption.
    Now, all judges that are members of the BAR are committing crimes, and must lose their citizenship. "Ignorance of the law is no excuse", and since the Judges go by that, it would NOT be reasonable to show mercy on our Judges by excusing them for not knowing about this.
    On my website: freeornottobe [dat] org there will soon be all the factual sources of info like this one which any person needs to free themselves of the corrupt systems and the dependency on big business, by teaching us all How Reality works, how to cure all disease, defeat corrupt law, solve any question or problem, build anything one can imagine, etc.
    (Note the site is under construction now-8.28.2012)

  2. Perhaps I should clarify for those who really dont know what this means....

    ANY JUDGE OR HOLDER OF ANY OFFICE WHO IS A MEMBER OF THE BAR IS COMMITTING A CRIME AND MUST LOSE THEIR US CITIZENSHIP, that is the consequence of this amendment, and the reason why it must exist, is to prevent the many agents of the British empire from manipulating Americas Government, which they have been doing successfully since Americas birth.

    1. Can you please elaborate on the BAR and 13th thx

  3. Hey enerchi, thanks for posting, people need to be reminded just how much has been corrupted over the last 200+ years. But where are pages 21, 23, 31, 36, and 39 of the document?

    1. I think they only photocopied specific pages as the book may have been to long. I just find this as a great research opportunity as this is witnessed and signed for by a government employee. It is so amazing to see how this actually existed and the cabal are trying to erase our history. Crazy!

    2. Oh ok, still a bunch of good stuff there. Yea, Texas don't mess around. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great website :)


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