Friday, September 21, 2012

John Kettler: UFO War In The Pacific? Yes! Here’s Why

This article is in relation to recent reports by Project Camelot and Gordan Duff.


UFO War–Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff Puts His Head ON The Chopping Block!

UFOUFO War in the Pacific? Joint U.S./Chinese naval operation to combat them off San Francisco? Frankly, my initial reaction was that Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at the hard-hitting site and ex-Army intelligence, had lost his mind. Why? This was so far beyond his usual topic matter that he’d either lost it or was desperate to get the word out. It soon became apparent that it was the the latter. There was an unmistakable feeling (and I’m an empath) of both fear and desperation in the shattering UFO story he quite obviously wrote in haste, evidenced by dropped words, typos and more. He explicitly warned of the dangers of trying to directly confirm this “Twilight Zone” UFO War story, and he wasn’t kidding!

UFO War = White Hot!


This UFO story was way too exciting and bizarre to ignore, especially after something like four of my readers sent me the UFO War link, together with urgent requests for more information on this seemingly insane UFO combat claim, asking whether or not it was true, what the Liberation Forces were doing, etc. In discussing this purported UFO matter with my highly sensitive contacts, I was somewhat astounded to learn not only that the core UFO War story was spot on, but that this topic was effectively white hot and could easily get inquisitive people killed. My contacts were incensed over the attack, but didn’t know who was behind it. The PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army Navy) was/is indeed involved in this UFO War against hostile aliens, because the U.S. Navy is heavily committed in the Persian Gulf area. Some matters are too important for international rivalry, and as Reagan and Gorbachev opined back in the 1980s, an extraterrestrial threat has indeed brought us together. Unfortunately for those pushing false flag scenarios and BLUE BEAM holography to support a faked UFO invasion,this one’s more like a UFO invasion in place, conducted by forces here for ages. Why here? Why now? The answers lie beyond this world, beyond this dimension.

The Exopolitics Of The UFO War Off Our Coast


Once I’d confirmed the UFO war story was real, I made it my business to start checking with my sources in the Liberation Forces, both at the Ground Contingent and ET/ED (extraterrestrial/ extraradimensional) levels. What I learned both confirmed my intuitive sense/feeling as to who crewed the assaulting UFO and confounded me when it came to the why a UFO would attack us. It was our old nemesis, the Reptoids. If they’ve been here for practically forever, then why now?

UFO Feints & Human Catspaws


The answer to this UFO conundrum lay in the changing fortunes of the ongoing war. While titanic struggles rage simultaneously on multiple dimensions, things have been improving here in consequence, and Reptoid power and dominion on Earth are beginning to suffer. The ironbound control of underlings has begun to come unstuck, which is why an unknown Navy ship was hit with an as yet unidentified Reptoid weapon from a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object ) which popped up, became a UFO, hit, then vanished back into the deep,once again a USO. The Navy is now short one undisclosed ship and crew–fates unknown. The Navy is now out for blood. THAT is certain.
This unprovoked strike was deliberately done to rouse our ire and get our undivided attention  (how well they succeeded!) and to cause forces to be shifted. In turn, this allowed a bunch of Reptoids, who had broken away from central control and slavery, to flee the planet. While we tore up the Pacific in response to the attack there, they split via the Baltic! It did not end well–either for them or their boss. Those of you who play any number of FPS (First Person Shooter, for the rest of you) games understand “boss” as being way more than simply the one in charge. You understand a boss as being a fearsome monster requiring extraordinary means and effort to combat and ultimately defeat. The Reptoid boss should be understood from both perspectives.

Operating from a higher dimensional underground base “somewhere near Russia,” the Reptoid boss was fearsome indeed (saw him in my mind’s eye, with details confirmed via Ground Contingent). Standing some 50-60 feet tall, crested, with a triangular head (“viewed” from the top), a mouthful of sharp teeth, fearsome talons and a thick, mottled, battle scarred hide, this thing radiated command presence and power. All that went for naught when it suddenly found itself being spirally sliced (like a Honey-Baked Ham™) from the neck down, immediately followed by a repeat. This time, the cut axis was perpendicular to the first savaging. Thus, you could say the Reptoid boss was first sliced, then diced–clear down to the bone in places. The resulting “sight” of giant flensed Reptoid was ghastly and bloody to behold, but empowering as well. Why? Not only was I “there,” but I was the one who decided, in a moment of mad impulse, to take a shot at the towering monster, supported by a member of the Ground Contingent.

As some of my readers on UFO and related issues know very well, we may be weak and practically helpless here, but we can be terrors in other realms. This is but one of many reasons why we’re kept dumbed down and at everyone else’s throat. Somehow, I “knew” that a blade much like that on a meat slicer was the way to go. The rest was simply going with my sense of how to proceed. With a flensed, helpless Reptoid boss before us, we called in the Sharks. Now, these are not your typical sharks. These are the higher dimensional version of the creatures; they are sentient, talk excitedly and require no water, floating in the air. You can simply ask them to appear, and they’ll happily devour any monster or demon you’ve chopped to pieces (some regenerate, like trolls do in the fairy tales), recently killed or even simply crippled to the point it can’t fight. These worthies promptly feasted on the great chunks of Reptoid lying about, as well as ripping the guts out of the tottering Reptoid commander, who’d once helmed all the Reptoid operations on Earth. With alarms going off everywhere, we left the cleanup to the Sharks and returned to this dimension.

The Reptoid boss is is now dead, the Eater having become the Eaten. His bold underlings are also dead. Their UFO assisted bolt for freedom was commendable, but they were still Reptoids and a deadly danger to all who encountered them. As such, the Reptoids in the fleeing UFO groups were wiped out by the Liberation Forces as soon as they cleared the atmosphere. Two Reptoid underwater bases, of an estimated 40, are now empty. The Reptoids have been dealt a mighty blow.

For now, though, the Reptoids have the small consolation of thinking they’ve put one over on us. The Reptoids believe we (the Terrans and Liberation Forces) don’t know that the joint U.S./Chinese naval forces seeking them out to kill them are in fact sitting over the very USO/UFO bases our naval forces seek to annihilate–while saving those bases from attack by the Liberation Forces. Why? A strike to kill the bases would also inevitably smite the joint naval forces sailing overhead.


  1. His nose makes his face look like a smiley face c:

  2. This guy is a quack. Tolec gives so much believable info and credible sources to back it up and he has stated that ALL underground/underwater reptillian bases have been emptied out for a time now and only one remains to be destroyed which will occur during the "Cosmic Event" he speaks of.

    1. Are you questioning the existence of //Reptoid Boss// !?

      Ok in all seriousness, I don't really know who's right or wrong about all of this. However, it all sounds fascinating and fun so you don't have to side with 1 party.

    2. Mmmn, sure is fascinating, you're right =3
      Also, this whole naval battle sounds similar to that recent movie "Battleship". Maybe the producers were given information for the production of that film from some top level insiders who saw these events for themselves within 'Project Looking glass' or other such factions? Maybe... But maybe not. I honestly don't know if any of this is indeed fact or fiction just yet, but we'll all know anyway when the veils are lifted, so yea ^^;
      And LOL! That Reptllian Boss isnt so Boss now =P Excuse my warrior pride for stating this, but my Draconian aspect would absolutely obliterate that bugger in a matter of seconds XD


  4. Yeah, get with the program. Its all make believe science fiction. Don't slice me bro'!

  5. This is very entertaining and it's great to have an ending where the big bad guy gets his due! Will there be a sequel soon? Gotta luv this stuff!

  6. this guy Kettler, is very funny, he's only trying to sell books, well, please beware of those thiefs who tries to tell you lies, and the worst part, that a lo of people believes this disinfo thief man =(

  7. Another John Kettler heap of shit and as always, piggy backing on someone else's research.Taking tit bits of information and weaving absolute nothing out of it.

  8. When I read this story, it reminded me of another looney tune, Dr Richard Boylan, who also manufactures similar fantastic unverifiable stories all the while portraying himself as a dedicated and specially gifted light-worker. Sure, bring on more stories and entertain us Mr Kettler!

  9. i call bullshit.. aliens can destroy us at any given moment.

  10. Can't wait for the movie. Pass the popcorn.

  11. While there may or may not be an actual battle with ET's going on, the US Navy "IS" doing joint excercises, of some sort, with the Chinese. Anybody hear the rumbullings of Naval Cannons or High Explosives off Shore??? Should be able to hear them for many miles. Or did everyone miss the obvious. Reason Given; Most of the US Navy is protecting their Zionest bosses from, those Very Mean and Nasty "Iranians", who may actually try the Un-holly and dispicable act of, trying to protect and defend themselves when they are attacked. How dare they. Israel = about 100 Nukes. Iran = A Remote, possible, maybe (if they throw it over the border) 1 Nuke. Hummmm. Yep. No doubt about it. Israel needs to be protected at ALL Cost, by every Naval Vessel and Aircraft the US posses. Somehow, somewhere, I smell a Red Flag Rat. Most of US Navy occupied off of Iran and a Naval Battle against ET's off the Calif. coast, requiring Chinese support and a US Embassy Destroyed in Afghan,(BS) with the Embassadore killed???? Over A Film???? (2xBS) To quickly done. To conveniant. (Destroying an Embassy IS an act of WAR. So, why didn't the War Mongering "Peace Prize" Dictator Declare War??? Might destroy the 600 Billion a year drug trade???) Nope. Thats all a distraction. There are other things a foot. Just not exactly sure how everything ties together as yet. Only two things missing. The name of the "GAME" the author of this post was playing and, was it on X-Box or PlayStation. Interesting yarn though.

  12. Ok, I don't think this is proof that they are foreclosing on the Federal Reserve System.

    However, it COULD be. Take these two cents in mind and read the following document.

    What this document essentially shows, is the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, NATIONAL WATER POWER ALLIANCE & U.S. TREASURY stating they are enforcing a judgment lien AGAINST the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM for up to 14 TRILLION in total expenses. Every single piece of property, as well.

    This was done last year, but the filing has been updated in 9/11/2012 with amendments.
    Why would they update the filing?

    Further, the full document says in Bold Writing "Barack Obama, Impeachment." It lists more than 30 states. What does any of this mean precisely? Read it yourselves, the debt alleged is 14 trillion. The assignees are listed as the US TREASURY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, etc. The document is 12 entire pages.

    This has no connection to NIEL KEENAN as KEENAN's name isn't on it. Just read the filings.

    Why were they updated? Answer that one, if you can. I would not claim this is total proof that the FEDERAL RESERVE is being foreclosed upon, but it seems pretty damn close to proof of a category 10 lien judgment.