Sunday, September 23, 2012

Casper Publicly Attacks Neil Keenan 9-20

"WE are further informed this morning  in response to our inquiries yesterday that Keenan and those he works for want not one single penny paid to any American citizen." Casper

Many many times over the last four years WE have said that Obama is following the written plan developed by his Professors Cloward and Pivens describing how to destroy a nation from within.
WE have summarized this plan as “spending the country into oblivion” since that is what the plan calls for.

Obama has created deficits of five trillion dollars since taking office and projects another trillion per year for the foreseeable future. He is now proposing to strip a trillion dollars from the defense budget while simultaneously increasing spending on Social Programs by 35%. Disarming America in the face of exploding Radical Islam is another item on his agenda. The Obama Administration has recently paid the state of Oregon a “bonus” of several million dollars.

What for you ask?

For signing more people up for food stamps than any other state. He is pushing the states and having contest to see which state can put the highest number of people on food stamps and this is reflective of what is happening with all other social welfare programs simultaneously. He is spending the country into oblivion. Intentionally.

Currently, half the country is now dependent upon Government for a job or benefits or supplemental  income the other 50%, the producing taxpayers, those small businesses that actually create the jobs, are being stretched further and further with the intentional end result that freedom and free enterprise are bankrupted and morphed into Socialism which is a baby step from Communism which is the goal of the Cabal not just here but for the whole world.

It is happening right before your eyes at break neck speed and yet half the population does not understand that their children and grand children’s future is being stolen from them and that the current generation of voters are being used as the ‘get-a-way drivers’.

The people of Germany did not realize what they were doing either.

The Muslim Brotherhood are now guest in the White House while Obama refuses to meet with Netanyahu. Three times the Democrats, led by Obama, refused to allow the words GOD or JERUSELEUM to appear in their party platform. Liberal judges have ruled that taxpayers must pay for a convicted murderers sex change operation and must also pay legal fees up to five hundred thousand dollars. Solyndra and a dozen others were given billions which they promptly paid to themselves then declared bankruptcy.

Have you ever considered how many taxpayer dollars get spent for each campaign dollar Obama raises? He travels back and forth across the country on Air Force One dozens and dozens of times with multiple other planes, vehicles and people in tow. It would be cheaper for taxpayers to simply pay for 100% of his campaign expenses.

Meter maids making a hundred thousand a year. Everyone takes their cue from the top which screams SPEND SPEND SPEND. H

Have a taxpayer funded party like the GAO in Las Vegas. He is spending the country into oblivion.

 Is there anything, anything at all, that will cause the American people to wake up before the final whistle blows in November?

How many times have I asked rhetorically, “do the American people deserve what is about to happen to them”?

 Everyone gets a free pass, a get out of jail free card concerning the first election in ‘08. ‘Hope and Change’ beat the heck out of the memory of the recent past. This time, given what is happening and how blatantly obvious it all is, there can be no excuse. If he is re-elected it is the end of the America as we know it and it will not be possible to duck our responsibility for it.

Proceeding now with “Our Current Business Update” I have asked Wendy to cut and paste our letter to T-Man dated July of 2011 at this point as the information contained therein is pertinent to what follows.

Hello Wendy,

I thank you for taking the time for Casper's email notices.

I have an observation that I'd rather not share publicly.
I've been collecting Casper, White Knight's, Poof, Drake, etc  info for a while now.

Last September 29, 2011 Tman did a audio recording on White Knights
Then there was the correspondence between Casper and Tman...

Casper letter to T-man

From: xxxxxxxx
Sent:Wednesday, October 05, 2011 4:40 PM
Subject:FW: Casper_Piece of Info from Tman

Sent:Saturday, August 27, 2011 5:17 PM
To: wendy
Subject:FW: Casper_Piece of Info from Tman

Sent:Wednesday, July 20, 2011 10:57 AM
Subject:Re: Casper_Piece of Info from Tman

Good job casper...
This is AWESOME.
Right on Point.

----- Original Message -----

Sent:Wednesday, July 20, 2011 11:49 AM
Subject:RE: Casper_Piece of Info from Tman

xxxxxx I am unsure how to proceed regarding Tman. As I am unfamiliar with his comments on the Fulford Blog, or the Blog itself for that matter, I’m not at all sure whether I can contribute to his work since I really don’t know who he is, what he is, who he represents, etc.. Please pass along the following to him and ask him if he is willing to answer the following questions.

Good Morning Tman.   “Casper” here, middle name Tilman. For some reason our mutual friend Thomas thinks we can help each other. I respect his opinion so I am offering the following brief comments and look forward to receiving yours in return. I wish to remain anonymous and perceive no need to know your name. Thomas knows the routing for any correspondence you care to send.

I and my Peer Group are ‘Prosperity Program’ oriented including ‘Freedom’ and Farm Claims. WE have been chasing news for 20 years and writing a update for 10 or more years. For several years, due to our extensive contacts here, in Europe and in China, we were, frankly, light years ahead of others in knowledge and reporting. We have been slip sliding off our imaginary  ‘pedestal’ for some time now as our primary sources have died off and some, such as Ying in China, have turned out to be on the wrong side of the fence. WE have therefore, as you suggested, become more of a Journalistic endeavor than a provider of hard and current news as we were for so many years. We have met face to face with some of the ‘players’ over time, including Ying, and we were very close to ‘Bulldog Lady’ who argued our positions before the World and Supreme Courts and talked regularly to such as the Queen and Merkel. ‘Casper’ is apparently well known in that place we call The Pink House, having been the focus of several verbal barrages by the Pres. We are reliably informed. A review of the Casper updates from two or three years ago (archived at Fourwinds) will provide  much clearer examples of the ‘insider intell’ we were providing before losing so many key sources such as key Domestic Bankers (B.of A.) and access to ‘The Old Man’ and ‘Granny’ in China. WE believe we are one of the reasons for the Extreme Secrecy now prevalent as we were disclosing, as a matter of habit, a wide array of items upsetting to the establishment including the locations of Bank Accounts long before you and yours broached the subject in your reports. As matters stand right now we are not without ongoing contacts here and abroad, including China, and from them we are given to understand that Obama and his allies are still squirting super glue into the ‘transmission’. We know very little about the various Lawsuits you folks write about and do not view them as directly affecting ‘Our Business’.

Who may I ask Tman, are you? Are you a White Hat? A leader of same? Or an observer and reporter of White Hat Activity? Are you a Lawyer? A principal in one or more of the Lawsuits? Are you in the U.S.? Can you assure us you are not affiliated with any Government Office or Agency? Do you have knowledge beyond the lawsuit activity written about in the White Hat Reports? You mention that copies of the ‘letter’ showing potential tax disbursements has been moved around in D.C. and copies of ‘The Documents’ delivered to Geithner as if this is a big deal. Are you unaware that Geithner is up to his eyeballs in everything and most especially the ongoing delays? Are you under the impression that the Congress does not know, without receiving a copy of ‘the letter’, everything that is going on and is fully aware of the escrowed taxes derived from
the Programs and ‘F&P’ Funding? Certain of your comments lead me to guess that you are not well versed in the 20 years of activity preceding Wanta, Bonney, Falcone, etc… Is this correct? We can not say with complete certainty, but as you can observe from our many hundreds of updates we do not expect the ‘Settlements’ and the ‘Program Disbursements’ to occur within the existing Fiat Monetary System resulting in what would surely become a ‘hyperinflationary blow off’.  Do you have a different understanding?

To summarize this brief initial introduction Tman, WE are interested in doing all possible to facilitate the ‘change’ and the ‘distribution’ but we are unclear whether our ‘tracks’ are complimentary or simply parallel. WE look forward to your reply and request that you specifically address your understanding of the Iraqi Dinar R.V. as you appear to confirm that as reality in your reports whereas our contacts believe it to be a  scam designed from inception to recapitalize Bush/Clinton/Obama etc.. Also, can you advise us when to expect your next report and whether or not you are the author of same?  

WE are willing to progress in time to a ‘conference call’ if you deem it appropriate but we are in need of a better understanding of who we are talking to first.

Thank you,     casper


Then Drake comes on the scene, but wasn't he really Tman all along?   If you listen to the Sept. 29 2011 audio clip, you can hear the same squeaky chair, door closing noise and footsteps on a hardwood floor. These are the exact noises that are heard on the Drake updates. So, is  he Tman or Drake?

Take Care,

WE have included at the bottom observations from a reader regarding  Drake/T-man which may be of interest to those of you who follow ‘Drake”. WE have no personal knowledge of this matter, WE have never spoken to Drake or T-Man and since WE have never listened to a Drake recording or radio program WE can’t testify either way about these observations.

WE can report that our letter to T-Man was solicited by a third party supposedly at the request of T-Man and that we never received a reply.

It kind of makes a body wonder who the real ‘Spooks’ are doesn’t it.

The reason we have included the above letter in this update is because we are receiving ‘urgent inquiries’ from deeply troubled Program Participants triggered primarily by current comments by Neil Keenan appearing on the net and saying in effect, “the programs will not pay so stop lying to the people” (We go further into the above letter below). He was addressing the comments of someone else appearing on the net and saying that virtually all of the remarks (which he list) are false. WE agree with most of what he says with two exceptions. WE do not agree with his remark about the programs never paying or his remark about the Wanta Funds being under the control of the OITC or the Global Settlements, if that is in fact what he said as we find his remarks vague in this regard. Although WE have nothing to do with the Wanta Funds or the OITC or Keenan for that matter, OUR INTEL simply does not agree and it is overseas Intel as opposed to personal opinion. WE are informed that Keenan works for or with seven Chinese Families and certain interest in Indonesia in an attempt to claim or grab or lien funds to be paid out to the people. Also that he works with or for Putin in an effort to go after the Wanta Funds. Our sources say neither he or the OITC or the Global Settlements have possession or control of the Wanta Funds as he claims even though such efforts have been made by Kennan.  

WE are further informed this morning  in response to our inquiries yesterday that Keenan and those he works for want not one single penny paid to any American citizen.

The ‘Wanta Funds’ are another of those programs we previously reported are supposed to be paid to the people not to any Gov’t. or Agency thereof. And in any event you are all aware of Keenan’s late arrival to the party, the adjacent party actually, as he has never had anything to do with the ‘Program Funds’ and does not now. Long long ago we reported to you that the OITC was ‘in bed’ with Obama. More recently we reported to you that  several Chinese Family ‘sources’ of information are part of the weekly Obama dis-information team spreading the D.C. news from over there giving the impression that one confirms the other. Not true, never true and now we are informed from over there that Kennan is working for those ’families’ or other ‘Chinese Families’ to obtain all funds for themselves at the expense of all American citizens. By in large those inquiring about this like and trust Keenan and therefore don’t understand why he would say such things which have them deeply disturbed. WE can not address the why and we don’t know Keenan personally so we don’t know what his motivation might be other than the obvious, to collect his share of whatever he obtains for his clients (Keenan lives in Bulgaria and uses an Irish Passport). According to our sources his claims are untrue and he is one of many fighting over the money and he is not representing ‘the people’ in general or ‘Program Participants’ specifically.  He is working for interest in Indonesia, Chinese Families and Putin.

Now as to the current status of things and the urgent inquiries and the latest round of emotional devastation many are feeling,  WE must first ask you to read again the letter included above and consider that what was for many years ‘Hard and Current’ news in our updates has morphed first  into ‘opinion’ and more recently into whatever we can discover and observe with our own eyes, analyze and report our interpretation to you. In some ways this current effort is more fruitful than depending upon Intel from others of unknown in integrity but WE really miss the many sources who helped us so much over the years but are now deceased, all from natural causes. For example, the Cabals extension of the Status Quo is a publicly observable thing by anyone who is paying attention as are the broken promises of still others.

A ‘wet blanket’ has been thrown over everything, everything except the constant flow of the twice a week dis-info coming from those who are to us “Secondary Sources”. WE are always sincerely hopeful their positive poo poo will be right ‘this time’ but they never are. WE sometimes know what they are going to say before they say it as the dis-info originates in D.C. and on occasion we hear it before they do. Most times we just look forward to their Wednesday story or their Saturday story like you hoping it will finally be correct. Meanwhile that which we can observe with our own eyes says the opposite-more delays-bad guys extending the Status Quo (fiat) again. WE know that things could change back in our favor at any time so we watch and listen to everything and everyone. WE have been reporting Obama’s blockage of things for quite a long time now. Recently we have pointed out to you the crawfishing, back peddling  and full blown retreat of “the Celestials” who so many were depending on to ‘save the day’ as they said they would on so many occasions. Yesterday one of their primary messengers, SaLuSa, said “no rush, we never said by ascension”. Does that jive with your memory? “The process was always going to run into next year”. Does that jive with your memory?  “If matters do not proceed within a certain time frame we will be authorized to take more direct action”. Is that what you remember?  I remember ‘authorizations obtained, DIVINE DECREES OBTAINED’, ass kicking to proceed, ‘WE will now take care of business’ (paraphrasing).  I know WE have said a thousand times ‘good wins-evil loses’. I still believe that but now realize that it may not be true during my lifetime. It was not true during the lifetime of my 24 dead friends and family members who hung on to false hope and phony promises to the very end. It appears to me, it is my OPINION, that the ‘good guys’ have had their tails kicked, at least for the time being, by the bad guys. That said the existing fiat system cannot hold together permanently even with the infusion of still more trillions by Obama, Bernanke and Draghi (ECB). But it does successfully delay matters just as Obama has said so many times that “he will allow NOTHING to interfere with his re-election”. In our last update we listed a variety of things which could change this current analysis instantly. The messages from the ‘Celestials’ are so beautiful and often so profound and/or educational. I have been reading them in one form or another for twenty five years so I am a serious and experienced student. Also a frustrated and drained student as dozens of messages saying ’they could and they would and they will and they are’ have again come to naught even as they begin to mention ‘next year’. Ah yes, ‘next year in Paris’ said Bogey. Or was it, ‘we will always have Paris’. Who cares.  It appears to me the ‘wet blanket’ is accompanied by all sorts of blackouts and erasures and situations like ‘Stone Cold Silence’ as if some have been warned to ‘shut up or else’.  The murders have continued. Not a week goes by that one or more are not reported. Of course we still talk to sources in Europe and Asia almost every day. Our point is that the wet blanket extends to them as well and is in use everywhere, not just here.

The Financial War underway for years behind the scenes appears to this writer to be transitioning/migrating into WWIII. The players are lining up, the U.S., the G-5, Japan, the 25 nation armada off Iran vs ‘them’. Israel may pull the trigger at any time. The Muslims are demanding Jihad the world over believing it their duty TO DIE for Allah. It’s been a couple of years since we addressed this subject. Since then the radicals have taken over in many countries. I believe the inability of the ‘good guys’ to defeat the ‘bad guys’ financially coupled with the fact that WAR  is the normal ‘cover’ for insoluble
Financial Difficulties between nations coupled with the Israel/Iran and China/Japan situations plus a wide array of circumstantial evidence indicates ‘war it will be’ in spite of Celestial assurances saying otherwise. The most recent ‘Celestial Assurance’ (Aton) regarding 3DD appears to be another ‘false alarm’. How many false statements and broken promises are required before a complete loss of credibility is registered? China has ordered a dozen war ships and 1000 fishing vessels to the Islands in dispute with Japan and is threatening to crash the Japanese Bond Market. The U.S. has a treaty saying they ‘will defend Japan against all comers’. They, the Chinese, are intentionally whipping their population into a war fervor. You know about Israel/Iran. The Illuminati are apparently ‘Stirring it Up’ all over the planet and who knows the extent of the blackmail that might be keeping the good guys at bay. Allowances must be made, conclusions delayed because ‘We The People’ do not have the Intel necessary to draw hard and fast conclusions and history says it may be 50 years before the truth is known, maybe, to the general public.

A quick aside while It’s on my mind: Three times the Democrat Party rejected the word GOD having any place or mention in its party platform. Least you think this was a ‘leadership’ decision, it was put to a vote on the convention floor. Three times the delegates said NO forcing the Mayor of Los Angeles, the man at the Podium, to overrule the delegates pretending they didn’t really mean what they were saying and ruling that GOD would be included after all.  Three times GOD was denied by the Democrat Party. Not only have the Democrats become the Communist Party of the USA but now they have the appropriate ‘religion’ to go along with their politics---atheism. There is no more devout Democrat in this country than this writers elderly mother. She is now mumbling ‘no more’. ALLAH is the Muslim word for GOD. They are on their knees praying to him five times each day. All of them. They are blocking the streets in New York City because the mosque are over flowing. If you were God who would you favor, those who pray each day or those who reject his very mention?

Back to business: We program participants can not deny the obvious which is the Cabals extension of the Status Quo (fiat) but at the same time we are not at a place calling for ‘give up’ or surrender. Not no but HELL NO. The establishment is committed to the indefinite extension of Fiat. It keeps them in power. It allows for the purchase of votes. It allows for the purchase of politicians. It stops the programs from funding and the Global Settlements from disbursing. It preserves the ‘old’ and the Fed. It precludes the ‘new’ and asset backed banking and monetary systems. ‘They’ don’t want the controls and limitations that accompany the new. They want to continue to rule the world using a totally fraudulent Ponzi monetary system. OBAMA is stopping the new, demanding more and more ‘thin air’ fiat money to buy still more votes and to pay off still more ‘helpers’ such as Soros and Corzine. The whole thing is a house of cards financially and morally. It is sick. It is corrupt. It is The New World Order.

“We” (program participants) have never controlled anything and we don’t now. We have always been at the mercy of the powers of this world and we still are. If we could gather together and ‘lash out’ we would do so wouldn’t we? But we all know that is senseless. Either the good will win and a few of us (you) will remain alive long enough to assign our (your) funds to others and pet projects or it won’t. We have virtually nothing to do with it other than prayer which, frankly, does not seem to be getting the job done. It is too late to reverse our decisions made so long ago. We went ‘all in’ long before ‘they’ did. We are on the pony and there is no way to get off. I often think back to the late eighties and early nineties and wonder about the alternate decisions I could have made. Bush and Obama probably wonder what would the situation be today had they allowed the big banks to fail as they should have and what they would now be able to do with the many trillions had they not pissed them away on wholly corrupt bankers. But we can’t get off and we can’t go back and we can’t reverse our decisions. We must ‘ride it out’ and wait to see what the final outcomes will be. And it’s best we do so in a self-serving state of mind. You know as well as I do that we must relax, wait, observe, pray, hope, expect. We have no other viable choice.

They bought a little more time. They did not change the outcome. Keenan has nothing to do with ‘our business’ and is another of the ‘new kids on the block’. He will not be able to ‘intercept’ our funds. He has his business, we have ours. If WE should ever become aware of an end to ‘our business’  we will say so publically as promised so long ago.

                           Casper    9-20-12    opinion