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New Book By George Kavassilas: Our Universal Journey

This is a reminder that George Kavassilas's new book has been released on and is available for purchase right now (9-22).  I just bought my copy a few minutes ago.  If you buy the book today you will receive a free copy of the audio book narrated by George with music by renowned musicians Medwyn Goodall and Tim Rock.  Audio Book is over 10 hours long!  See below for details on how to receive the audio book and purchase link on  ~enerchi
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Our Universal Journey 
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Our Universal Journey is no ordinary audio book! It is narrated by george and Cynthia, and features a soundtrack created specifically for the project by world renowned musicians Medwyn Goodall and Tim Rock ( 
It creates for a very special listening experience with over 10 hours duration.

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I rarely advertise anything on this site unless the core message resonates with what I have come to understand. George Kavassilas is one of those people that shares a similar understanding of what true sovereignty is. This is the ultimate message from George and is something that I support 100%.

I have already purchased and read the e-book and will also have a paperback copy to loan out to my friends and family.  I see how it can be very controversial to some people as it will have people questioning their belief systems.  Then again it is always healthy to challenge our belief systems so we don't get trapped in a certain way of thinking. Explore your universe with no boundaries!

The core message of this book is spiritual sovereignty.

Spiritual Sovereignty for me means being yourself without permission.  It is living within your own light and having complete freedom to express yourself.  It is an awareness and understanding that no one can tell you how to live your life, tell you what to do , or what to think.  You are the ultimate creator of your reality. This is an infinite power coming from within yourself.  This is your journey and home is where you make it. This is what Spiritual Sovereignty means to me.

~ enerchi



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Controversial Author and Speaker Releases a New Book that Exposes the Religious, New Age and Cosmic Deceptions that Enslave Humanity

Our Universal Journey by george kavassilas

Adelaide South Australia, September 2012 - A new book from a popular alternative radio guest is set
to turn the new age movement and spiritual world on its head. Our Universal Journey is a unique
book communicating self-empowerment from a universal perspective. The book provides a perspectiveof our existence beyond the paradigms of science, religion, the occults and new age.

In  Our  Universal  Journey  ($27.90  August,  2012)  author  george  kavassilas  uses  his  life
of extraordinary experiences to unravel the answers to life's biggest questions in a simplistic,
understandable and resoundingly authentic way. The detailed journey of one’s entry into this
universe, compressing down into galaxies, planets, stars and eventual embodiment onto our planetary
Mother to participate the end of ‘The Cycle for Life Eternal’ is breathtaking in scope.

This timely book answers life’s biggest concepts and provides triggers for us to remember who we
are, where we come from, what we are doing here, and where we are headed.  It achieves this by
exploring and exposing the programs that Humanity have been immersed and indoctrinated into over
thousands of years and beyond. Not just on a planetary level but also on a cosmic level and beyond.

The book provides many challenging concepts suggesting a group of gods and their archons have come to this planet to control Mother Earth and her Humanity.  It outlines in great detail how
sophisticated cosmic chakra programs are used by the god entity to bait people and how kundalini is
the fundamental component in the greatest deception ever imposed onto the human race.

As confronting as all this may sound, the book is awe inspiring as it brings the reader back to the
simple reality that the truth is inside of everybody. We all have it!  It also shows you why
gratitude is a major key to empowerment and allows you to rediscover the simplicity of the pathway
to your heart where the true knowledge of life resides. Our Universal Journey reminds us that it is
time, to once again be eternal and infinite. It is time to be infinite power, infinite wisdom and
infinite love.

When asked why he wrote the book, kavassilas said “It’s time for us as a Human Race to once again
have access to the forgotten knowledge and wisdom of life. We are on the precipice of monumental
change as the end of ‘The Cycle for Life Eternal’ arrives on the March equinox 2013. George goes on
to state “the level of knowledge and wisdom shared is the foundation for awakening into an aware
and conscious being, and consequently freedom and sovereignty of spirit”.

george kavassilas is an author, acclaimed speaker and regular guest on the alternative radio
circuit. george has had an extraordinary life with many hundreds of interactions with both
benevolent and malevolent Beings from many different levels of realities, both on and off world. In
2003, he took a journey with his conscious spirit through the dimensions of our Universe and he
rediscovered what life in this Universe is all about. He was able to once again remember who we all
are, where we come from and where we are headed, sharing this knowledge with the world in order to assist Humanity in reclaiming our sovereignty.

Our Universal Journey ($27.90, 251 pages, A5 paperback, ISBN: 978-0-9872615-0-2) is available at
Amazon and directly from the publisher Our Journey Home Pty Ltd an independent publisher in
Jamestown, South Australia. For more information, please visit