Thursday, October 25, 2012

John Kettler: UFO War Updates From The Pacific

UFO War–Confounding & Keeps Getting Weirder

UFO Eater! Phalanx Close-In Weapon System  Image Credit: U.S. Navy  via Wikimedia Commons

UFO War. Pretty out there, right? Even worse, parts of the situation bear a frightening resemblance to carefully honed NWO (New World Order) plans for a faked alien invasion and to the hit movie “Battleship.” Consequently, in alternative circles, it’s hard to have people evaluate the staggering reality of what’s happening, without their assessments being clouded by all the informational murk. Yet the truth is beyond astounding.

We’re in a real shooting war (downed another UFO), waged with weapons both ordinary and the stuff of Science Fiction, against the UFOs which some won’t even admit exist. The “not a threat to national security” UFOs, coming from underwater bases in two oceans so far, have already forced the commitment of hundreds of warships, many from Asian navies, in an effort to deal with an extremely aggressive Reptoid foe. Also, our people at sea are being preyed upon by the nightmare made flesh–interdimensional predators still being characterized. Got all that?

UFO War–Score Another Victory For The Terrans!

To the Liberation Forces, This is not Earth, but Terra, making us Terrans. We Terrans have destroyed another Reptoid UFO! The action took place somewhere in the vicinity of Midway Island and must have been at very close range, for the weapon that did the deed was a Phalanx CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) and pronounced “sea wiz.” From the shape of the radar housing, though, this fearsome defensive weapon has an altogether more friendly name, R2D2. Here is the Phalanx CIWS in action.

Reportedly, the Reptoid ship was “cut in half” by the buzz saw blizzard of projectiles this weapon fires. After seeing the first part of the video, I can well believe it. Any weapon which can automatically detect, track and engage tiny sea skimming missiles or small boats would find an uncloaked 100′+ diameter UFO no challenge at all to hit. Believe the results speak for themselves!  The last report on this matter indicated thought was being given to attempting to recover the wreck for study. Mind, that’s in close to 20,000 ‘ of water. No nuclear radiation was detected in the incident.

UFO War–Incidental Casualties: 4 Humans, 2 Sheep, 1 Goat, 2 Pigs And A Pair Of Dolphins

The above are all casualties of war, some inadvertently, the humans and dolphins; the others as sacrifices in the grim process of learning to defend ourselves against other-dimensional predators as Terra nears the transition to the 4th Dimension. All are dead not from the UFO War, but as a side effect of being in it. Even so, they are just as dead. Following the loss of no less than four people to these awful monsters from our nightmares (a subject the government, having no solution, does NOT want discussed), our best brains have been working around the clock to come up with a solution. To what?  They seek a way to combat a still little known monster which simply appears on or right next to its prey, devours it in an instant, then slithers over the side of the ship or off the fantail. This thing, whatever it is, leaves a slime trail rich in the DNA of its victim. This is why one family of an OOD (Officer Of the Deck) is going to receive a “test tube of DNA” as the sole remains of said officer.

The U.S. Navy thought it had a solution, and a cheap one at that. Flare pistols are so common, it was trivial to arm everyone, on every Navy ship in the anti UFO fight, with a flare gun. The idea was that shooting any creature with a phosphorous flare would surely cause it to break off an attack and flee. That was before two terrible discoveries were made.

The presence of  slime trails suggested something was slithering up over the side or stern, then leaving the same way. Imagine the consternation, then, when the monster simply appeared on the deck! Speed of movement? Can you sprint?  When I say “appeared,” I don’t use that in the normal sense of the word. Far from it!  The other-dimensional “Forbidden Planet “ type energy monster, which several Ground Contingent members have described as having “more tentacles than an octopus” and a “round mouth full of sharp teeth,” proceeded later to dine on a sheep–in Navy uniform! Here’s the kicker. At no time was the monster visible to the naked eye. It was only viewable with IIR (Imaging Infra Red) systems. This means our NVGs (Night Vision Goggles, which work by image intensification) won’t see it, either.  At a stroke, this completely nullified the flare gun defense. With no way to see and the creature on our sailor instantly, clearly flare pistols weren’t going to work. Also out the door went the electric cattle prod approach. Focus has now shifted to finding something passive or automatically responding which will abort the attack. The animals, clad in naval uniform in case the other-dimensional monster can see, are, by their sacrifice, helping the Navy gather the data needed to keep our people alive.

So dire is this threat the government’s reportedly considering putting a tactical nuke inside one of the sacrificial animals, likely a huge hog. The plan is to detonate the nuke once the monster starts diappearing back into its dimension. How is this all supposed to work? I haven’t the faintest idea. For sure, if someone screws up, we’re out another ship and crew. May I suggest using a raft or ships’s boat–well away from our ships? And what will the Liberation Forces do about this? Since they can contain multimegaton nuclear detonations (tactical nuke’s much lower yield), will they simply contain this one, monster and all, and let it go forward?

The dolphins were part of a Navy dolphin squadron which works with our ships. Recently, following a “commotion in the water” near Antarctica, two dolphins were found to be missing, with no trace whatsoever of their passing. It’s believed these highly intelligent mammals, which some say are themselves an ET/ED (Extraterrestrial/Extradimensional) species,  are also victims of the other-dimensional predator.

In case this other-dimensional predator decides to get cute and open a hatch so it can glide inside and gobble up everyone, all hatches are now locked and guarded, with access allowed only if the day’s password is provided. We don’t know what this creature can do, so the Navy’s taking no chances.

UFO War–Silence & Denial Dam’s About To Burst!

I said before the government doesn’t want the UFO War discussed. It particularly doesn’t want the other-dimensional ravening monster discussed, fearing public panic and having no answer. If there’s one thing governments hate it’s impotence in the face of a threat. I maintain, though, the people have a right to know. How else can they ever hope to survive if they don’t even know there’s a potential threat, never mind a proven one in several oceans? The word I’m getting from my most sensitive sources is that the informational dam is starting to leak and is expected to break. Government blanket denials simply aren’t going to cut it anymore in the face of a reported YouTube™ video of a UFO buzzing a Navy warship. From what I hear, this video has freaked out the government. I haven’t been able to locate this video, so it may’ve already been suppressed. Am further told mainstream media have begun to take an interest in this story exploding across the Internet. Could it possibly have something to do with the fact there are now five (5) nations making up the Coalition Forces? They are: the U.S., China, Japan, South Korea and the Republic of China/Taiwan. Over 300 ships and submarines are now involved, including two of the eleven U.S. aircraft carriers. Long range maritime aircraft and black program satellites with beam weapons are also involved. To date, these beam weapons have killed three Reptoid UFOs.

UFO War–How Much Stranger Can It Get?

Back in June 1958, Sheb Wooley had a major hit with a song which amusingly keyed into the widespread public interest in, and concern over, the UFO phenomenon. Though peculiar even by present standards, in some ways, it was eerily prescient. The other-dimensional monster, from what we can tell, has no horn, no known color and, we fervently hope, can’t fly! It may or may not have eyes. Even so, I doubt you’ll ever perceive this song the same way again.