Saturday, September 22, 2012


Here is Tolecs take on the recent disclosure of the E.T. Wars off the coast of California.

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"UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco"

Tolec, what is the real deal with this joint U.S./China Naval forces working together just outside of the San Francisco Bay area, a U.S naval warship being attacked, and a Reptilian war going on?

date: September 21, 2012

ANSWER: No, no, no. According to my Andromeda Council contacts, this is absolutely a "False flag" report.

Think of this story in the context of Dr. Carol Rosin's knowledge of the five (5) 'cards' the Cabal / Illuminati would attempt to use in their last bid to hold their control on power: [Carol quoting Dr. Werner Von Braun] "...the last card is the alien card... we're going to have to build space based weapons... against the aliens... and it will all be a lie.", "...the last card will be the extraterrestrial threat." This is all about the Cabal & Illuminati perpetuating fear.

Also, think of the movie "Battleship" released just this summer in first run theaters around the country - U.S. Naval forces - operating out in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of California are attacked by a huge... Reptilian/human hybrid operated... fantastic underwater alien ship utilizing highly destructive technology, energy weapons. Now, think about this movie in the overall context of this present, alleged, U.S/China Naval military cooperative - UFO war story. Does any of this sound familiar?

Again, this is a False flag story.

First, here is a back drop on the Reptilian situation to give all of this context:

a.) the very last undersea Reptilian base was taken by the Procyon forces of the Andromeda Council the last weekend of March 2012;
b.) 2,000+ of the highest ranking Reptilian & Reptilian/human hybrid Military Officers & Cabal / Illuminati officials were taken prisoner;
c.) the taking & clearing of this last Reptilian undersea base & highest Reptilian military officers & officials has left a gap in the 'power structure' at the top of the Cabal & Illuminati. [find News Story: "Procyon Lead AC 'Delta Team' Strike Force Takes & Clears Out Last Reptilian Undersea Base" - on "Archived Interviews" page, half way down, right hand side, this web site.
d.) as I indicated in my 08.21.12 article - "The Hard Reality and a Difficult Truth" - there are still some - Reptilians, Reptilian/human hybrids and clones operating & controlling the highest levels of the Cabal & Illuminati on this planet;
e.) there are also purely Human military lead factions... of the Cabal & Illuminati.

Now, here is what really happened out in the Pacific Ocean:

f.) with the gap in the power structure of the Cabal & Illuminati - there have been continuing skirmishes between various factions;
g.) this was one of those skirmishes - between factions - nothing more, nothing less;
h.) an escape pod from one of the last undersea Reptilian bases holding three (3) Reptilian/human hybrid, lower rank 'workers' - fired on a human operated, U.S based, elite, Cabal & Illuminati, 'special forces', scout craft [think "UFO" operating underwater], acquired from technology provided during an earlier Human & "Grey" technology exchange agreement;
i.) the escape pod had minimal offensive fire power, as well as minimal defensive capabilities, and it was disabled;
j.) the three (3) Reptilian/human hybrid, lower rank workers, Reptilian undersea base escapees, were taken prisoner and were transport- ed to a human run & operated, Cabal, deep underground [about a mile & a half (1 1/2) underground] military facility located in the in an underground complex in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado;


k.) the various Reptilian & Human factions of the Cabal & Illuminati have been having these skirmishes since the last Reptilian undersea base was taken & cleared out by the Procyon people of the Andromeda Council... the last weekend of March 2012;
l.) China Naval warships - are not - cooperating in any joint U.S/China joint war operations being conducted by both parties in an undersea war against the Reptilians;
m.) the story of a U.S Naval warship being attacked, and alleged U.S/China Naval cooperation - is a "False flag" story;
n.) there are no remaining Reptilian, Cabal & Illuminati, undersea bases in operation. None.