Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Op-Ed by Kerry Cassidy - About Obama from her Dream

For what it's worth in this sound bite world... I had a dream about Obama last night.  He is leaving office.  I spent the night in the Oval office with him and his family... He is resigned to the fact that he is leaving.  That it didn't work out.  He is relieved but saddened by the turn of events.

I spent hours talking with him.  He's not a bad man contrary to what people would have you think.  He was groomed for this role yes, even genetically engineered for it.  But as a soul he wanted more.  However the Bush Cabal has held him in a tight grip.  Strangle hold.  

This is, anyway what I got.  And I don't know when he is leaving... whether he will win the election (he might as well) and then step down or what kind of drama will ensue.

Of course Romney is also run by Bush.  But I don't think he will win.  Neither do they.  According to my sources anyway, Obama is already selected as the 'winner'.  What does he or anyone running end up with under the circumstances....?  

It's like that ad on American Freedom Radio... the one with the comedian who says.. This guy runs for office.  He finally wins.  He reports to the oval office.  They sit him down and show him the Kennedy assasination from an angle he's never seen before.  Then they ask him "any questions?"  
This is America.  It used to be a better place.  

So blame Obama if you need a face and a name but that's not it.... This country is run by a secret government.  The President is a figurehead.  End of story.  Voting is a farce.  Dream on.  

We are the change we want to see in this world.  The revolution is now.  It is in the hearts and minds of the people.  It is only going to be led by people like you and me.