Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tila Tequila: Open Letter to Hollywood

My Open Letter to Hollywood: Dear Entertainers of the World!

Written By: MissTila - Oct• 27•12
Dear Fellow Entertainers,

Some of you probably despise me at this point for exposing truths to the people about what really goes on behind the scenes, but I don’t care.  You only despise me because you KNOW I AM RIGHT and you work with the Evils that corrupt our children and mankind so I’m not really here to support you. However, this letter goes out mainly to ALL OF THOSE CURRENTLY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY OR HAVE ONCE BEEN INVOLVED!

First of all, I would like to THANK those of you who have slowly started coming forth ever since I started speaking out, as we all know not many who work in our industry dares speak out against “THE SHADOW” that runs everything behind the dark curtains in Hollywood!  However,  I just wanted you to know that there have been MANY, MANY other celebrities who have started contacting me and slowly coming out of their shells too!  So those of you who have contacted me in confidential, I want you to know here, and now that you are NOT the only ones doing so!!!  THERE ARE OTHERS WHO HAVE COME OUT!!! :) 

This is a GREAT first step to a REVOLUTION!  On behalf THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, and myself, we wish to THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING OUT AND JOINING US IN THIS BATTLE AGAINST “THE OTHERS!”  AKA THE EVIL FUCKS!  I fully understand your position, your reputation, and your work relationships that you cannot fully come out blasting out like myself at this time, but that is OK!!!  The fact that those of you who ARE REACHING OUT TO ME IN PRIVATE TO LET ME KNOW THAT YOU TOO, ARE SUPPORTING OUR CAUSE IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!


 All it takes is ONE person to make a difference, and now so many of you are coming forward!  No need to risk your lives and careers.  I want you guys to stay safe so in the meanwhile please continue to do as you are doing and I shall provide all the information you are giving me and shall relay them to the public!  In due time, when and if you feel the time is right, myself and the people of the world would love for you all to also make a stand in what you believe in and one day speak out with your own voice because when that day comes, just KNOW that you all shall we CHEERED AND SUPPORTED BY MANY!  So don’t be afraid.  You will GAIN MORE SUPPORTERS THAN LOSE!  But I’m not here to force you to come out fully if you’re not ready.  I totally respect that.   I understand, just as you do, that indeed this is a dangerous and treacherous platform we are on, so for now, I just wanted to THANK THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY WHO HAVE REACHED OUT TO ME TO LET ME KNOW THAT YOU ARE SUPPORTING OUR CAUSE ALL THE WAY!!!!

That act alone means more to me and the good people abroad than you will ever realize!!!  The fact that I can publicly write this letter to all of you who are supporting our cause gives myself, as well as the rest of us FREEDOM FIGHTERS & TRUTH SEEKERS SO MUCH HOPE THAT INDEED WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR AGAINST THE OTHERS!  You can always rely on me to keep your identities SAFE since I now know you are ONE OF US, THE GOOD GUYS!!  Please know that you are doing the right thing.  If you want to be remembered for something, instead of one of your movies or songs, THIS TRUTH MOVEMENT IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING WORTH BEING REMEMBERED FOR!!!  BE THE HEROS THAT YOU ARE MEANT TO BE!  YOU ALL HAVE A PLATFORM TO DO SO!  THERE IS NO NEED TO BE AFRAID BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN YOU REALIZE!

I am beyond ELATED to know that so many people are actually supporting myself, the good people of the world, and our cause to better mankind and restore balance on Earth.  I never get “STAR STRUCK” over anyone, but for those “STARS” who have contacted me, let me tell you… now and only now are you truly a “STAR” for standing on our side!!!!!  Please note that just like the GOV. has their ways of doing things, censoring stuff, reading through my emails etc etc… well, luckily for me, I TOO HAVE THE SAME ACCESS!  Let’s just call us “THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD” if you will.  I have help from MANY people in MANY different areas of expertise so I do indeed have special ways to block out any CIA PRICKS who try to do anything further to spy on us!  *HIGH FIVE TO ALL YOU UNDERGROUND RAILROAD FREEDOM FIGHTERS*  This shit is fucking awesome!  We have secretly built our own little network and soon….. ohhh I just can’t wait.  Change is already taking place and WE ARE STILL WINNING!  *Double High FIve*

That is all I wanted to say to let “YOU” all know.. :) Until then, KEEP ON ROCKIN BABY WE LOVE YOU!!!!

As for the Evil ones… HAAAAAAAAA!  So many of your “OWN” are TURNING AGAINST YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK!!!  Have fun trying to figure out who’s on your side now and who’s NOT!!!! KARMA IS A BITCH AIN’T IT???? :)  Now you tell me… how do you like feeling PARANOID of you who can and cannot trust? MUST SUCK DOESN’T IT???? HA! :)

That is all. :)

People of the World………. we are making MASSIVE PROGRESS! DON’T STOP NOW! WOOHOO!


Miss Tila

Freedom Fighter, Warrior, Truth Provider, People Lover :)