Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Removing The Shackles: Intel Update October 2, 2012

Intel update: Oct 2 2012

Hi Everyone!

This is yet another short and sweet update.

- The paddy wagons are getting full, have been for a few days now.

- The military is rolling- and it's NOT Martial Law

- The DC scammers, I mean, Politicians ran out of Washington last week, and some are still running

- Strangely enough O isn't doing anything this week- according to his Whitehouse schedule he doesn't have a single speech, debate, hand shaking, or fundraising event to go to- strange when his schedule was packed full last week and considering that Congress suddenly decided last week to all run away, I mean, leave Washington so that they could all start campaigning for the election... you'd almost think that something was going on behind the scenes....

- Reno is a very popular destination this time of year.  All those know-it-all's who've been camping out in motels there, thinking that they were "All that" and that they could push their way to the head of the line,  (I wonder how many of them are washing dishes and floors to pay for their motel bills?), have discovered that the big boys don't give a crap who they are or what their handle is.

... As I said last week, the changes are on the wind, and very soon we will wake up to a whole new world.  I know after hearing so much hype and having so many "deadlines" fall to the wayside it's hard to keep that positive flow, but seriously folks, it's right in front of us.