Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Neil Keenan Speaks On The Spire Law Suit of $43 Trillion

Keenan speaks on Spire Law Suit

by American Kabuki

I received the above response from Ben Fulford in regards to some fact checking I attempted do on this anonymous  temporary "paste-board" hit and run viral attack on Spire Law Group $43 Trillion Dollar Law Suit.  Paste-boards are temporary HTML sites that the documents eventually time out and are deleted. This one has 90 days on it.  Someone well experienced in generating viral memes created this posting. Its not an amatuer. The anonymous poster had his twitter account suspended.

I also asked Spire Law Group for comment or rebuttal, and I got no response.  For what its worth, the Mr Stein mentioned in this link is not listed on the court documents or the press release as a contact.  Why they attack the character of a lawyer not on the law suit is beyond me.  Seems like a bit of sleight of hand misdirection to me.

I was also sent this link below which seems to have used the information from the same anonymous source above.  There's not much difference between the two, which leaves me suspicious of both.  But then did we really think a $43 Trillion dollar law suit wouldn't get some blowback?