Saturday, October 27, 2012

New York Mayor: ‘Stock Up’ on Essential Supplies, Transportation Hubs will Shutdown
October 27, 2012

NEW YORK — Thousands in low-lying areas have been forced to evacuate from authorities as bridges and other structures are also expected to close. A chill of unexpectedness throughout the region fills the air, almost as if a silent martial law was covertly implemented over the region by way of weather.

States of Emergency have been declared along many parts of the coast as the powerful hurricane will meet with a winter front creating a massive storm cell that could cripple parts of the East all the way into Ohio.

With weather expected to worsen between now and late Monday until Hurricane Sandy actually makes landfall, officials have instructed residents to prepare for the worse case scenario.

7 pm in New York City on Sunday will mark the deadline for subway, railway, and other transportation hubs to be shut down and locked while all construction in the city was ordered to be halted Saturday night by officials.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has instructed people to “stock up” with basic essentials and stay far away from city parks, raising the question, “What are they thinking will happen?”.