Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012TheBigPicture Blog: Still Waiting…But with Confirmation

EMP DrillStill no concrete news of what is transpiring, but a few tid-bits of info flowing from various parts of the country and even from across the pond. This is a piece-meal posting, so it ain’t pretty.

I’ve never hung out on the Global Voice Facebook Page because I don’t like FB, but it’s a good time to be privy to what’s going on.

Minuteman, or Rick Light, of the Militia, who works with Drake confirmed that “something” is going on, and he mentioned North Carolina, so we assume we’ve already had our 24 hour notice that “it”, as Drake calls it, is a reality and in progress.

HAARP is very active in the SE, which may be why Val’s intel said they were expecting a natural disaster. If you check the HAARP site map, it confirms the activity.

One Drake follower said her cell phone gave her a tornado warning in Pennsylvania last night, so it sounds like the cabal is attempting to unleash Godzilla again, just as they did in July in the DC area. I think it takes a while for HAARP to manifest … Last night 10/19 my cell phone gave me my first ever text warning of a tornado in my area and to seek shelter 9:30 PM. Reading, PA is in orange area of HAARP map for 10/17.
People are reporting they felt the ground shake in several counties in South Jersey. The USGS is checking to see if this could have been a
The only other thing I would think could be a sonic-boom? I live in jersey and i felt it! its not the first time it has happened, it happened a  
The difference between now and July is, the military and all the freedom fighters know it’s do-or-die time. We either take down the cabal now, or we’re right back where we were, with the cabal calling the shots, getting more devious and ruthless by the day, with major depopulation plans executed.
Some have reported a whole fleet of beautiful white vans in DC. The good guys always wear white, don’t they?

It’s looking like we won’t be having that election on November 6th. I wouldn’t vote for a candidate with an address of a FEMA camp, would you?

As Drake advised, there are many groups of many people on the inside orchestrating this coup, and depending from which group one’s intel originates, one would get isolated details on the mission, but probably not from the activities of the other groups. I doubt if there are very many who know every aspect of what “the plan” entails.

That’s why Val Valano is saying something is going down but it’s not what people expect. Her intel is limited, and she claimed she never “trusted” Drake or many others enough to listen to what they have to say.  Drake said ‘IT’ is about to go down, and it looks like his intel was good.

It’s going to be chaotic for awhile I think because the cabal is so heavily invested in the reality they’ve created that there’s no way they’re going to wave the white flag. They’re going to go out with a bang and there is a lot going on. I get the distinct feeling it’s much more than just mass arrests.
Here’s some more interesting information from the UK:

British Army Rebellion.. Today, We March on Parliament!
For the second time in the British Army’s 300 year history, we are marching on the streets of our capital to the very gates of parliament.

Veterans and serving soldiers alike are marching not only to save our illustrious historical regiments, but to throw our collective shoes at David Camerons government..

This move is not to be chuckled at.. A strong force of trained infantrymen.. Battle hardened and tested soldiers are now heading to the capitol, defying orders and in direct opposition to this countries government..

Last night we were attacked via Facebook and other social media pages that the organisers have used to synchronise efforts. They had blocked the pages, removed posts et al.. But we are already organised and on route..

Strange days we live in hey?  Source

…and how about this?

Top SA banker plunges to death in London

London – A top South African-born investment banker who worked in London jumped to his death last week from the top of an upmarket restaurant in the English capital, UK media reported on Thursday.

Nico Lambrechts, 46, took a short walk from his office to the exclusive Coq d’Argent restaurant and then plunged down the building’s atrium, the Daily Mail reported.

Lambrechts worked as an investment analyst for Investec Asset Management and previously worked for Merrill Lynch.

Neighbours told UK newspapers they were mystified as to why the man with the seemingly perfect life would kill  Read the rest…

I think we have a pretty good idea why he couldn’t face the future.
Over and out for now.

P.S.  Apparently there are shills at the Watchmen site, and possible the others, saying they talked to Drake on the phone and he can’t confirm anything. Trolls.