Monday, September 10, 2012

Casper's Opinion: "I BELIEVE ‘settlements’ will occur"

Not much has changed since our last update the 19th of August.

The twice a week false ‘storylines’ have continued while the Cabals extension of the ‘Status Quo’ has become ever more visible.

On those rare occasions when WE have had the opportunity to confront the ‘Agency Dis-info Teams’ we have asked why they continue to torture their fellow Americans with false stories.    Their answer is invariably  “we are doing what we are paid to do”.

Here we have a group of men and women who would torture their own mothers for a paycheck.
They are employees of the Corporation of the United States.

Dinar ‘investors’ and others similarly situated, being ‘the new kids on the block’, just can’t imagine that a such an evil group of people could exist whose goal is to intentionally inflict as much mental and emotional distress as possible upon those caught up in their weekly dis-info ‘storylines’.

Some of us have more than twenty years’ experience dealing with these scumbags.

Remember friends, WE fully expect the Programs, Global Settlements, etc. to pay out as reported here for years. If we didn’t there would be no reason to continue these updates.

In one Florida neighborhood/suburb of Tampa,  more than 500 homes+ have been foreclosed and now have Bank signs in the yards saying  “This house is not for sale or lease, do not call”. The houses must be maintained and ‘managed’ to some extent, lawns mowed, etc.. They are deteriorating and many have been vandalized. They are not for sale even for cash. Inquiries to the banks as to ‘why’ illicit a rude response, “it’s none of your business”.

Further investigation reveals that there are some five million (5,000,000) such foreclosed homes nationwide which are not for sale or lease.

Unrelated banking sources tell us the reason is because Obama has ordered the banks (thru Geithner/Bernanke I am sure) to hold these homes off the market until after the November election so as to hide the inevitable drop in the value of surrounding properties. And, since many of these and millions of other homes were packaged as securities which have now ‘gone bad’, only god knows how many are subject to litigation from investors worldwide not to mention ‘Robo-Signer’ lawsuits,, etc..

Meanwhile more and more and more unemployed are being moved onto the rolls of ‘no longer looking’ in order to keep the unemployment numbers suppressed, three hundred and sixty thousand such job seekers last month alone. See ‘Shadow Stats. com’ for the true unemployment number which is approximately 23%.....

Have you seen the movie:  ‘2016-Obama’s America’? 
After seeing this movie it is very difficult for the viewer not to conclude that Obama’s ‘takedown of America’ is intentional.

The movies subtitle sums it up thusly, “love him or hate him-you don’t know him”. Is it too much to ask that voters learn who and what he is before voting?  ‘Who and what’ as defined by his actions and his policies, not his words?  As I left the theater it occurred to me that we are all products of our upbringing, of our environment. Picture a child in a Wahhabi School rocking back and forth as he learns to recite the Quran cover to cover from memory. What do you think the chances are he will become a Buddhist? Or a Christian? Obama was raised by Communist, Muslim’s and Black Extremist and grew up in a world completely foreign to American history and values. He was ‘shepard-ed’ through colleges and life using undisclosed sources of funds and his first act in office was to have all his records sealed by Executive Order.


Have you ever heard tell of such a thing before?

He intends to overturn American values in favor of outcomes completely foreign to most Americans.
In our ‘world’ he is an extreme left wing radical.

In his world he is normal.

Europe has failed using the policies he desires to implement here. After four years of Obama Policies in America what do you see?

The extension of ‘the Status Quo’ appears to be continuing as the ECB announces last week the UNLIMITED buying of bonds in the Euro Zone. We hear China is about to unleash their equivalent of QE III to the tune of 1.2 Trillion and that Bernanke is set to announce 1.6T in the U.S. at next week’s F.O.M.C. meetings. We hear the Fed is ready to ‘manufacture’ and distribute up to another 15T just as they did in ’08. These funds get ‘washed’ through Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan prior to arriving at the ECB for distribution to Banks throughout Europe. We hear the previous “fee” of one and one half percent to each bank is being increased to three percent to each this time. The extension of the Status Quo is not what we want as you surely know by now. You may recall that we used the word ‘crawfishing’ in two consecutive updates to describe what we were observing in the ‘celestial messages’ regarding this subject. Then in two additional updates we used the word ‘back-pedaling’ to describe their increased rate of crawfishing.

If you keep up with said messages from half a dozen different ‘messengers’ you will have noticed that it is no longer necessary to ‘read between the lines’ as we were doing at the time as they have recently openly alluded to ongoing delays which they and their technology and ‘divine decrees’ appear unable to do anything about. Our various sources, especially those in the Far East, continue to advise us that Obama is very much a part of these blockages and that Communist China itself is assisting Obama, the Cabal, the Bankers, etc. as they too, along with Europe and the U.S., are intent upon blocking deliveries and the new banking system as they all desperately need a continuation of the fraudulent fiat financial carousel to stay in power. WE are well aware that our Intel in this regard disagrees with many other messengers especially the various ‘celestial messengers’. Over recent years we have been informed by many many contacts that Obama is a total Fraud, the world’s greatest liar and a con-man extraordinaire.

We are quoting a multitude of sources over time, not three or five. It appears, as Sinclair is currently reporting, that a coordinated effort by the Central Banks of the U.S., Europe, China and Japan is underway to again ‘kick the can’. This buys those in power time but does not change the ultimate outcome. There is a chance, be it ever so slim, that ‘unknown powers’ will stop the plan described above. So far what we have is their publically disclosed ‘plans of action’. The funds necessary to back up the ‘running of the bull-shitters mouths’ have not yet appeared (we think),not that we would be able to see the movement of their computer digits (e-currency) when and if they do occur.

 Speaking of computer digits, that’s all the ongoing Dinar Banks have to play with. They have no actual funds for distribution. This is not ‘our business’ but we keep up with it as a possible ‘indicator’. The banks involved do weekend trading using other peoples Dinar as collateral, a good way for Dinar Investors to lose everything given recent court rulings that banks can literally steal customer funds on deposit with them. In the U.S. we have M.F.Global and P.F.Global customers out billions of dollars which have recently been STOLEN by the banks. In Switzerland Class Action Lawsuits in the Billions of Dollars have been filed against the banks that refused to honor contracts calling for pay outs in Gold (not being covered by the media). Last year you will recall customers holding contracts for metals delivery in London were being offered 125% to take payment in cash not metals.

Now comes Jim Willie, Hat Trick Letter, reporting last week that gold in segregated/allocated accounts has been stolen by the banks to be used by them to meet margin calls on losing accounts in Asia. He says 5000 to 6000 tonnes have been physically moved from New York and London already and another 40k to 60k metric tonnes are also being STOLEN from allocated/segregated customer accounts to meet more margin calls. The countries involved in receiving the gold stolen from customers by the banks are China, Indonesia and India.

From sources abroad we hear the World Court is now involved in stopping this theft of customers metals from their segregated accounts and that China and Japan are at war financially over this as the head judge of the W.C. is from Japan.   

This is serious business. Criminals and corruption throughout the worlds banks now backed up by U.S. Courts (seventh circuit) saying it is okay for the banks to have first claim on your money in your personal accounts.

Meanwhile there is no prosecution of any criminal act including the LIBOR Scandal. Funds are not liquid as we have reported many times.

The valve has not been opened. Banks playing Dinar Games have no funds to pay anyone from an actual R.V. of the Dinar although they might be splitting weekend trading profits with Dinar Holders who provided them the collateral to trade.

Paying one person or group an R.V. amount different from another person or group is illegal, not authorized and, we hear, will not be allowed. Dinar Investors have been led around with a ring in their noses for months now while being promised tomorrow, tomorrow.

The Banks involved have tried to access funds, they cannot do so. Funds necessary to this payout, should it ever occur, are not part of the Global Settlements. Our sources have said from day one and continue to say it was/is a Bush led scam to R.V. in fiat thereby re-inflating the bankrupt Status Quo.

Opinions are a dime a dozen. This is an opinion piece but this Intel is from sources, not personal opinion. Yes, they are aware of conflicting Intel including recent audio recordings. If a fiat R.V. of the Dinar was plan ‘A’ and failed would that explain the current attempt to implement plan ‘B’, the flooding of the world with “unlimited” Q.E. fiat e-currency?

There is more to all of this than meets the eye, much of it unrelated to the Dinar or what we call ‘our business’. There are funds to be distributed, distributed per contracts we are informed which allow distribution of said funds only to the people, not to any Gov’t or Agency thereof or to any of their thieving entities professing to represent the people.

Recall that 9-30 is the end of the Corporations Fiscal Year.

We hear rumors that various dominoes must fall into place and distributions must occur before then. This also gives us hope that all the recent QE like announcements are propaganda being used to prop up world markets until the ‘new’ is announced. More likely the Financial Warfare is continuing and while the eventual outcome appears inevitable we are unable to measure the delay.

Why do you suppose reporters such as ‘Drake’ never bother to explain why their postings don’t come true?

What do you reckon has become of the White Hats?

Remember their update #44? They were going to explain in update #45 why the Dinar/Programs/Settlements/Etc. were just diversions from the real truth which they were going to expose.

Have you heard? Student Loan Delinquencies now exceed one trillion dollars. The Banks Whores in Congress even made it illegal for them to write these loans off in Bankruptcy. These kids who can’t find a job will be pursued by ‘collectors’ for the rest of their lives. Our Politicians work for the Cabal. Surely you can observe the obvious?   

The purchasing power of the currency falls as it is being intentionally debased. Gas was $1.84 when Obama was elected, $4.00 now ($4.30 in Calif.). Food and utilities are up dramatically. One source says the establishment is saying Obama will definitely be re-elected because he has done all he was ordered to do by the Cabal, specifically the owners of the Fed. Guess what a worldwide QE III will do to prices no matter what they call it. The poor get hurt the most. It takes some gall to stand before the cameras (at the convention) and talk about protecting the poor and the middle class while implementing the very policies which guarantee their permanent poverty. Do you think it possible Obama is so incredibly stupid he doesn’t understand Economics 101?  While devaluing the currencies worldwide and stealing everything possible via the hidden tax called inflation they are openly stealing the public’s funds from their Investment Accounts and using the Incorporated Courts to rule it legal. How long before they reach for everyone’s retirement accounts? Months? Weeks?  What do you think Obama will do when he no longer faces an election?  Romney made a statement at a campaign stop this week saying that if elected he will demand an audit of the Fed. That’s rather mind boggling.

Sooooo, lets summarize. The celestials appear to be all hat and no cattle. Keenan and Scott and their lawsuit appears to have blown up and that hoped for line of attack appears to amount to little or nothing. Drake’s and many other insider reports never come to fruition. The Cabal extends the Status Quo with worldwide QE III or its equivalent. The Dinar Scammers continue their Scam and the Scam-ies continue to act like willing victims. The Banks are ‘sweeping’ customers cash and gold accounts and the Court System is used to stop anyone from retrieving their stolen funds. Corzine and other Billion Dollar Scammers continue to walk free while conducting million dollar fund raisers for Obama. The W.C. is attempting to shortstop the gold already stolen by the banks from being handed over to China, India and Indonesia who don’t give a damn where the U.S. and the Banks stole it so long as it is handed over to them. Obama continues to say one thing publically while doing exactly the opposite privately. Obama constituents grasping jars of Vaseline continue to fight for their place in line. Communist China remains ‘under the covers’ with Obama.

The thirteen families plus the Kennedys (14) controlling the Fed along with the other 226  stockholders and their funny money machines continue to give the appearance of never giving up. Okie Oil Man and trusting others are left holding a brown bag of poo poo for the umpteenth time. The E.U. and others totally dependent upon infusions from others in order to stay alive continue to pretend ‘funds in hand’ when that is not true. Those who have always believed a standalone IQD R.V. is possible continue to misunderstand its relatively minor position in the big scheme of things.

The attempts to start a war in the mid-east continue. TSA and a boatload of homosexuals at DHS continue to play with the bodies of little girls and grandma’s while ordering a billion rounds of ammo.

Politicians continue to sell our country down the river.

Banks prove they own the world and can STEAL customers funds and have the Courts protect them from prosecution. Other than that how did you enjoy the play Ms. Lincoln?

It’s only a hunch but I suspect there is much going on behind the curtain and that things can and likely will ‘change on a dime’.

I BELIEVE ‘settlements’ will occur and be announced which will cause us not to care whether the above was mostly right or mostly wrong.

                                Casper   9-9-12   opinion