Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mahala: Planet Alert November 2012

Welcome to the full moon of Halloween. This full moon happens two days before Halloween on October 29, 2012 at 12:49 PM PDT. Halloween is the celebration of Spider Woman, the Hopi Creator Goddess. This is why there are spiders associated with this celebration. Have you noticed how popular this holiday has become? Could this have anything to do with the Goddess (love) energy that has been coming in very strong lately?

There is also a very strong storm on its way to the East Coast of America right now. The forecasters say it will be a storm of the century. It is scheduled to hit the East Coast on Monday morning October 29th. Meteorologists expect high winds, heavy rain, extreme tides and maybe snow to the west beginning early Sunday, peaking with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy on Monday and lingering past Halloween on Wednesday. 

There will be three large storms mixing together. Hurricane Sandy coming up from the south, a storm that is blowing across the Midwest right now and frigid air is streaming south from Canada. These three storms are expected to meet Tuesday morning around New York, or the surrounding states.  This weather system is expected to last for a week.

I think it would be nice to send lots of light to that area for their highest and best good. We could send the Golden light of the Christ with the intention of toning down the force of the storm. Blue light might also be a good color to send with the intention of creating peace in people’s emotions.
The planetary aspect behind this storm is the Uranus/Pluto square. Pluto is over the area (Midwest to East Coast) where the storm will be occurring and Uranus (the planet of wind and storms) is in a perfect square activating that energy. The full moon chart over New York has Uranus in opposition to Venus square Pluto. The cardinal cross will again be activated and we are in the year of the storm in the Dreamspell calendar.

On Tuesday morning when the storms are expected to meet, the moon will be affecting 34-35 latitude which is just south of Washington, D.C. and on Wednesday the moon will be at 38’40 latitude which is the latitude of Washington, D.C. The moon’s north node is at 27 Scorpio which makes a 45 degree angle to 14 Cancer. Washington. D.C. corresponds to 13 degrees Cancer.  How will this storm affect Washington, D.C.?

At this full moon Mercury will be on 1 degree Sagittarius (California) in its shadow period of turning retrograde, and makes a 45 degree angle to New York at 16 degrees Cancer. We have also had lots of rain here on the west coast because the moons node is in Scorpio (water) over our coast.  (I just heard there was a 7.7 quake off the West Coast of Canada tonight-Saturday-October 27th.) That was a large quake. 

Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th. What affect will this have on the election? Will there be some affect from the storm in regards to power outages, which may cause a challenge with the voting?  Neptune turns direct on November 10th making a square to Mercury in retrograde. This will bring lots of confusion on all levels during November starting with the upcoming elections.  China will also have a new leader in November. His name is Xi Jinping. I think November will be a very challenging month on all levels. If you think it gets really crazy with Mercury retrograde, watch what happens with this one. Mercury turns on 4 degrees Sagittarius, and then goes back into Scorpio.
We are in the cycle of Earth changes and have been in that cycle since 1991. Hurricane Andrew blew into Florida in 1992 and the Mississippi River flooded in 1993. There have been many major events since 1991 such as earthquakes, storms, and flooding in various parts of the world. There was the Tsunami in Sumatera, and the Tsunami in Japan, which were both preceded by large earthquakes, and many more events all over the world. The Earth has been totally polluted and has had to take a bath. We are still in the cycle of water events and this will continue on into 2013.

I am taking time every day to create my heaven on Earth and am looking forward to living totally on a higher frequency Earth by the end of this year. The time-lines started splitting in 2008 and will continue to split until the two lines are totally separate. This means the dark beings will be gone because they cannot handle the higher frequencies.  I don’t know the exact timing of the total splitting of the time-lines but am hoping for the end of this year. 

To be part of this higher frequency Earth you need to be manifesting love through your heart chakra. The brain in our hearts is much more powerful than the brain in our heads. Actually we need to connect our other two brains (head and solar plexus) with our heart brain and manifest love.  Love is the glue that holds our universe together and is composed of Adamanatine particles. This is the smallest particle in our universe. We can call these particles to us and collect them in our heart so we can manifest more love. 

The sacred heart is your magnetic center as well as your source of higher intelligence and your very life force. The very center of your life is a great and powerful magnet. This means you can draw a lot of Adamanatine particles to you to create what you choose to experience. This is what the Bible means when it says to find the kingdom of God within and then all else will be given unto you.
Power, control, and negativity does not work anymore. You cannot fight the force and come up the winner. You need to flow with the force and let life work for you. Judge not, or else you will be judged. Do not criticize or you will be criticized. Do not complain or you will have challenges.  That is how the law works.

Bless everyone, including yourself, and give gratitude for everything you have. That is how to create a wonderful life. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone stopped being negative and started looking at the good side of life? Conspiracy theories have brought negativity to the surface (which was good) but is that what you want to focus on? Besides that there is just as much disinformation in the conspiracy theories as on regular news, and it is all just a big illusion anyway. It’s time for this movie to be over and a new one to start.

How many times have you said ‘I don’t want to be here anymore, this world is too hard to live on’. Is that what you want to create? Don’t you want to stay here and be part of the New Heaven and the New Earth? I am totally looking forward to a world of peace and unity where love rules and there are no more control dramas. 

We are having Divine Intervention by the splitting of the time-lines and all of the light that is being sent to us by the higher Beings who wish to help us. They have also helped us in other ways such as keeping asteroids from crashing into Earth. Now it is time to do our part by manifesting love and shining our light for all to see.
So Be It!   I send you my love and blessings.      
*****   Mahala Gayle *****